U Sanskar and me swara together we make swasan ( epi 6 )


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The next episode begins with.
Sanskar: why did u hide swara?
Swara: sankskaaar. I tried to …
Sanskar: what u tried to?
Swara: I tried to tell u many times..
Sanskar: what happened then?
Swara cries.
Sanskar: if u would have trusted me swara u would have told me.
Swara: I trust u more than myself sanskar.
Sanksar: really. Then u could have said na. why u didn’t tell me when I told u that I hate police .
Swara: not all police are not like the one who killed ur parents. I am not that like that. I am not that merciless like them. She cries.
Sanskar: ok. if u want to live in this house then u should leave ur police job.
Swara gets shocked.

Swara: sanskar.. why r u saying like this.
Sanskar: I don’t know. it is ur decision whether to decide u want me or police job.
Ap: sanskar what r u saying like this?
Sanskar: I am speaking with knowing only ma. I don’t know why I hate police. I am also worried about her ma. if something happens to her.
Swara: nothing will happen to me sanskar. I am trained in this. I cant leave this job. This is my only support . this job is the one which I did by my wish. I don’t know sanky. Now u r the most important thing in my life. my most happy days were the days spend with u. I have never had this much happiness in my life sanskar. U and my job r different and both r important to me.i cannot leave anything in either of these.
Sanskar: then u can leave this house.
Swara cries.

Ap: sanskar don’t do like this.
Sanskar:no ma. u don’t interfere in my decision.
Swara with teary eyes.
Swara: no . I wont leave until I prove certain things to u sanskar. What ur mother and father died because of police. what a rubbish. I re read the case and learnt manything yaar. the killer of ur mother and father is none other than ap,dp and shekar.
Sanskar gets shocked and slaps swara.
Sanskar : how dare u say like that. they r my parents and u don’t have any rights to say about them to me like that.
Swara: u wont believe me sanskar. But one day u will believe me when I get the evidnce about them.
Swara leaves the house.
Sanskar: ma , pa how can u both . how can she speak like that.
Dp hugs sanskar.
Dp: leave It beta.

Sanskar leaves to her room.
Sanskar takes swara’s photo.
Sanskar: I am sorry swara. I know how u will be hurted. But I have to do this. I know u r an police office before itself swara, before our marriage itself. I have to hide manythings from u swara. I am sorry….
He cries and break all the things in anger.

On the other side swara walks on the road lifelessly.
Swara cries.
Swara: it is my mistake. Fully. I am sorry sanskar. I am sorry. where will I go now? god. I am not going to laksh. They will be worried for me. I will prove about them sanskar.
She goes to a hotel and books a room and stays there.
She opens her luggage and takes her police dress.
She cries seeing it.
She wears it and leaves to meet cp.

She goes to his office.
Cp: hello acp swara. Good job. U have done a very good job. I am proud of u.
Swara smiles.
Cp: now u can be back to ur routine life.
Swara: sir. Can I request u one thing.
Cp: yes.
Swara: I want transfer sir anywhere.
Cp: why what happened?
Swara: I want to go sir. Please.
Cp: hmm. Then u go to Mumbai na. for kalyan region.
Swara: yes sir.
Cp: I will look ur transfer processes
Swara: sir but I am not going to that region. I will be here.
Cp: what r u saying.
Swara: u just maintain my records that I have moved to kalyan and I will be here . I am going to re open the case of the death of ram Prasad maheshwari amd sujata rp.
Cp: why.
Swara: the major reason behind their murder is durgaprasad maheshwari, Annapurna maheshwari and shekar gadodia.
Cp: ur father?
Swara: yes sir. I heard him speaking about this matter to ap and dp and I have recorded that . I want more evidences to prove that. now I understood why he allowed me to do ips as he though that his daughter will save him from any case. But not now.\
Cp: I give u permisiion.
Swara: thank u sir .
Swara leaves and goes back to hotel.

At maheshwiri mansion.
Ap and dp was sitting in the room.
Ap: how is this possible. Shekar have hidden a big thing from us. How could swara know about us. There is records in the name of goons and not us. There is something happening .
Dp: yes. how can he not tell that his daughter is an ips officer?cheater. becaue of him now everything will change. His daughter will be the reason behind our destruction.
Ap: yes. we want the properties in our name. that is why we killed sujatha and rp saying that some police killed them in a illegal case which makes sanskar hate police so that he wont go there and learn the truth on the case where it was an murder done by them and the goons were arrested.
Ap: we should kill swara so that we r on the safe side.
Dp: yes. I will hire the goons to do this.
Ap smirks.
Dp: we don’t know about shekar whereabout for the past 3 to 4 days.
Ap: we will try to find him.
Sanskar sees them leaving.
Sanskar: u r going to suffer mister durgaprasad maheshwari for killing my mother and father. I have to speak to swara. But how to inform her. he receives a phone from a person.
Sanskar: yes I will come. she is in that room only na. in room 305. Ok. thank u.
Sanskar leaves to the hotel.
Sanskar taps the room of swara.
Swara was crying. She wipes her tears.
Swara goes and opens the door.
She gets shocked to see a person there with an mask covered by a towel.
Swara: who r u what do u want.
The person slides and enter into the room and closes the room door.
Swara picks her gun.
Swara: who r u? what do u want. Remove ur towel.
The person removes the towel and she gets shocked to see sanskar.
Swara: sanskar ……..
She drops the gun.
Sanskar hugs swara.
Swara don’t know what to do.
Sanskar: I am sorry shona. I am sorry.
Swara: sanskar. I should say u sorry.
Sanskar: swara. I love u swara. I behaved with u like that because I don’t want them to get doubt on me.They killed my ma and pa and made me believe that they were killed by police where they accused police wrongly which made me to hate them. I know that very well.
Swara gets shocked.
Sanskar: I know u r an police officer before my marriage.
Swara: what?
Sanskar says the flash back…..
Sanskar: I want the full information about shekar gadodia and who r their children.
Sanskar gets to know about swara and laksh.
Sanskar: so swara gadodia get ready to face the punishment of ur father. U r an police officer, not so bad. But I will punish u. wait and see.

When sanskar was seeing the photo , a girl came for interview. He was shocked to see swara there.
Swara: can I come in sir.
Sanskar: yes please.
Swara: sir , my name is nikhita Agarwal. I am here to attend a interview on the manager required for the company.
Sanskar thinks why she is hiding her name.
Sanskar: yes please.
Swara answers every question and gets employed there.
Sanskar thinks this will be more easy.
He later went to dp and told that he like swara from the office.
Dp accepted that she is shekars daughter . so they had a deal on regard with the marriage.
Swara was called by her father immediately so she went to shekar house.
Shekar: u r marrying that’s it. wear this dress . ragini beta make her wear this.
Swara was shocked.
Swara: dad please.
Shekar: ragini.
Ragini took swara inside and made her ready.
Shekar comes inside.( remember the first scene in the episode.)
Swara: papa please, I am already in other problem.please dad, I beg u. I want to do my career.
Shekar slaps swara.
Shekar: don’t u dare say like that. cant u do this much for ur father na. because of u I will get a contact of 50 crores.
Swara: please dad.
Shekar: now wipe ur tears and go and sit in the mandap and behave u r happy and don’t tell anyone that u r an police in their family.
Swara: I will tell. They should know what I am doing.
Shekar slaps again . she falls down.
Shekar: u r not saying anything. sanskar don’t like police and if so u both will not get married. Ok. get ready fast.
Swara broke down.
Swara: ma why u gave birth to me instead u could have killed me for giving me such father. I hate him. He tortures me a lot.
Ragini comes at that time.
Ragini hugs swara.
Ragini: bas.
Swara: bhabi, what sin I committed. He…
Ragini: u r getting ur freedom swara. U r out of his tortures when u go to another family. U can stay happy.
Swara nods her head and ragini refreshes swara .

At that time a pair was watching her with teary eyes. It was none other than sanskar. He felt very guilty for swara and regretted for wanting to take revenge from her. so he hided all from her and wanted to give her only happiness. So he married her.
Flash back ends.
Swara was shocked.
Sanskar: swara.
Swara: u wanted to give me happiness? She said with a teary eyed.
Sanskar nods.
Swara hugs him tightly.
Swara: u were the only person who could give me happiness sanky. I love u.
Sanskar: I love u too swara.
Swara: but it is so wrong that u wanted to ttake revenge from me . so bad of u.
Sanskar: sorry. give any punishment whatever u want.
Swara: be with me always and u should only manage me as I am the most talkative girl in the world.
Sanskar smiles.
Swara: what r u going to do now sanskar?
Sanskar: I kidnapped shekar. Swara.
Swara: where have u kept?
Sanskar: in a secret place. I came here to shift ur place as dp knows ur location and he is planning to kill u.
Swara: ok. I will shift and I am an police officer my dear husband.
Sanskar: I know my dear wife about u and ur adventure.
Swara: ok I will stay in my headquarters where they have allotted for me
Sanskar: good. Be safe. Call me if any problems.
Swara stare at sanskar.
Sanskar: ok. don’t stare like that. u may be a police officer for me u r just swara maheswari who is wife of sanskar . I care about my wife so I said.
Swara smiles.
Swara: ok I will vacate and u also leave.
Sanskar leaves.
Swara vacates the room and leaves.


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