U Sanskar and me swara together we make swasan ( epi 8 )


The next episode starts with…
Swara slowly recovers and she keeps on be crying.
Ragini and laksh consoles her.
Swara: laksh can I go somewhere?
Laksh: where will u go?

Swara: somewhere , where I find peace.
Ragini: u go swara.
Laksh: ragu.
Ragini: let her go laksh. Let her search her lost life.
Swara smiles sadly.
Swara: thank u bhabi.
Swara picks her things and leaves to another country.

Swara was waiting outside the school.
There a boy comes there.
Boy: mumma.
Swara : sanky.
She hugs the boy..
Boy: ma. how much time can I say u to not call me sanky. My name is vinith and u r calling me sanky .
Swara: vinith. U r my everything now. so I can call u anything I want.
Vinith: ok. mumma. Morning u promised me na.
Swara: sure. Come.
Swara and vinith reaches the icecream parlour.
Vinith: 2 scoops of chocolate icecream with hot lava.

Swara: same for me also.
Vinitha:u r the best mom in the world.
Swara: u r the best son in the world. I love u vinith.
Vinith: mumma. Tomorrow I don’t want to go to school.
Swara: what is this new drama?
Vinith: because tomorrow from my summer vacations starts ..
Swara: wow then we will go to a long tour .
Vinith: really.
Swara: yes travelling the world.
Vinith: then first I want to go to india.
Swara: india?
Vinith: yes. I learnt manythings about its culture and we r Indians only an.
Swara: but vinith.
Vinith: no ifs and buts. We r going.
Swara smiles.
Swara: anything for u sanky.
Vinith: then book the flights. Come on.
Swara: ok. first have the icecreams..
The next day swara and vinith leaves to delhi india.

Swara: vinith. Do u want to meet ur family.
Vinith: what family mumma?
Swara: u know I have a brother and a bhabi.
Vinith: really. Then I want to meet them.
Swara smiles.

They reach india the next day.
Swara goes to laksh’s house and rings the bell.
There ragini opens it.

Ragini: shona . she hugs swara.
Ragini: laksh, come down. Fast.
Laksh comes down and sees swara. He gets teary eyed.
Laksh hugs swara.
Laksh: shona how r u? where have u bee these years.
Vinith: mumma see na no one is bothering me.
Laksh sees vinith.
Swara: my son.
Laksh gets teary eyed and lifts vinith.
Laksh: hi dude I am ur maama.
Vinith: mom told me.
Ragini: I am ur maami but u call me dhi . that suits me
Laksh: anaya, come out na.
Anaya a small girl of age 5 comes.
Swara: is she.
Laksh nods.
Swara hugs Anaya.
Swara: I am ur bua.
Anaya:u r shona na. papa keeps on speaking about u.
Swara smiles.
Laksh: come sit.
Swara and vinith sits.

Laksh: how r u swara.
Swara: I am good.
Laksh: he is looking like sanky na.
Vinith: u also started ah. My mumma always call me sanky. I don’t know why but now u also. who is that sanky u all r talking about. I don’t understand anything.
Swara gets teary eyed.
Swara: nothing beta. Go and rest. Anaya take her to ur room and u both play.
Vinith: ok mom.
Anaya and vinith leaves.

Laksh hugs swara.
Laksh: its ok. where r u and what r u doing madam..
Swara: California and I work in an office as a manager.
Laksh: then police?
Swara: I left it. please don’t speak about that.
Ragini: ok madam. Come lets have a tea.
Laksh: vinith is exactly like sanskar na.
Swara: haan yes. his smile, his eyes everything laksh. Same ditto of sanky. I am finding him in vinith. She smiles.
Ragini leaves for preparing tea meanwhile vinith and Anaya in room.
Vinith sees a room over there with swara pictures.
Vinith: whose room is it?
Anaya: maasi that is ur mom’s room only.
Vinith and Anaya enters.
Vinith sees the pictures of swara and a photo of sanskar with a garland. He sees swara ips training pic and her tropies and she wearing police uniform. He gets shocked and runs to the hall.
Vinith: mumma.
Swara: what vinith.
Vinith: who r u?
Swara: why r u asking?

Vinith: r u a police officer?
Swara: beta.
Vinith: tell me na.
Swara: yes. I am an police officer.
Vinith: why did u hide?
Swara: situation is like that vinith.
Vinith: then who is the person with garland over there?and u took many photos with him.
Swara gets teary eyed.
Swara: he is ur father. He is sanskar .he is that sanky whom I call u.
Vinith: he is my father?
Swara: yes.
Vinith: I want to see him.
Swara: he is not in this world. He is with god.
Vinith: cant he come back. I want him.
Swara hugs him.
Swara: even I want him. but whatever I cry he doesn’t listen. Listen hereafter we both r only there. I am ur mother as well as father. Don’t cry. sleep now.
Vinith sleeps in swara’s embrace and she makes him sleep in the sofa.
Swara: we would be a happy family sanky if u were here. she criess.

At the other side.

A person with a gun in his hand blackmails a man .
The man who was getting afraid was kartick a worker of the famous don viren…
Viren: I thought u r loyal to me. but u. I hate betrayal that to from my loved ones..
He shoots karthick.
Karthick screams.
Viren: u cheated me being a police officer and spying me. he again shoots himseveral time and he dies.
Viren laughs.
Viren: u can not catch me police. he smiles.

He goes to his house and reports to his head suresh.
Suresh: I am proud to have u viren. Hats of. U r my child.
Viren smiles.
He then sleeps in his dream.
In his dreams.
A girls picture is shown but her face is not clear.
She hugs him from behind.
He speaks: swara… what is this?

Swara: I love u sanky…
He speaks: even I love u too…
Viren gets up in a jerk. He was sweating.
Viren: why I am getting dreams like this . everytime I dream I cannot see the girl face. Don’t why they both r coming in my dreams often. He sleeps again avoiding it..


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