U Sanskar and me swara together we make swasan ( epi 10 )

hi guys. hope u like it

Viren enters an ashram.
There the kids all surrounds him.
Kids: viren bhai.
They all hug him.
One kid: bhai where is chocolateds.
Viren: how will I forgot to buy for u my dear princess.
He takes a box of chocolates and distributes to all.
He mingles with the kids very well despite his arrogant nature.
He leaves from that place and meanwhile rajveer comes running.
Rajveer: bhai. A new acp is in charge of ur case.
Viren: ur fine na. constable only made u escape na.
Rajveer: ji bhai.
Viren: who is that new acp?
Rajveer: she is a girl. her name is swara.
Viren: swara. Strange name. he remembers his dream.
Swara: what name I can keep for u sanskar. Sanky .. is cool na.
Sanskar: ur name is swara na then ur name is shona. Sweet shona.
Swara smiles…
Dream ends…
Viren: collect information about her.
Rajveer: I already got.
Viren: what
Rajveer: her name is swara. Acp from today only. She has a very good past records. She was not active for past 5 years. She is having a son named vinith. Her husband died 5 years ago .
Viren: what? How did u get this info?
Rajveer: from constable.
Viren: I need her photo as well as her husband information
Rajveer: I will get it soon and send u.
Viren: u don’t be in this city for few days.
Rajveer: ji bhaai.
Rajveer leaves.

The next day.
Swara went to the station and learns of rajveer escape.
Swara: constable. How did he escape.
Constable: maam actually he hit my head.
Swara: show ur hurt.
Constable shows.
Swara: u have hitted ur self constable and there is the records of camera also that u made him escape.
Constable: maam
Swara: inspector arrest him.
Inspector arrest the constable.
Swara: ok. I will go out on my personal issue and will be back soon.
She leaves.
Swara phones a person.
Swara: track the car number I give and give me its gps locations.
Swara cuts the call.
Swara driving in the car.
Swara: how to find u mr viren..
That time a phone rings.
She takes the phone which was of rajveer.
Swara attends it.
Swara: hello.
Viren: u r doing wrong against me.
Swara: oh yeah. U r what. U r viren right.
Viren: don’t search me and release the constable.
Swara: yeah sure. I will release the constable . I am very afraid of u.
Viren: what u have ego that u r a police.
Swara: yes yes. of course. If u r a don. I am an police.
Viren: oh police madam. But u r a mother na for a child.
Swara gets shocked.
Viren: vinith right.
Swara: hey don’t.
Viren: he is in my custody.
Swara: don’t do anything.
Viren: then release the constable and clear the charges on rajveer.
Swara laughs.
Swara: for your kind information mr viren .t he big don of delhi. My son is with me . want to listen his voice?
Swara: vinith.
Vinith: yes mom.
Swara smiles.
Swara: what say u the baddest don.
Viren: I thought u as a normal police officer but u r different. Will meet u soon.
Swara: even I am waiting for that day.
Swara cuts the call.
Vinith: mom whats this?
Swara: nothing.. we r going to theme park.
Anaya: wow bua.
Laksh: u r spoiling him a lot.
Swara: its ok laksh. Letthem enjoy.
Raglak, swara, vinith and Anaya all go to theme park.(I don’t know any theme park in delhi so I will tell one which is in Chennai).
Swara: queens land.
Vinith: thank u so much ma. u r the best mom in the world.
All go in.
The kids and all were enjoying the rides.
Swara signs laksh and leaves.
Swara comes out without the notice of the camera.
Swara takes her car and leaves to a house which isnear by to that theme park in forest.
Swara gets into the mansion without any body’s notice as there were guards over there.
Swara goes into the room where a person was talking in the phone.
Swara goes near him.
Swara: want to die ?
That person sees swara and gets shocked.
Swara takes knife and stabs him in his neck.
Swara: this is for murdering my husband. this is for making my child fatherless rm shekar gadodia.
She stabs him again is stomach and takes the knife it her. she escapes from the window.
There a person watched this it was none other than viren. He also follows her. leaving shekar as he died.
Swara reaches the themepark and she buries the knife on the way.
She with happiness and smile in her face comes to the theme park.
Laksh: swara.
Swara: I did it laksh.
Laksh hugs swara.
Swara: he murdered my mom and my husband. how can I spare him.
Viren to entered and saw her .
Viren: this girl. he takes the pic of this girl and sends it to a person to collect the information about her.
Viren: did suresh wont spare a person also , she too lost her husband and her child become fatherless. How can he do like this? she took revenge more than me. she is very bold. I should find her relastionship with that suresh and why did she call shekar gadodia.
(guys suresh and shekar both r same , shekar just changed his name)
Vinith hugs swara.
Vinith: mumma. Where were u?
Swara: I went to see what are the rides there. There r more rides come?
Viren smiles seeing vinith.
Viren: her son is also cute .
( guys viren is hiding and watching)
Viren leaves to the shekar house.
They see the guards telling him that shekar is dead. They all did the final rituals.

precap: viren finding out about swara..

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