U Sanskar and me swara together we make swasan ( epi 4 )


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Few days passes swara and sanskar both were becoming very close.
Sanskar started loving swara and swara too.
Swara many times tried to say about her but she couldn’t do.
One day.
Sanskar was at home in rest.
Swara went to office.
Sanskar phones swara.
Sanskar: swara , u r pa ,laksh and ragini have come here.
Swara: sanky tell me when they leave I will come. till that I will be at my friend home, I will directly leave from office to my friend house.
Sanskar: but swara.
Swara cuts the call.
Swara have tears.
Swara: mr shekar gadodia. I will never ever meet u. I cant keep my promise I gave to my mother. I am sorry mom.
Swara have tears.
She leaves the office.

Meanwhile at mansion.
Sanskar: sorry papa, actually she is having a work in the office. A presentation. So she is making it ready. Sorry.
Shekar: its ok beta. We r here staying for a night. so that time I will meet her. he leaves ap and dp inside a room.
Sanskar smiles.
Laksh: by the way how is my sister.
Sanskar: she is awesome.
Ragini and laksh both smiles.

At the other side .
Swara was doing her investigation on mission.
After finishing she came to a park and sat.
Sanskar phones her.
Sanskar: they left. Come to home.
Swara:ok done.
Swara then reaches maheshwari mansion.
She was shocked seeing them as sanskar told they left.
Shekar comes and hugs swara.
Shekar: how r u my beti.
Swara: sanskar why did u tell me lies?
Sanskar: swara, they r staying tonight here.
Swara: get out of my hosue mr shekar gadodia. U have no right s to be here.
Dp: what happened swara beta.
Swara: r u going out.
Laksh: swara control.
Swara: how much days laksh.how much days.
Laksh hugs swara.
Swara cries.
Swara: get out of my life mr shekar gadodia. U r none to me. u r not related to me.
Swara: please sanskar. I don’t want to see this man face.
Saying this swara goes to her room.
Shekar: why is she behaving like this.
Laksh: stop it . I said stop it. because of u only she suffered a lot in her life. U r so cheap . how could u do like this to her. u beated her. u controlled her. u blackmailed her. u stopped her from achieving her dreams. Why did she choose that career u know because she wants to stay away from u. u torture her like this. don’t u have a feeling that she is ur daughter only na. no. hereafter u r also not my papa. We both were numb as we gave promise to our mom but not now. good bye. Leave this house. I am sorry ap ji and dp ji. He is not worth for ur respect u r giving. U know to ge ur project he just sold his daughter.
dp: what?
Laksh: u both were not satisfied with the presentation na. that is why he told about the match between sanskar and swara so that he gains his contract, he didn’t listen to swara once also. but u know I am happy today because she got a family like u and a husband lke u sanskar. U know she have never been this much happy as I have seen after marrying u. she deserves happiness. I was not able to give but u r giving her sanksar.
Sanskar: u get out mr gadodia. Who ever have disownedmy wifes or tortured have no place here. saying this he pushues shekar outside the house.
He comes inside then.
Laksh: sanskar u go inside and convince swara.
Sanskar leaves.

Ap: I don’t know she have went through this much. hereafter u r sister is not only this house bahu but also my daughter.
Ragini: thank u aunty so much.
Dp: he will get punishment for doing like this for our daughter .
Laksh: ragini we will go tomorrow and vacate tomorrow and move to a new house.
Dp: if u don’t have objections u can stay with us na.
Laksh: but dp ji.
Dp: me and ap r ur papa and mumma. Please.
Laksh: thank u so much. but no. we will go to another house please.
Ap: as ur wish beta.

Meanwhile in the room.
Swara was having tears in her eyes.
Sanskar hugs her from behind.
Seeing sanskar she wipes her tears.
Swara turns an dhugs him tightly.
Swara: sanskar.
Sanskar: enough shona. No need to cry.
Swara: sanskar how can a father do like this?
Sanskar: he is fool to not know how precious my shona is
Sanskar: yes. he should worry not u. u r free form him. I am there for u na. now. then why r u crying.
Swara: really will u be with me in all situations.
Sanskar: yes I will be with u whatever it is.
Swara smiles.
Sanskar: now come we both will go down.
Swara and sanskar both goes down.
Laksh hugs swara.
Laksh: he is out of our life swara.
Swara nods.
Ragini: swara.
Ragini hugs swara.
Then all of them have dinner and dozes of to sleep.


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