IS THAT U RAGINI – 9 ( maha episode)


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so lets begin

the episode begins with raglak

laksh is crying . ragini is staring at him .ragini consoles him
ragini:laksh u still have time na come on yaar let me help u
laksh:will u help me
ragini:sure i will say to swara
laksh:that is not a help . u can help me in one way
ragini:tell me am ready
laksh:just close ur mouth that is enough
ragini twist her mouth
ragini: u will surly feel for this ok
laksh:just go now

days passes . month passes it is swasan’s marriage day

ragini goes to the bride room
swara see’s her and smiles .
swara:actully ragini am srry i have been so rude to u from my childhood am srry ragini
she goes and hugs ragini
ragini breaks the hug
ragini:i—i (ragini is stamering)
swara:tell me ragini
ragini was about to tell about laksh
but she say’s
ragini:i will miss u
swara:i will miss u too ragini our fights . daily 7 o clock i will come to pub and take u to our house i will miss that
ragini gets angry but she does not show it
ragini leaves
ragini is walking on the way she is thinking
ragini:(in mind) y should i tell her that her lover is laksh . y should i do that. she said that day she got her true love na let her find y should i help her . ragini was continuesly agruee with her mind. ragini stops
ragini:atleast for laksh i have to do it . sanskar does not deserves swara’s love . ragini do it for laksh not for swara

ragini again goes to swara’s room

many lady are makeing swara ready
ragini comes
ragini:ladies can u plz go i want to talk to my sister
lady1:come lets go let her talk to her sister na
all leaves
swara stands
ragini goes to her
ragini:swara i don’t know weather u belive me r not but surly wat am saying is the truth
swara:wat happened ragini
ragini lets everything that laksh is the well wisherand everything including the accident
swara acts as if she is shocked and then she laughs loudly
swara:ragini wow wat a joke laksh is my lover . but ur loke is so nice(she is saying in a laughing manner)
ragini:r u mad swara am not lieing and this is not joke ok. ragini is holding swara’s arms
swara:listen ragini don’t play any prank .its my marriage
ragini gets angry
ragini:r u mad swara do u think i came for u no i came for laksh . he is the well wisher and u wait i will show u
ragini take’s laksh dairy from her bag and gives to her
swara reads it and sits on the bed . swara is crying
swara:still i can’t belive it
ragini shows a cctv footage
swara:wat is this
ragini showsthe footage of raglak conversation which happened in the office
ragini:see this footage
swara see’s this and crie’s
swara:ragini when u know it before y u did not tell me
ragini:am sarabbee will u listen me
swara crie’s
ragini:stop this now go and meet laksh he is not here
swara:no ragini i can’t
ragini:wat the hell r u telling
swara:ragini papa will scold me plx
ragini laughs
swara:wat happened to u . surly papa will allow this
ragini:wat papa this is ur life if want to get ur true love go and meet laksh. don’t tell to papa and all just run from here
swara:no ragini i can’t see our family will suffer because of this
ragini:then its ur wish i can just tell .if u want ur papa to be happy daily u will die while seeing laksh in the same house because of this laksh will not be happy. and am daan sure u will not be happy and when ur not happy hw sanskar will be . y to waste time let me go and jamuun bye

after an hour marriage rituals are taking place . the pandit ask bride to come a sound come’s it is sumi
sumi:swara is missing
shekar:wat r u telling sumi
sumi shows a letter
shekar:papa am srry am going to my true love srry sanskar and srry to all

ragini smile
ragini:(in mind)atleast now u proved that u have brain
all the family is fighting
everywhere noise is there . sanskar is shown he is so angry

the scene shift’s

swalak are in temple

swara:laksh i have come for u
laksh:wat the hell swara
swara:it is not hell i have came to heaven
laksh:swara wat happened to u
swara:nothing am ur swara come lets marry
laksh:wat do u mean swara are u mad
swara:am mad . i was mad on my well wisher but do u know wat he did he cheated me
laksh:so u know everything
swara:s i know ragini said everything
laksh:swara come let me take u to mandap come sanskar will be waiting for u
swara:no i will marry u are else i will die
laksh:swara am srry plz come with me
swara:i will come
laksh holds her hand
swara:but as ur wife
laksh leaves her hand
swara:u will not marry me plz i have left my family and i came to u plz accept me
laksh:no i can’t wat will u do
swara goes inside the kali temple and takes the magalsutara and ties and keeps sindoor in her hair
swara :come now we can go to mandap
laksh:wat u did swara

the scene shifts to the mandap

everyone are fighting

ragini and dadima are eating popcron and watching it
sanskar shouts: silence
everyone looks at him
ragini:wat he can do dadima its all over
ragini smiles
ragini:swara went to her true lover let me see what he is doing
sanskar:Can i speck now
shekar:am so srry sanskar i don’t know hw swara did this am srry sanskar
sanskar:i don’t want to here about that idiot . shekar uncle i want to marry ragini in this mandap instead of swara
ragini is in hell shock. ragini did not execpt this shock from sanskar
shekar:i will think about it
shekar and sumi goes near ragini
shekar:ragini my beta plz marry sanskar
sumi:i know shekar ragini will do this
ragini:hey hey wait . i don’t want this stupid drama and all ok leave me
ragini continue’s eating popcorn
sumi:see ragini u shoud only help us and u canonly do that
ragini:leave me
sumi and shekar goes to dadi and tells somwthing

dadi come’s to ragini

dadi:ragini marry sanskar for me na . and he is also good na
dadi keep’s on talking to ragini and she makes ragini accept it

ap tells ragini u go and change ur dress
ragini:wat is wrong with this dress na i will wear this only in my marriage
ragini is wearing a 3/4 jeans and a top
ragini goes and sits near sanskar
ragini see’s sanskar and give s a angry look and then she see’s dadi
dadi smile
the pandit ask to take 7 pheres they do it and the sanskar ties magalsutara and fills her mang with vermillion
ragsan gets blessing from the elders but ragini refuse’s to take the blessing of sumi and shekar
suddenlly all here a voice
s it is swara
swara:maa papa
all see’s swara . in her neck mangalsutara is there and gets shocked
shekar:don’t say the word papa from that mouth
swara:papa am srry i will tell u everything papa . and am married
sumi:who is ur husband
it is laksh
and everyone shocked to the core
ap:i cann’t believe u laksh hw can u do this to ur own brother u cheap
swara:anuty u can’t scold him like that and he is not cheap
laksh:am srry bhai
dp:u made ny head bow down laksh
sanskar goes near laksh and hugs him
sanskar:congraulations laksh happy married life
laksh and swara gets shocked
sanskar:u will not wish me laksh
sanskar:s am married tor ragini
all see ragini who is standing at the back
swara see’s her
ragini gives a angry look to her
shekar:swara i said that my first daughter died it is wrong my second daughter died
swara is shocked
dp:come lets go to our house
all are leaving
ragini:i want to talk to swara personally
swara:s even i want talk to her
sanskar holds ragini hands tigtly
sanskar:my dear wife come with me
sanskar drags ragini to the car
ragini:leave me r u mad i want to talk to her
sanskar pushes ragini inside the car and starts driving the car and all the other’s coming in other car
ragini:sanskar leave me alone i don’t want to come with u actually i hate u . u are draging me to the car . i allways want live my life peacefully due u know that. its not fair
sanskar:just close ur mouth .

precap:wat do u want guys

guys plz don’t skip any lines plz

Credit to: anamika

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