If u stay with me
This will be only 1-2-3 part
Part 2

In room it seen twinj were sleeping hugging each other and kunj weak up and see twinkle beside him and think finally we are together no one can separate us saying he kiss her forehead which make her smile and weak up

Good morning kunj saying she give him kiss in check and about to leave but kunj hold her and said plz stay little longer twinkle what are u saying before ur family weak up I have to leave saying she went to change and after couple of times she come back and see kunj sleeping making him weak but he is not listening her and hug her to stop her from going so she give in herself to him. And when Alisha enter the room (remember she has the key ? for their room so she opened the door ?) and shock to see the room conditions and she understood what happen between them with out saying anything she went outside to talk to kunj family’s.

Everyone was their in dining table having their dinner and when Alisha come their and join them and when monohar aka her about kunj she said kunj is sleeping as he came home late from office work (lie) to save him.
Alisha- I want to told u something which is serious talk should I.

Usha – u r out daughter more then daughter in law don’t be afraid to talk to us go head we are listening.

Alisha- mom dad I want to give kunj divorce as he is not happy with me I know he has gf and I don’t wan to be burdened on him and what matter most for me is his happiness and his happiness is twinkle not me so plz let kunj live in his happiness with twinkle.
Monohar- now who is this twinkle oh so this is why he is not accepting u as wife. Let me talk with him now and went to his+ Alisha room and when he enter he was shock to see him and twinkle in bed.
Monohar what the hell is this kunj u already have wife and ur sleeping with outside girl don’t u have shame on u.

Kunj – first your no one to talk about twinkle like this even mom and Alisha know about this and they don’t have problems so plz accept her as your daughter in law. We love each other from our school to college and still we love each other this day staying away from her make me realize that iam nothing with my world my twinkle. Yesterday we meet and think to talk to u all about us and I just want to married twinkle I can’t imagine other girls for me. If not twinkle that I will die

Twinkle cover kunj mouth saying why your talking about dead it okay kunj if uncle auntie don’t want me to accept as their daughter in law. I won’t force them as your their son and u have to listen them and we over now saying this she was coming out from bed but when monohar and Usha stop her and

Monohar- I can see how much u love my son the problem is he is married what will other people said if they got to know about this.
Twinkle- I know what your trying to say it okay I will manage to live without kunj I know it will be hard for me but I will try to stay away from him uncle auntie. Saying she fold her hand and leave. Making kunj shock

Kunj – twinkle what are u even saying u have any idea what ur talking u know I can’t imagine my life with out u.
Twinkle- I know that kunj even I can’t live without you so plz don’t make me difficult by kunj good luck for your life.

To Alisha thank u for try to make us one but it seen like god don’t want us to be together have an amazing life ahead. Saying this she leave making kunj shock and other were smiling seen how much they love each other and can do anything for each other.
As other family were testing their life As Alisha already talked about twinj to them and happy with their happiness but they just want to know how much they love each other.

Precap—-What will be the twinj reaction knowing that his family’s accept twinkle and ready to do their marriage function. Do u all want Alisha to get life partner as how she help twinj to be other. Last part will be post soon and it will end in happy note.

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  1. Sohi

    Nice episode
    Liked twinj love for each other
    Yes I want a partner for alisha too
    Do continue

    1. SidMin23

      Thanks their will be a twist in last part which u might love it.

  2. Presha

    Hey di…
    Its awesome…
    I just loved it…
    Too good …
    Post soon..

    1. SidMin23

      Thank u presha

  3. Sameera

    Awsmmmm no words to describe it’s cuteness loved it to the core yesss want someone for Alisha too ????…
    Amazing part ??????

    1. SidMin23

      Thank u sameera

  4. Baby

    awss…….cute…beautiful……loved it loved it loved it sooooooo mch…..♥
    lods of love…..♥
    keep smiling. 🙂
    post nxt asap……..♥
    yeah alisha shuldd b given a partner….♥
    loved it……♥

    1. SidMin23

      Their will be a love interest of her in last part and I will give u all happy ending

  5. Superb??????

  6. pichle epi mein mujhe lega Twinj galt kar rehi hai.but now I’m happy to know that for them apni family ki khushi se bedkar kuch bhi nehi hai.they r ready to sacrifice their love.thats called true love.and tw passed d test with flying colours.
    waiting for next epi and alisha’s hero entry

    1. SidMin23

      Thank you and yes twinkle do posed the test. The twist will be happy ending to this ff

  7. Anchali

    Wat a grt twist by the family.I love it.do post the next one soon.feeling sorry for alisha.I think she should get a partner.waiting for the next part

    1. SidMin23

      Their will be love interest of her in last part thank you.

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  9. Twinj

    it’s mindblowing…..loved it…twinj moments were yet to cute…loved the way kunj took a stand for twinkle n wat more how twinkle for kunj’s happiness was ready to sacrifice….loved it….am still saying…I just loved Alisha’s character…..post asap

    1. SidMin23

      Thanks their will be surprise twist for Alisha and twinj life.

  10. Ramya

    Awesome sidmin
    It’s great kunj family accepted twinkle
    Woww superb amazing
    Love u keep smiling

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