YOU FOR ME I FOR U SERNDHAKA I LOVE U… shot 6 (special detication to shaheer sheikh)

first of all i am sorry for late update because i was binded up with amths exam
thank u for all readers
let us get into the story
ready 3..2…1…CHOO….
As the drop of water falls on his nose
he looked up but no one is there.
then the manager comes and meets him
manager:sir ur key
dev:but i have asked for room number 111 right?
manager:sir actually that room was give already to a lady she will only vacate after this week
dev:ohh..ok it’s ok..
manager:thank u sir..
dev and arjav goes to their room and servants follow them with their luggages.
dev and arjav sits in the bed
dev closes his eyes and a drop of tears falls from his eyes
arjav notice it and ask him papa!!why did u ask for room no 111
dev:because it was the room where we ur mumma and papa resided when we came here for the first time

arjav:wow papa!i want to see it
dev:but it is some others and we must not go in
dev:ok i will ask manager and i will say..
arjav:yipeeee…ok papa..i will walk in the hotel and see it and come
dev:ok arju but come fast
arjav:ok papa..saying he ran
dev slept on the bed…
here in khatri nivas,
ravishnav is sitting in the chair and speaking to himself
dev!!u r alive…wow u r soo lucky..but not for much
because i heared that u lost ur love
but that is not enought..
i want u to go to heaven along with ur son to meet ur sonakshi..
i have planned it…
wait and watch..

it was about 5 hours,
dev got up from sleep and come to know that arjav is not yet returned
he calls tina and she comes
tina:yes sir
dev:did u see arjav?
tina:sir is he is not with u?
dev:nope he said to me that he will see this hotel and come
tina:sir we will search
dev,tina and all search all the places but they can’t find arjav
dev sits in a bench and cries

he gets a call
man:dev!if u want to meet ur son come to the xyz place alone.if u dare to call the police
i will kill ur son before u could see him alive
dev:ohh…say me what u want..
man:you and ur happiness..
the man cuts the call and dev says it is “”ravishnav””
he goes to that place
it was dark and he could hear screaming sound
but he hears both male and female voice.
he goes inside and see some goons standing
they caught him and take him inside
inside he saw arjav tied in a chair and a man is sitting in front of him
the man is ravi
he ask the goons to tie dev in a pole.
they does.
arjav:papa!u know one thing..
ravi ties him mouth with cloth
arjav directs dev to see somewhere
he sees that place it was dark and he could see orange colour cloth only
suddenly he hears someone saying sona…
he turns and see clara and john coming they are caught by the goons
and they are tied up
they see dev with astronishment.
dev also sees them surprisingly.
clara shows the same place arjav told
but dev could see only orange cloth
ravi says i will not allow anybody to reveale it
dev ask ravi to leave but ravi says i will not
dev says i am already dying without sonakshi.
he says u missed her but not this earth
dev got confused
dev gets a blade in his hand he untie his hands
and fight with all the goons
and then fought with ravi but he can’t cope with him and
he got more injured and he took a rod and banged it in ravi’s head
ravi fell down

he sat on him and says i will not leave u and stabs ravi and ravi dies
he unties all and clara and john run towards that dark place and take a girl out of it
it is sonakshi who is without any movement
dev is soo astronished and arjav says papa!mumma is alive…
dev gets soo happy and lot of emotions
his eyes are red..
john says the flashback to dev
**********FLASH BACK*************
john and clara follow ravi’s car
they were shocked to see dev,sona and arjav in that state
when dev took arjav and went leaving sona who was actually unconscious but not dead
and they admitted in the hospital
they saved her
but she refused to meet dev because if ravi comes to know that they are alive
he will kill them because he is tracing the passport…
hearing iths dev was numb and he run near sonakshi
and cried sonakshi!!i was dying without u..
his tears fell on her lips and she woke up
arjav came near her and hugged her
but she did not reciprocate because she is soo weak
she was crying seeing dev..she called him mr.obhodro
dev was soo happy and smiled after a long time of 4 years
they took soan to hospital and all cured well
they moved to india..
on the way to home..
dev stopped the car in front of home
they all went inside
sona called maa…
iswary hears and thinks that she had become mental after sona’s death
sona says maa..i am real not reel..
iswary got shocked and her bp rised
everybody got shocked and then dev and arjav clarified everything
they all hugged sona..and were happy

a girl pulls her mumma’s paalu and calls mumma…
lady:what happened my little princess??
girl:mumma i want chocolates
lady:suha!chocolated are not good for health
dev enters the kitchen
dev:sonakshi!why did u make my princess plead?
yes it is sonakshi and the girl is dev-sona’s second baby suhana
she is 6yrs old.
sona:dev!no chocolates..
sona:mr.obhodro did not hear any thing??
they hear a sound..
“mumma too wants some chocloates to calm down..papa!!”
they all turn and see
it is arjav (14 yrs)with iswary they smile
dev:nope!!my dear prince!!she does not want sweets because she is already sweet
but she needs something cold because is soo hot with anger
they all laugh..
sona:i will not leave u..
shouting she runs with a stick behined dev arjav and suha..
iswary smiles and takes a selfi in that situation
mamaji,GKB ,viky,elena,golu and shruthy(2nd daughter of viky-ele)ask iswary
shall we join??iswary nods yes and they all take one more selfi
she hears some sound and she turns
there dev was carrying sonakshi and arjav and suha do kiddos for her
all laugh..
soo they live as a happy family ever…


how is it guys??
please comment….
and thank u…

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  1. Manya


    1. Fuggysona

      thank u dear rk is cutipie in udp

  2. rombe nalla irunduthu

    1. Fuggysona

      r u tamil wow
      tamila comment read pannuradhu thani sogam
      it is indegeniousla

  3. ShrutiP

    Loved it dear…awesome…happy about devakshi’s reunion…???

    1. Fuggysona

      thank u dear

  4. Akshita

    Awwwww such a cute end??

    1. Fuggysona

      not more cute that ur profile dear
      shah is wow

      1. Akshita

        I know he is soo cute nd hot??? nd we all love him… I am really happy that you guys accepted me… so friends? ?

  5. Awesome episode dear it was really nice journey come back soon

    1. Fuggysona

      thank u i will for sure

  6. Priya12

    Luvly sissy, I should hug u and give u umaahh..umaah…4 this os…
    Omg, u made sona alive…thx a lot dr…I wish samentha also should be alive in theri…
    Shruthy …vicky eles daughter….nope…
    U should have born 2 devakshi dr…
    And I luved this epi a lot….
    Last scene, u should have added dough stick itself…luvly
    “I m waiting”
    I m saying this dialouge on ur thaala style….I m waiting 4 ur nxt work..
    Sry, 4 this long cmt…

    1. Fuggysona

      wow superb comment..
      thank u chweety
      yes i thought of sam alive in theri but it is not so i have done it in this
      however i am in dixit family right
      and more than a dad he will be a bigcha and everything for me,
      that ‘s what
      i always feel to be as golu more that suha
      naa vareen seekirama….this is also thala style

      1. Priya12

        K..superbbb. .seema talent luvly sissy….sona alive..
        U want dev as big cha..superbbb…..
        Naan vareen seekirama…super dialogue…seemaya suitaa kudu..
        Pls post asap…I m waiting

  7. Heshine

    Wow…! This was juz an awesome ss…..I should say ….perfect …..! I too wished Samantha to be alive in theri….!but here….it was perfect juz perfect….?like soha’s dialogue…!!
    Amazing dear…! Pls do come up with another one soon…!
    And nenga irumalargal um papingala..!?

    1. Fuggysona

      yes i do see iru malargal but in hindi
      and ur dp is wow kaatru veliyidai right..
      i love that song..lyrics are not nice but only for music
      and everything is pakka right
      thanks for commenting

      1. Heshine

        Yes, Shruthy….and yeah I wud also see kumkum bhagya..!

    2. Priya12

      Ur dp…kaatru veliyidai r8…superbb trailer…hi5..we both have same thoughts…sam 2 be alive…
      I think shruthy sisy will see irumalargal in hindi..kumkum bhagya

      1. Heshine

        Hmm s Priya…! And yeah I too loved the trailer and waiting fa Apr 7…!! And yeah …✋✋✋even I wished Sam wud be alive…! But shruthy made it na…!!

  8. awesome. i loved the ff…

    1. Fuggysona

      thank u sooo much

  9. Richa144

    I think was awesome

    1. Fuggysona

      ohh thank u dear

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