U Sanskar and me swara together we make swasan ( epi 11 and 12 )

The next day.
Viren in his phone.
Rajveeer: bhai the pic u send is the pic of the acp swara whom I told.
Viren: what? Ok I will call lalter/
Rajveer: u told to collect her husband’s info na. her husband name is sanskar maheshwari.
Viren: sanskar maheshwari?
Rajveer: yes. they call him sanskar , sanky and he was handling the maheshwari company. He and his wife bot were atracked but they cold save swara but not sanskar.
Viren: his picture?
Rajveer: he will be same like u. exactly like u.
Viren: thank u.
After cutting the call.
Viren sits with a thud.
Viren: s..an..skar maheswari.
He get flashes of him going to office .
Viren: I don’t understand why he comes in my flashes and how come his wife that too swara come in my flashes. This means she is my wife who I thought as she is dead. I am right or not? I don’t have anyone to ask. I have to confirm..
He phones rajveer.
Viren: hey I need acp swara address.
Viren cuts the call.
Viren: I will find out.
He gets her address and reaches her house. it was night time.
He climbs through the pipes and reaches a balcony.
He sees the room full of his and swara’s pic and sees a photo of him with a garland . he gets teary eyed.
He then sees swara asking vinith to sleep.
He opens the balcony door so that he can listen and hides there.
Swara: come on vinith lie down.
Vinith: no.. I want to hear u and papa’s love story.
Swara: vinith.
Vinith: please mo.
Swara: ok lie down.
Vinith lies in swara’s laps.
Swara carsses his hairs.
Swara: I am swara. The one who is bold infront of the world but I got tortured in my home. I was tortured by my father. One Day he asked me o come home and I went and he forced me to marry ur papa. Sanskar maheshwari.
Vinith: ur father didn’t love u?
Swara: he killed my mother vinith and tortured me a lot.
Vinith: my father then?
Swara: if ur father was there then u would be the happiest person in the world. He will pamper u a lot. Lets come to the story. We both got married. After marriage I didn’t see my father face. He forced me to hide my identity as police form them and I couldn’t inform anyone there as I was in a mission to catch a don doing illegal business. We both were good friends and for my mission I acted as nikita in sanskar’s office. U know he had a hatred to police as his mom and dad was killed by him. so I couldn’t say about my job. But few daye went I started to see wheterit wa sreally’s police faults an dfound out that it was his father’s brother killed him for money and put the blame on police and my father was also involved. I confronted my father saying I don’t want to see his face and the next day ur bua Uttara was missing.
Vinith: I have an bua?
Swara: yes.
Vinith: I want to meet her.
Swara: u want to meet her?
Vinith: yes.
Swara: she is in London reading her phd.
Vinith: ok continue the story.
Swara: I convinced sanskar to complain in police and while returning some girl was running from the goons. I showed me as police and sanskar was shocked. I got all the goons associated and I went ot home to apologise. That time I informed that I am an police officer and I told about ap and dp. Sanskar slapped me and asked me to get out. then I went to commissioner and informed about them and reached hotel that time someone with an covered face entered my room. I then found it to be sanskar. he told that he already knew about them and we both were together. I vacated my hotel room and went ot my quarters and sanskar too sifted there. We I both were happy but one day. Someone ringed the bell. I went to open and someone beated my head with a rod.
Vinith: was it not paining.
Swara: I got blured vision and I was beated by shekar my father. Then he hide. Sanskar came and helped me . they blackmailed him to sign the documents. That time I tore the paper and I shooted dp at that time shekar shooted sanskar and he shooted me at hands.i shooted ap but misses shekar. But I disnt know about it and I slowly became unconscious. But I knew sanky was alive and he took me in his laps but I don’t remember what happened that he is dead? U know I cried daily hearing that.
Vinith: where did the bullet hit in papa?
Swara: near heart.
Vinith: hmm.
Vinth sleeps . swara carsess his hair and leaves him and goes out.
She goes to her study room.
swara takes the files.
Swara: I got the car details and it is registered at the name of shekar and why did shekar gave his car to viren. Whats the link between them. May be he is suresh? But I don’t understand.
She pins the car details into a board. She pins even rajveer photo.
Swara: so if I catch u rajveer than I can get easily to viren.
She receives a call from inspector.
Swara: yes inspector.
Inspector: we got rajveer.
Swara: wow good. Then I will come to station now.
Inspector: ji mam.
Swara cuts the call.
Swara comes out of the room.
Swara: laksh have to go to station. Have an urgent work.
Laksh: ok.
Swara: take care of vinith. In night sometimes he will wake and ask me . be with him na.
Laksh: ok madam.
Swara: laksh.
Swara gives a gun.
Swara: if any problem shoot the person.
Laksh: oh that viren ah?
Swara: yes. please guard vinith.
Laksh smiles.
Swara leaves.

On the other side viren sits holding his head.
He get flashes. He gets remembering each and every scene while swara was describing it.
Sanskar: swara.
He gets teary eyed and looks at vinith lying in the bed.
He opens the door and goes there and kisses his forehead..
Sanskar: v..inith.
He cries ..
He hears someone coming.
He hides in the balcony.
He sees laksh coming and taking vinith to his room.
He smiles.
He leaves.

In the other side.
Swara reaches the station.
Swara: rajveer,please answer one question.
She shows him a photo.
Swara: who is he?
Rajveer: suresh sir.
Swara: ok. who is that viren. Show his photo.
Rajveer: I wont tell about my bhai.
Swara: tell me . I wont beat u and I will free u.
Rajveer: I am not afraid of u.
Swara: ok. I will tell u one thing. This is not suresh.
Rajveer: what?
Swara: this person name is shekar gadodia.
Swara shows the evidences.
Rajveer: yes I know he is shekar gadodia.
Swara: what?
Rajveer: yes. me and viren both knows. We both r there to take revenge from him?
Swara: I cant understand.
Rajveer: I took promise from viren but I will tell u. shekar killed his wife.
Swara: what?
Rajveer: yes. i know the truth of him.
Swara: I cant understand.
Rajveer: I think this is the correct time to tell u the truth. Viren is none other than ur husband sanskar maheswari.
Swara gets shocked.
Swara sits with a thud.
Swara: he was…
Rajveer: u don’t remember me?
Swara: who r u..
Rajveer: rajveer Khanna sanskar’s best friend.
Swara: rajveer. U ..
Rajveer: yes . I am. U have never seen me but I know for sure sanskar had told about u.
Swara: I don’t understand what si happening around me?
Rajveer: ok madam. I will make u understand.

At that day..
Shekar gets up and smiles.
He sees sanskar was having swara in his laps.
Shekar goes and hits sanskar in his head hardly.
He admits them both in hospital and draws a pan to make sanky dead infront of u all and use him for his plans to become a don, he shifted him to another hospital. Due to the hard beating in his head he forgot everything.
I one day saw him somewhere and told him that I am his friend. Then only I came to learn everything about him. I told him that I want to work for him and told him I am his friend. He didn’t feel that much attached to me but later he started to reveal that shekar killed his wife .i didn’t say his name is sanskar as doctor told no one to remember anything about him. so I left and helped him with his revenge plans. I too thought u as dead. I saw ur pic once so I could recognize u. I was shocked to see u there.
Swara: does he remember me now?
Rajveer: he partially remembers that his wife name is swara and she was murdered and he sits holding his head whenever he hears the name sanky. Don’t worry he will remember u.
Swara gets teary eyed.
Swara: but the murder of ips karthick.
Rajveer: oh my god , he is alive only.
Swara: what?
Rajveer: he is also in part of our plan like he came to kill us but came to learn the truth and help us. He is with his family only in some other state for some days until we kill shekar.
Swara: but shekar is dead na.
Rajveer: yes. u only killed na.
Swara: yes.
Rajveer: u will release me na.
Swara: yes . of course. Can I meet him atleast outside his house.
Rajveer: yes.of course yaar.come I will take u.
Swara : inspector tear the fir.
Inspector was also in the room hearing all this.
Inspector: ji mam.
Inspector leaves.

Swara goes to viren house.
They both see viren entering the home.
Swara couldn’t see his face.
They both peeps in to the window and she sees him .
She gets teary eyed.
Swara: sanky. She whispers.
Sanskar meanwhile takes a bottle of water and pours it in his head and drinks some water.
Swara smiles.
Rajveer: ok swara I will drop u home.
Rajveer drops swara and reaches sanky’s home.
Rajveer rings the bell.
Sanskar opens the door.
Sanskar hugs rajveer.
Rajveer: what happened viren.
Sanskar: nothing , just. i ..
Rajveer: what happened.
Sanskar: I got info about that swara.
Rajveer: what?
Sanskar: I dotn know why I feel that me and swara’s husband r same.
Rajveer: how can I know yaar?
Sanskar: I don’t know.
Rajveer thinks. U r close sanky. Come on.
Sanskar: really u don’t know mr rajveer Khanna.
Rajveer: what happened yaar?
Sanskar takes the bottle in his hand.
He pours it in his face.

Sanskar: how can u hide everything and tell me as viren yaar.
Rajveer: u got ur memory?
Sanskar: yes.
Rajveer hugs happily.
Sanskar: why didn’t u inform before.
Rajveer: doctor advised. U know swara is alive. U have a son named vinith.
Sanskar: I got my memory back when I went to swara’ s home and saw her bedroom filled of my and her photos. She was narrating my and her story to vintih and I came to know.
Rajveer: she will eb very happy. she was also here to see u. I told her everything but she don’t know that u gained ur memory.
Sanskar: don’t tell her. we will play a game.
Rajveer: no sanskar. she needs ur support. Ur support is must for her. she was alone and vinith to needs ur support. Go now itself.
Sanskar: but it is night 1 pm.
Rajveer: its ok.
Sanskar: ok done.
They both leaves.

They reach laksh’s house.
Sanskar hesitates to knock the door.
Rajveer rings the bell.
Laksh comes out as swara is upstairs and sleeping with vinith.
Laksh opens the door and gets shocked to see sanskar.
Laksh: sanskar.
Laksh hugs sanskar..
Ragini too comes there and sees sanskar.
Sanskar explains him everything.
Laksh: its ok. does swara knows.
Sanskar: she knows that I am alive as she found it out at this night but it is doubt that she knows that I got my memory back.
Laksh: she is upstairs go.
Sanskar: go na. u know the room na go.
Sanskar leaves.
Ragini: come rajveer I will show u the guest room.

In swara’s room.
Swara and vinith was sleeping hugging each other and vinith’s one leg was on her.
They both were looking so cute.
Sanskar goes near them and kisses their forehead.
Swara wakes and sees sanskar and egts shocked. she rubs her eyes twice.
Sanskar: dot rub u r going to feel pain.
Swara: sanky?
Sanskar: I remember u swara. I heard ur conversation with vinith fully he tells this with teary eyed.
Swara hugs sanskar finally and cries.
Swara: where were u. why did u left us.
Sanskar: I don’t know anything swara. I am sorry.
Swara: no because of me only na I should say sorry.
Sanskar: no my fault.
Swara: no my fault.

Vinith : mom allow me to sleep don’t shout. He covers his face with pillow.
Sanskar smiles.
Sanskar: he is doing same like u.
Swara: ditto of u . vinith. Utto. School time.
Vinth: mumma 5 mins.
Sanskar: get up fast na.
Vintih: who is this?
He gets up and gets shocked to see sanskar.
Vinith: papa?
Swara nodes.
Vinith hugs sanskar.
Vinith: where did u go? I missed u a lot.
Sanskar: even I missed u.
Vinith: u wont leave me and go na
Sanskar: promise.
Swara: see na u both forgot me.she pouts.
Sanskar: oh meri wife how can I forgot u.
Vinth: oh meri ma how can I forgot u.
Swara smiles.
The trio hugged.

Vintih: mumma I wont go school tomorrow.
Swara: why?
Vinith: please. Please.
Sanskar: u r not going to school.
Vinith: thank u so much. he hugs sanskar again.
Swara : ok. fine.
Sanskar: come we will sleep. Its night na.
Vinith in middle of sanskar and swara and the trio hugged each other and slept.
The trio face had smile.
The story ends.

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