hi guys thank u so much for ur comments guys it is RAGSAN and SWALAK only in my previous update i saw many comments saying plz don’t change pair i will not change anything but i will show raglak scenes also so bear me. precap i said raglak u will know if read this part .

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so lets begin

the episode begins in swara’s room

swara:sanskar u don’t know where is my room
sanskar:hey swara by mistake i did that
swara:ok by mistake u went there but y where u romancing with her
sanskar:i was not romancing with her
swara: sanskar u know wat.
sanskar cutts her words
sanskar:u don’t even have trust on me u are shouting like monkey
swara:am not monkey ok and i have trust on u but i don’t have any trust on that sarabbee(acoholic)
sanskar leaves
swara:ok for wat u came
sanskar:to romance with ur sister (he is so angry)
sanskar leaves
swara:did i scolded too much who knows god only knows

the shift

laksh office

ragini is wearing a half jeans and t shirt . she going to laksh cabin

ragini see’s laksh .he is having a photo and s dairy . it is swara’s dairy ,laksh see’s ragini and hides it
laksh:can’t u ask permission before coming
ragini:i saw that photo it is swara’s photo
laksh:wat do u want
ragini:hey wat is there in the dairy
ragini goes near him he runs to the corner
laksh:nothing .wat bother’s u
ragini:excuse me it is my sister say it to or else
again ragini goes near him he runs to another corner
laksh:or else wat u will do
ragini:simple i will tell it to swara
laksh laughs
ragini:y r u laughing
laksh:she will not believe u
ragini laughs
laksh:y r u laughing

ragini:simple swara will not believe then wat about ur brother shall i
laksh:hey don’t try to do anything plz i will tell but don’t tell to anyone
ragini:tell me but before u start let drink some water . today morning i drank only a glass of milk . half of my energy went because of u

ragini drinks water
laksh sits on the floor . ragini goes near him and sit near him
laksh shows the photo it is swara’s childhood photo and dairy
ragini opens the dairy
ragini reads some pages and gets shocked
ragini:i can’t believe it because u r the well wishers
laksh:s offcourse me
ragini:but y u said that sanskar is well wisher

laksh:i came to know that my brother is in love with swara so i said to swara that the well wisher is my brother
ragini:r u mad. ok i have one doubt .ok u said sanskar is wellwisher to swara but he did not give any letter to swara hw did u solve that problem
laksh:sanskar met with with accident i did it . and he was addmitted in the hospital i made the doctor to say that he forgoted some part of his life

Credit to: anamika

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