U Sanskar and me swara together we make swasan ( epi 5 )


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The episode begins with laksh and ragini leaving the house.
Actually Uttara had went to a college tour and she didn’t return from this.
Ap and dp got worried.
Swara: sanskar, we will go to police station and complain.
Sanskar: no I will itself search for Uttara.
Swara: sanky understand the situation. Come.
Sanskar: ok.
They both leaves.
Swara: there is a police station we have to go right.
Sanskar: no yaar if we turn left itself one police station is there where it is a police station of acp.
Swara thinks omg , he is taking me to my office. What will I do.
They both reach police station.

The inspector over there salutes them.
Sanksar: I need to see acp. I want to file a complaint.
Inspector sees swara.
Swara signs him no.
Inspector: she is inside. Any one of u go.
Swara: I will go sanskar. U be here.
Swara goes inside the room.
Inspector to comes.
Swara: inspector I have told u to trace right. did u trace the location.
Inspector: yes mam. Here is this.
Swara: so today when I call u be ready to arrive there with out team . ok.
Inspector: yes mam.
Swara: and I know that Uttara will be kidnapped by them only so today we will rescue them.
Inspector: ok mam..
Swara: please get ready. Swara leaves.

They both were returning from the police station and it was night time.
That time the road was clear and no one could be seen.
That time a girl came running and swara asked to stop the car.
Sanskar stops.
Swara gets down.
Swara: what happened.
That girl: dhi. They kidnapped me. I am running from there. The goons are following me. dhi please save us. There r a lot of girls stuck there.
Swara: nothing happened. Cool down.
That time few goons came running and one of them was rahul.
Swara: rahul…
Swara understands that it is all their plan.
Sanskar: rahul..
The goons surround them.
Rahul: hey I told about this girl only. Beat him and take her also.
Swara: rahul what u r doing. U r my friend.
Rahul: who friend. U r also one in my plan. This is how I kidnapped sanskar sister also. Uttara.
Sanskar boils in anger.
The goons beat sanskar and takes swara.

Swara cries.
Swara: please leave him. I beg u.swara holds rahuls leg seated.
Rahul was holding gun in his hand at downwards.
Swara takes the gun. And pinpoints him.
Swara: leave him.
Rahul: hey. Blackmailing haan? U don’t know how to use a gun also.
Swara shoots at his legs.
Swara: don’t I know , haider Hussain?
Rahul gets shocked.
Rahul: u?
Swara: I am swara. Acp swara sanskar maheswari not nikhita Agarwal .
Sanskar and rahul both gets shocked.
Swara: I have order to shoot u. I know ur plan fully and i know u r coming in this route as I am following ur every move. I know where u kept the girls also. in the goddown only na. u r time is over. Release sanskar now or else. I will kill rahul.
The goons release sanskar and swara sends rahul.
Once sanskar comes to swara . swara shoots everyone.
Swara takes her mobile.
Swara: ready. Bring the police to the spot.

Sanskar was standing shocked.
Swara: sanskar.
Sanskar didn’t reply..
Swara: sanskar she shouts.
Sanskar gets into senses.
Swara: get inside the car. Ur name is anitha na. get inside the car.
Both gets iside.
Swara drives the car.
Swara ‘s pov.
I am sorry sanky. I am sorry. I know how u will be feeling. But it is my duty to save the girls who r stuck there. I should finish my mission.
She reaches the place.
Swara: this is the place anitha right?
Anitha: yes dhi.
Swara: sanky this is a towel one goon was wearing. Wear it and u take both of us inside. We have to save everyone inside. Drag me and her inside . anitha u don’t get afraid, we both r there here. have this gun in ur hand. Sankar ur name is tommy.
Anitha: how u know one of the goons name is tommy.
Swara: it is their nick names and I am following them through a device in rahul’s hand.
Sanskar nods.
He covered his face and brought them inside.

There he meets the head.
Swara: he is the head sanky. Act.
Sanky: she escaped thank god . I caught her. haider and others have gone to catch the rest of the girls and this girl is the girl haider told. Nikhita Agarwal.
Karthick(head): well done tommy. Put them in the cell over there.
Swara cries.
Swara: why r u doing like this. what we did to u.
Karthick: we r kidnapping u to ask the govt in exchange our leader muhamad khan.
Swara gets shocked.
He pushes swara and swara falls down.
She got hurt.
Sanskar couldn’t see her like this.
Swara gets up.
Swara: is it good to kidnap girls. Shame on u.
Karthick: u don’t have any rights to speak.
Swara takes the gun from sanky’s hand.
Swara points it to karthick.
All the other goons present there points their guns towards swara.
Swara: hey chup. Do u want ur lead to be alive or dead. Release all the girls.
Karthick: no . we should achieve our goal.
The one of the goon shoots swara and swara shoots him.
Swara: don’t u dare.
Swara shoots karthick.

The all other ones starts firing and swara pulls sanky behind a pillar and she aims each and every goons and shoot. All were almost dead.
She came outside.
Swara and sanky both goes inside to a room and were girls were tired and there was a man guarding them.
Swara beats the man .
Swara: sanky untie the ropes.
Police arrives and swara handsover them to him.
Swara too starts untieing.
Sanskar sees Uttara.
Sanskar hugs her.
A girl: dhi . a girl is up there and they shoot her in leg and they isolated us from her.
Swara: u untie. I will come. show me the room.

The girl takes her to the room.
She goes and sees the grl suffering due to blood loss.
She takes her using her shoulders.
Swara: sanskar. Come here.
Sanky come there.
Swara: take her to hospital. Drive fast. More blood is in loss. If the doctor ask tell them it is acp swara who gave the orders to admit her or phone me if they denie.
Sanskar leaves.
swara just rides the place and see weapons and destructive bomb.
Inspector: we rescued the girls and are sending to their home.
Swara: good. And this news should not reach media and take all the destructive products and we will burn this place.
Inspector: ok mam.
All the things are done according to swara’s demand and they burn the goddown.
Swara: ok I will drop Uttara home . it is ur duty to drop everyone in their home verifying properly inspector.
Inspector: ok mam.
Swara: I am worried about the safety of 20 girls.
Inspector: ok mam.

Both swara and Uttara get in the car and leaves.
Uttara: bhabi u r an police officer.
Swara nods with teary eyes.
Swara: I am acp swara sanskar maheswari.
Uttara: why didn’t tell us.
Swara: I tried telling sanky but I am not able to say Uttara. he will be angry at me na Uttara. for this mission only I worked hard to figure out.
Uttara: I will be ur support bhabi. Not all police are bad.
Swara nods.
They both reach the maheswari mansion.
Ap and dp were glad that they got Uttara.
They saw swara with wounds.
Ap: what happened beta?
Swara kneels down and cries.
Swara: ma I have hidden one thing from u. I am not an employee at sanskar office. I am an police office. I am acp swara .
Ap and dp got shocked.
Swara: I was in a mission to figure out the plans of the terrorist and foil there plans. That is why I came in as nikhita Agarwal at sanky’s house. I got this job to come out of the prison I had in my home. Mr shekar tried me to not make me study but laksh insisted him and he agreed. he didn’t even ask my permission for marrying sanskar and I begged him to tell the truth that I am an police officer but he hidded it as he knows that sanky doesn’t like police.
Dp: does sanskar knows this?
Sanskar comes in.
Sanksar: I know.
Swara: sanky how is that girl?
Sanksar: that girl is fine and ur team police officer one of them came and that is why I left..


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