U and me …….SwaSan… (One Shot )


Hey guys its dolly again ..I don’t know y I got so attracted writing one shots ..this is my 2nd ..one
Hope u all like it and support me …
So here is the story ,

He looked at her laughing . He watched from a distance .his eyes shined with love and adoration of her .she was unaware of it .
He would talk to her, saying everything yet not everything
He told her everything , from the smallest detail to largest fact
She had walked into his life the moment she walked through his door . She had walked into his heart the moment she had looked into his life .
Her family have arrived at his house . His mum and hers were best friends .so naturally they were friends .
Her mum had come in upset shaken . Yet she was smiling taking everything in silent . She always was an analyser . He mused to himself

He had watched her smile and take everything in . He had watched her laughing as if nothing was wrong and forever staying strong for her family
She never cried and never allowed a drop of tear to fall from her eyes
She was silent at first but became friends with his sister . His enemy .u know siblings rivalry
Slowly slowly she became comfortable around everyone and started talking . Laughing all the time and smiling yet he could tell she was broken
His and her family came closer and closer

Once they began their conversation they talk like they was no tomorrow .she intrigued him . She was perfect the moment he saw her he knew she had him
He teased her and fought with her . Him leader of boys and her leader of girls . She was tough a and wouldn’t let no one even touch her or her sister or anyone she cared about
His family and her family became closer and more closer . Her dad took him under his wing and looked after him . Toughened him up . Played around with him .
He teased while she frowned . Why was she addicting to have around ?
She hated wphim with a passion . But still he was amused with her . She was smart and foiled hid plan . He was the brain and became little men .

She was innocent and cute
She is a good liitle girl was perfect . he knew he couldn’t have her and it hurt like hell
He craved her smile her laugh and her eyes
He don’t know what she was doing to him forever in his mind .
Water fights and kids against parents what they used to do . Now what happened ..
Hello .how he started a conversation line
How on earth was she so blind ?
He had fallen for her .she didn’t knew ..
Hey she replied . How are you ?
Oh I am fine .he lied

They shared secrets ..he realized how she was broken up inside
She told him everything and he told . She cried he held her .
He watched her all the time . Love and adoration shining in his eyes
She didn’t believe in herself . He made her shine above everyone else . Held her hand and never let her fall.
And now here they r today
I do she spoke her eyes staring up at him shining love and comfort and everything he could ask for .
I do . He said back
I love u . The flash back came back to him . He screamed out in rain to get rid of his pain .
You what ? She yelled unable to believe what she was hearing .
I love u . He said and slowly coming closer towards and pulling her in a kiss ..
The kiss said everything they ever need to say . After that it was settled , they were meant to be and he would never let her go or hurt her .

He put down his pen . Woah . He rubbed his eyes . That was a long story of her and his life . He smiled to himself leaned back to the chair and flashbacks comes into his mind . An unconscious smiled has spread across his eyes . Just by remembering her eyes .

“You r coming sweetie ? ” she called from behind and putting her hand over his eyes . His smile got bigger
” defineitly ” . He turned to look at her .
” what u have been doing ? ” she asked “oh gosh . What have we talked about .u mister need rest and sleep . Now bed time ”
He gave out a laugh and rolled his eyes naturedly ..
She let out a squeal ..
“What do u think u r playing at ? ” she asked glaring playfully
“This ” . He simply smiled giving her a passionate kiss . She let out a moan .
He rubbed her stomach .” Baby giving u any trouble ?”
“Eh nothing I can take it ”
“Are u sure ” he asks
“Yeh . Baby takes after his father ” she said
“Hey!” He replied with a grin
“Now bed time” she scolded as she pulled him up .
“Woah can’t wait ” he followed her smirking .
” ewww must you ! ” shaking her head and grinning .
And that’s their love story


Character :
The boy : sanskar maheshwari
The girl : Swara sanskar mahesnwari
The family of girl : gadodias
The family of boy : maheshwaris .

Hope u all like this one shot ……..
do u want me to write one shots …am I really capable of writing …plz comment ur views
With love ,

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. Very nice…..plz write more such one shots…

  2. The last part alone i read it in another ff….. create some own ideas and not someones idea and sorry if i had hurt u…… once again sry…. and continue ur one shots and this time the length of the os is gud

  3. Yes you are definitely. And for that you needn’t depend on others’ comments. You feel like writing. You just write it. Why should you ask if you are capable to others’? If YOU think you are capable, then you DEFINITELY ARE. So, take all the fears out and just keep on writing like this, irrespective of what people say.

  4. Very nice dolly. Love this one shot.

  5. Awsome…very nice

  6. Greeeshma Reddy


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