Are u real fans of helly and tejaswi?


Are you guys real fans of helly/tejaswi… I dont know… Most of them are not…! 

They are working for entertaining us… And they get highly paid for this… Tejaswi had worked during her illness… To entertain us… But fans didnt watch the show… Because she didnt get proper screen space…and stupid track…! Her hard work went in vain… She is working for entertaining us! If we get fever what will we do… We will take a leave.. Enjoy the sleep..! 

Helly too working to entertain us… Helly is managing SR and JDJ…! She hardly getting sleep.. She sleep for 1-2 hours… she is managing her show… But what to do.. Her hard work is also getting waste… Fans are not watching because of screen space and stupid drama ( m not talking about any ivs.. Dont bring that over here) .. Most of the college students knows if we didnt get proper sleep we will bunk the class and will sleep in hostel

If u are real fans atleast watch the show… And appreciate their work… 
Ok i know… Both the fandom are equally fighting… You know there are some other fandom who is enjoying our wardom..! And some of them are pouring oil to our fights… It is getting worse! 
In this post.. I just talked about helly and tejaswi fans…
M jus frustrated fan of swaragini writing this

One more thing… Not only helly/varun and tejaswi/namish working for this show… There are people who are working for onscreen and offscreen(light man, editors.. Etc) … Dont stop their income for our stupid fight!

Most of the fans had done.. Editing for their fav couples… How much time u have taken for it? Max half hour…
For just photo u r taking this much… Think about the editors of SR… For 20-25 time episode… How much time and effort they are taking….(just one example)
Im not telling to bear the crap…. But atleast complaint together for proper story (not illogical things)! But don’t blame each other!
Show’s name is SWARAGINI.. Not swasan/raglak…
Happy one year anniversary of swasan and raglak!

Thank you!

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  1. liked ur views and i support ur ideas only if the bashers could understand

  2. Its true we can quit any show by the storyline and the story is about swaragini its just that who they manage their problems in the life together with the help of life partners
    We can’t be happy every time it life we should problem to they just showing it
    So just fighting between swasan and raglak

  3. RiSha

    Happy Anniversary to you too???
    And I agree with you

  4. Totally agree with you

  5. I agree with you but bashers r not understanding…They have time to bash I don’t know how they get time for bashing

  6. helly also worked whn she had dengue..i only watch this crap show only for my helly…but that recent interview of ragini made me to stop watching swaragnragini..i really felt that she insulting swasan..if we watch sr nd increase trp this one reason for that sooo called raglak/ragini fans to make fun of swasan as tejaswini did….if raglak fans can quit shw whn swasan times there is no fault in swasan fans to quit the show in mahan nagini’s time…dnt knw sr go off air or not but i dnt watch sr for some days..

    1. Excuse me dear…………….but it is not is tejasswi.nd IT IS RAGINI…….not nagini..plz don’t hurt anyone

    2. Heltej

      Rose, r u blind… i have clearly told not to bring that topic over here…. Is ur name kose… No na… Ur name is rose.. Right… Then why u calling character name as nagini… ?

  7. Hi heltej
    U r correct !! I find this fight is really useless and the fans should make peace. I like both Helly and Tejaswi equally . I also like Varun and Namish. What make me like them and respect them more are their acting skills, their dedication to work , their love towards their fans and this nice friendship bond that they four are sharing . I must say that we should respect other fans, and their love towards the actors. Respect people the way you expect others to respect you.

    If you guys are true fans u guys should appreciate their hardwork not judging them if they are playing the role of a villain or not in the serial coz this has been made by the writer etc so they have to act in this way.

  8. Mica

    i think, “nothing to lose “on the actors/actress’s side, they were paid as contract wether we watch their hard work or not.

  9. Sanjanaagrawal

    Agree ….

  10. Ya really true dear…. N really other fandom are taking advantage of it…. Plz show a swaragini fandom plz it’s a request they r truely inspiration as working in this condition is something very appreciative….. Plz watch it guys… Coz big boss Is starting n if trp is low it will take swaragini’s place so plz guys watch

  11. Anniya

    Totally agree with u…

  12. Asha

    i really agree with ur views .they are absolutely correct..

  13. You are right as always Di…Agree with you

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