U Sanskar and me swara together we make swasan ( epi 2 )


The next epiosode starts with swara getting up first.
Swara: what can I do. god please help me. I took this job with so much hardwork.
Flash back….
Shekar is very adamant for not letting swara study but laksh request him.
Shekar loves laksh a lot so he agreed for swara study.
Swara: thank u so much laksh. U r the best brother.
Laksh: ur dream is in ur hand swara. Go enjoy. I also hate this man but what can I do. we both gave promise to our maa that we wont leave him na .
Swara: yes laksh I am keeping my maa promise to obey papa.
Laksh: ok start reading madam.
Swara: ok lucky.
Flash back ends.

Swara in a determined tone .
I wont give up my career. I struggled for this career a lot from that person. I will make sanskar to understand.
Swara smiles.
She goes to bath meanwhile sanskar gets up.
Swara meanwhile comes out and she gets ready in a saree.
Sanskar was mesmerized to see her.
Sanskar: swara why cant we call in sweet names as we r friends na.
Swara: then I will call u sanky monkey.
Sanskar frowns.
Sanksar: I will call u shona.
Swara: wow very nice name. I love it. Ok get ready. We should go down .
Sanskar: hmm.
Sanky gets read and both of them goes down.
They all have breakfast.
Swara: mom dad sanky can I work please .
Sanky: why r u asking this question . it is ur company.
Swara smiles.
Dp:we don’t have any objections in it beta.
Swara: thank u so much dad.

Later sanskar and swara both leave to office.
Swara: sanky I want to say u one thing.
Sanky: what is is shona?
Swara: I want to say that I …
Sanky: what?
Swara: I want to say that In office no one should know that I am ur wife and call me as nikhita itself there.
Sankar: why shona?
Swara: please sanky.
Sanskar: but.
Swara: u wont do this much to ur friend. Go sanky I am ka with u. swara turns her face.
Sanskar:ok . I will call u nikhita and not say that u r my wife happy. What is the reason.
Swara: when times comes I will say sanky. Sure. Please not now.
Sanksar: ok we reached office.
Swara: I will get down . u go first. Then I will come.
Sanskar: lease hide ur mangaustra and vermillion.
Swara: thank u.
Sanskar: bye swara going to miss u
Swara stares at him.
Swara: bye.

Sanskar enters .
After few minuites later swara to goes inside the office.
She was greeted bye everyone there as she is very friendly.
Swara: hi rahul. How r u.
Rahul: I am fine. what madam leave for 5 days.
Swara: meera (employee) didn’t inform u? I went to my sister marriage.
Rahul: u know our md got married. Bad person . he didn’t even call for his wedding. Very strict as a khadoos. How r u talking to him yaar. he is very friendly with u. I dont know who is that idiot married him
Swaraa laughs
Swara: he is really sweet and first u so ur work properly then he will also behave well with u. always talking silly talks . I will go up.
Rahul: even I will join u.
Swara: hey I have a gift for u wait.
She takes a gift box from her bag.
Rahul: why gift yaar.
Swara: for friends I keep on give them gifts . so only.
Rahul opens it and finds a watch.
Rahul: wow khushi. It is so superb.
swara: wear it and it should always be in ur hands
Rahul: ok madam. Come we will leave.
Swara and rahul leaves.
Swara thinks.
Swara: this watch is for ur destruction mr rahul singh.

She and rahul goes up to the office.
Swara enters sanskar cabin to take the files.
Sanskar: why r u 30 mins late nikhita.
Swara: vo sir, me and rahul were speaking about the business contracts on the ground floor.
Sanskar: really?
Swara: yes sir.
Sanskar; hereafter be on time to office.
Swara: come to home I will show u how to be punctual sir.
Sanskar: blackmailing.
Swara: threatening.
Sanksar smiles.
Sanskar: ok complete this files.
Swara: ok sir. I will take a leave.
Swara leaves .


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