If u stay with me
This will be only 1-2-3 part
Part 1
Usha enter kunj room and ask where is Alisha. And kunj reply she told me she will got to her friend house. Usha then they don’t u go with her as she is your wife.
Kunj – she is not my wife okay and iam not interested in her anyway why should I even talk about her.
Usha – kunj don’t forgot she is your wife your responsibility.
Kunj – sorry but I don’t want this conversation going on I have to go for meeting.
Usha – I know what type of meeting your talking about your going to meet someone saying that ur going for meeting. I never expect this from u. Why did u destroy Alisha life if your not interested in her.
Kunj – I told u many time that I don’t want to get married but u and papa was forcing me coz of u both I have to stay ways from my love my life.
Now it too much Usha and she is about to slap kunj but Someone stop her by holding. Yes she is no other then Alisha who was listening all their conversations.

Alisha – to save kunj from Usha.
mom let him live his life I even don’t want this marriage to happen as I love someone else and it was my parent who forced me to.

Usha – Alisha don’t lie I know u like kunj and your dad told us that why we make u both married.
Alisha – I know I was stupid to love him as he has his life also I feel iam burden on him. Plz mom let him live his life with twinkle don’t destroy their life plz.
Usha – see kunj this is call true love even she love u a lots she is letting u go away and get your happiness.
Kunj – sorry Alisha for not understanding u and I know iam stupid to agree for this forcefully married. I can’t love u even in my dead. As twinkle is my everything we been together for 9 years and this marriage make us separate saying this he break down.
Alisha sign Usha to go she will handle kunj

Alisha Kunj iam sorry I don’t know about this all I love u from the day I saw u in my dad office for meeting. I am stupid to love u with out knowing u plz forgive me I will let u go with twinkle and married her I will divorce u saying this tear roll from her eye.
Kunj who is noticing this and he said I think I only love my life(Twinkle) like this but I was wrong u love me and ur ready to sacrifice for me now I can’t even tell you how much happier I am listening this finally I will be with my twinkle saying this he hug her yes it first hug of them.
Alisha go meet with her saying this she left from room and kunj was smiling thinking finally he will see his life.
Other side twinkle who was waiting for him to come and here the hero finally come to meet her.
Kunj – shit now I can even control my self she is the same my siyappa queen ? who is always used to wait for me here and I love her I miss her during this separation time. He thought to scare her and he make wired sound which make her scare and shout his name.
Twinkle – what is this kunj your coming to meet me after this long time and your not change u still love to see me scare not fair. She said pretend to be mad with him.
Kunj – sorry twinkle only I know how much I missed u saying this he hug her and she also hug him smiling.
Other side it seen like someone is watching them let see how was it.
Suddenly that person phone ? ring and she pick up Alisha ma’am plz come here as lawyer came he want to meet u.
Yes she is Alisha who want to see who is twinkle and why he love her so much. Somewhere she is hapy for kunj somewhere feel bad that she will lose him forever. She saw how much they love each other throw their talk and she never saw kunj happy during this 9 month. She went to home and lawyers agree to help alisha.
Kunj break the hug and said to twinkle u know what happen today
Twinkle -what happen tell me fast.
Kunj – u know alisha love me but I don’t love her as I only love u and she is happy to give me divorce so I can be with u forever. Saying this he again hug her twinkle was also happy finally they will stay together.
Twinkle- did u ever go close to alisha during this time
Kunj – what are you asking twinkle u know I only love u.
Twinkle- I know but also u both were in same room.
Kunj was shocked seen her and he said it look like someone is jealous seen me with someone else in room. But trust me I never allow her to come near me I used to sleep on sofa she also know how much I love u that why she is giving me divorce me.
Twinkle sorry for douting u both hug each other not letting go off but twinkle said I have to go now.
Kunj – plz stay little more with me you also know how much I miss u.
Twinkle- I know and I love u always but I have to go.

Kunj – plz stay with me today and go tomorrow
Twinkle can’t say no so she agreed to stay as both were missing each other
Twinj went to kunj house in night time in room alisha was waiting for him to come and she saw twinj coming toward room.
Alisha – kunj why u come let u know I was waiting for u
Kunj – alisha plz leavethis room for today as I want to spend time with my twinkle go to gust room.
Twinkle – kunj what are saying she will stay what will your family’s think alisha sit here with us.
Kunj – hugging twinkle u know how much I miss u saying he kiss her cheek and hug her.
Alisha- okay u can stay here I will go and don’t forget to sign the divorce papers I already sign for u.
Kunj was happy and hug alisha saying thank u so much now finally I can be with my twinkle thank u
Twinkle- I don’t know how to thank u as thank you word is small for me to tell u saying trio hug each other.
Alisha left the room left twinj alone
Kunj – so Woud be MrsTwinkleKunjSarna ready for tonight fun saying he took her to bed and turn of the light and take their relationship to next later. later they sleep hugging each other.

Precap Will kunj family’s able to accept twinke or what will happen let see stay tune to know

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