U Sanskar and me swara together we make swasan ( epi 1 and character sketch)

Hi guys.
I am akshaya . I am new to this swaragini telly update. I used to write ffs based on ishra ,arshi . now I am starting a swasan ff.

Sanskar maheshwari: he is a little rude and arragont person. He is very kind from heart. Owner of maheswari company.
Uttara maheswari: sanskar’s sister . a very bubbly and cute girl. college girl.
Ap:mother of sanskar and Uttara.
Dp: father of sanskar and Uttara.
Sanky’s real parents are dead. So sanky is adopted by his badepapa.
Coming to our gadodia family.
Swara gadodia: playful and bubbly girl. she works in a maheswari company.
Shekar gadodia: father of swara. Loves her a lot in the angle of all . but hates her to the core. he shows his attitude only in the home.
Laksh gadodia: swara’s brother . loves swara a lot. He is pampered a lot by shekar.
Ragini gadodia: wife of laksh.

The episode starts with a wedding.
In the room.
A girl was crying.
Girl: papa please. I am already in some other problem . please dad. I beg u. I want to do my career.
Shekar: I don’t know . u have to sacrifice it. Cant u this much to ur father also. I will get a contract worth 50 crores if this marriage happens.
That girl crying is none other than swara.
Swara: please dad.
Shekar: now with smiling face come and sit in the mandap.shekar leaes.
Swara: maa why did u give me birth ma . u should have killed me ma when I was born. Ok shona don’t cry. relax.
Ragini came and took swara.
Swara got seated in the mandap.
A man comes and sits with her.
That man is none other than sanskar.
Sanskar and swara get married.

At bidai time.
Laksh hugs swara.
Laksh: take care. U explain him shona. U can .
Swara nods.
Ragini: take care swara.
Shekar to dp: take care of my daughter with fake tears.
Dp: I will take care.
All of them leaves to maheswari mansion.
There ap welcomes swara and she does grahpravesh.
Ap: swara this ur house and feel like that.
Swara : yes mom. Can I call u mom na.
Ap: yes beta. Uttara take her to her room.
Uttara takes her to the room.
Uttara leaves.
Swara was seated in the room . where sanskar enters.
Sanskar come and sits beside swara.
Sanskar: first I want to ask u one thing. Why u told ur name as nikhita when u joined office?
Swara: I kept nikhita because I don’t want anyone to know my name as swara. This is the name my mom kept so only.
Sanskar : oh ok. can I call u swara.
Swara: yes but in office nikhita please.
Sanskar: ok. swara I want to share u one of my personal thing . which my ma an dpa also don’t know.
Swara: what happened sanskar?
Sanskar: u know my parents died in front of my eyes.
Swara was shocked.
Sanskar: they were killed before my eyes by an police offcer.
Swara: why did police officer killed ur parents?
Sanskar: our rival company bribed police and the police officer shooted my ma and pa framing them as terrorists. I was there when it happened. When my ma and pa were encountered I was at car and I ran away from the car thinking that they will kill me also.
Sanskar had tears.
Swara wiped them.
Sanskar: so only I hate police officers and please don’t talk about them to me.
Swara was shocked.
Swara: not every police is like that sanskar.
Sanskar: no one can change my point of u. leave it. We will be friends and know about each other then we will start our relationship.
Swara : ok.
Sanskar: friends?
Swara smiles.
Swara: friends.
Sanskar: I will sleep in the couch an du sleep in the bed.
Swara: no I will sleep in the couch and u sleep in the bed.
Sanskar: ok.
Swara sleeps in the couch meanwhile sanskar in bed.
Swara was not sleeping.
Sanskar words echo in her mind.
Sanskar: I hate police officers .
Swara thinks.
What will he do if he knows that I am a police officer?


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