U Sanskar and me swara together we make swasan ( epi 7 )


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The next episode starts with swara relocating to her police headquarters and sanskar leaves to mm
He enters it. he acts as drunkard.
Ap comes and holds him.
Ap: beta. What is this..
Sanky: ma why everyone r cheating like this. I loved her so much…
Dp: nothing beta. Come on. Ap we will shift him to room.
Ap and dp makes him lie in the room. He acts as if he fallen asleep.
Dp gets a call.
Dp: what she is not in hotel. Trace her location and get it as soon as possible.
Ap: what happened dp.
Dp: she escpaef from our trap. Don’t know where this blo*dy shekar is..
Ap:ok relax. We will go to our room. We should be care ful. Come.
They both leave.
Sanskar wakes up.
Sanskar: I will not leave u. I will kill u and destroy u. trying to kill my wife na. wait and see…
The next day.
Sanskar: ma. I want to go somewhere. i cannot stay in this place. Please.
Ap: u go somewhere and come back to this place before 5 th of jannuary, as it is ur birthday and I want u to be with us on the special day.
Sanskar: thank u ma. I am leaving bye.
Sanskar leaves with his luggage and goes to the police headquarters.
He rings the bell.
Swara opens the door.
Swara: sanky. U here? come in.
They both get seated….
Sanskar: they r eagerly waiting for 5 th jannuary.
Swara: because that is ur birthday date and that si they ay when u turn 25 aand all the documents in ur name can be transferred to them.
Sanskar: yes.
Swara : sanky..
Sanskar: what..
Swara: I love u sanskar..
Sanskar: why this sudden revelation. Do u want anything from me ?
Swara: why. Cant I say to my husband?
Sanskar: no yaar generally girls tell this so that their boy gift them something.
Swara: sanky u na. I try to be friendly but u na. a devil. A monster.a dinoser. Sanky , monkey donkey.
Sanksar: ok sorry madam. Tell me the matter.
Swara: what r the evidences u have with u?
Sanskar: I have the video of shekar accepting the crime and also saying that ap and dp r involved and next I have is ap and dp conversation of how they framed me.
Swara: these 2 video r enough to prove them guilt.
Sanskar: hmm yes. but I will make them suffer.
Swara: ok. r u going to stay here?
Sanskar: of course yes. I will stay where my wife is.
Swara: enough I cant here more than this.
Sanskar: what more than this?
Swara: u r flirting a lot than before. I like the alm sanksar not the naughty sanskar
Sanskar: so u only framed me as naughty. Don’t u want to know what naughty sanksar doess.
He pins her to the wall.
He goes near her.
Swara: last warning.
He goes near her. she kicks him with the leg and runs .
She shows face to him.
Sanskar starts chasing her and she too runs..
Swara: u cant catch me.. she winks.
Sanskar gets an idea and acts like slipping and falling down.
Sanskar: ouch.
Swara runs to sanskar .
Swara: is it paining sanksar. I am sorry. she keeps on blabbering. Sanskar shuts her mouth by his mouth. She gets shocked but then shows her happiness and they both started their beautiful journey.
After a 2 days. it was night.
Some one knocks the door.
Swara: sanskar leave me. I have to go.
Sanskar: ok. come fast.
Swara goes and opens the door.
There some one hits her hear and she falls unconscious.
Then ap and dp entered.
Sanky runs to swara.
Sanky : swara. Wake up.
Ap and dp sees sanskar.
Ap: wow beta. Superb acting. But u don’t know that we r more intelligent than u.
Sanskar: u.. how can u do like this. I would have given my propertied if u would have asked politely. But u. why u killed my parents. now u wanted to kill my swara too.
Ap: give me the evidence and sign this contract we will leave u both.
Sanskar: no I will not.
Ap: beat that swara.
The goons beat the swara with the rod.
Sanskar: no don’t do . I will sign and give the evidences. Please. But one second. Please wait. I will wake her once. Please.
He moves to swara.
Sanskar takes her in his laps.
Sanskar: swara. He sprinkles water In her face..
She gets consiouss…
Swara: sanskar .
She gets up.
Swara: sanksar.
Sanskar signs the papers and gives them their evidences.
Ap: don’t dare to come in my path.
Swara takes her gun
Swara beats the goons and shoots all the goons by sanskar by her side.
Swara: what dp, u can think u can just leave like that. how dare u…
Swara shoots one bullet on dp.
Ap: dp ji. She cries. She again shoots dp and he dies..
But that time sanskar gets shooted.
Swara: sanskar…
Shekar shoots him.
Swara: papa.
Shekar shoots swara . Already she is wounded in her head and bloods started whoozing out. she was loosing her conscious slowly.
But with the gun in her hand she shoots shekar and ap.
And falls uncosious.
Sanksar wakes up . he tries to get up but couldn’t . he slowly goes towards swara.
He cries.
Sanksar: swara.
He too falls unconscious.

In the hospital.
Swara wakes and finds no one.
Swara head was paining.
She shouts sanskar.
Doctor comes.
Swara: doctor. My husband sanskar. Where is he? I want to meet him. how is he?
Doctor: relax swara. Nothing.
Swara: take me to him doctor.
Doctor: nothing , u need rest swara.
Laksh comes in.
Laksh: swara.
Swara: where is sanskar laksh. I want to meet him.
Ragini: nothing swara. U first rest.
Swara: tell me na. where is sanskar. Please.
Laksh: he left u and went.
Swara: no my sanky wont leave me and go…
Laksh: he left this world swara. He is no more.
Swara gets shocked.
Swara: no this cannot happen.
Laksh: this is true.
Swara cries..
Ragini hugs her….
Swara : I want to see him.
Ragini: swara. All the final rites have been done.
Swara cries.
Swara: why ragini this is happening to me.
She shouts.
Swara: sanskar. U didn’t do right with me….

No precap..

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