U Sanskar and me swara together we make swasan ( epi 9 )

The next episode starts with.
Viren: I know that the girl shown in my dreams or the flashes is my wife. They murdered u. how can they. I will definitely not leave the one who murdered u.
He then sleeps.
The next day.
Laksh: swara. U join ur duty swara please.
Swara: no lucky.
Laksh: If sanskar was here he would have asked u to join and not to be like this. u will obey if sanky tells na. please join .
Vinith: yes ma. please.

Swara: ok . I will join.
Vinith: thank u ma. I love u so much.
Ragini: ok. I have ironed ur dress and u go now to meet the commissioner.
Swara: hey there are lot of formalities.
Laksh: I already spoke about ur rejoining. No problem today u can join.
Swara: ok fine. then California.
Ragini: I asked ur friend reethu to clear ur house and send the things here and she also got tc from viniths school as well resigned the job.
Swara: whatever.

She goes inside the house and comes wearing the uniform.
She was looking the same swara.
Laksh: take blessing from god and begin ur first day well.
Swara smiles and takes blessing and leaves.

She reaches the commissioner office.
Cp: I am glad swara that u again came to this post..
Swara: thank u sir.
Cp: don’t think I am giving u a heavy work again. U know karthick right.
Swara: yes sir. Ips karthick.
Cp: he is been murdered by the don viren. No one has ever seen him. but his picture of face covered with a towel is here. see it. u may get a idea of how he be. he is a very dangerous don and I need u to arrest him.
Swara: yes sir. But where he is he now?
Cp:in delhi and his home town is Mumbai. He came here for a work. His head his suresh. We don’t know his identity either. We got a information that now he is in mall . follow viren then we can catch suresh.

Swara: ok sir.
swara leaves.
She reaches the mall in a normal dress and not as a police officer.
Her heart starts beating fast . she sweats.
Swara: why I am feeling like this.. first concentrate on ur work shona..
She goes in search of that viren .
But sees a group of men leaving in a car.
She notes the car number…

She leaves..
Swara: today no need to follow as I need to read ur file. She has the file beside her. ur face is like I know u before. will see u..
She goes to home early itself . ragini was there meanwhile laksh was in office.
Ragini: what swara u came this much early?
Swara: bhabi. Actually I got a secret operation at first day itself. That person killed my colleague karthick. His name is viren haan and he is very dangerous and behind him is suresh. Have to investigate about him and arrest suresh through him.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini: so my shona is back into action.
Swara: yes and where is vinith and Anaya.
Ragini: in room playing.
Swara moves to the room.

Swara: vinith and Amaya.
Vinith: maa.
Amaya: bua .
They both hug her.
Vinith: how was ur first day.
Swara: good.
Amaya: where is ur police dress bua?
Swara: I am in a mission so no police dress only work.

Vinith: ma.
Swara: what?
Vinith: take me and Amaya to park na. please. Please.
Swara: ok we will go.
Vinith: wow jolly.
He and Amaya did hifi.
Swara takes them both to a park.

The kids were playing and swara was sitting in thepark.
Swara smiles seeing the vinith and Amaya playing.
Swara: I want him to be happy like this. sanky see na our son is happy. how he is smiling.
There a person comes and sits beside her with his face covered.
Swara was in her world an didn’t notice her surrounding.
That time she hears a gun sound which shook her to the reality.
The person beside her shoots a person.
Vinith and Amaya gets scared.
Swara signs them to stay there.

That person held swara’s neck.
Person: go back. Or else I will kill u . to the police who he was been followed.
Swara: leave me.
Person: hey shup. Don’t u dare raise ur voice against us. We r viren’s person..
Swara thinks: If I hold him . I will get to know about him.
She kicks him backside using her leg.
He falls down.
She takes the gun from him.
Swara: acp swara. Raise ur hands.
He raises his hands.
The police arrests him.
Swara: I am acp swara allotted for this case. I will come to station and deal with him.
Inspector: ji mam.
Inspector leaves.
Vinith and Amaya hugs her.
Vinith: am u r this much bold.
Swara smiles.
Vinith: then I will also become a police officer so that I become like u.
Swara kneels down.
Swara: u should not be like me vinith. U should not. U should be a happy person away from this crimes and everything. I want u to be safe not like me. understand.
Vinith nods and hugs swara.
Amaya: bua. We will go home.

Swara: haan Amaya.i will drop u both and go to station.
Swara. Amaya and vinith leaves.
Swarra comes to station.
Swara: inspector.
Inspector: ji mam.
Swara: take me to him.
Swara goes to the room where he Is arrested.

Swara: who r u?
Person: I wont tell u. why should i.
Swara holds his collar.
Swara: tell me.
Person: I am viren’s person. Leave or else u will face hell.
Swara: oh. I am very afraid. Go and tell ur viren to come and face the police staringly and not do this games.
Person: u r going to pay acp swara madam.
Swara: I know what I am going to pay. U r not leaving this place. Understand.
That time a phone rings.
Swara takes the phone from his pocket.
Swara: viren .. good. Inspector attend the call and speak according to what I say.
Viren: hello rajveer.

Inspector: we r speaking from police station.
Viren: I am viren speaking. Leave them .
Inspector: high official order sir. I cant do as u say.
Viren: who is ur official tell me?
Inspector: new acp.
Swara signs him to not tell the name.
Viren: I don’t know. the new acp have hell time I think daring to face me. I will see afterit.

He cuts the call.
Swara:inspector, why r u afraid of him?
Inspector: mam I am not afraid but in this station itself many one r supporting him..
Swara: oh I see. I am the incharge of this station na. I will deal the matter.have a close watch on him.
Inspector: ji mam.
Swara leaves.

Swara goes to her house and go threw the viren’s file.
Swara: he is don since 4 years. What is his past..why is everyone having a fear on him. don’t know. who is this suresh. Strange names.

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