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so lets begin

the episode begins with ragini

ragini is sitting in the chair . she is in pub

a person comes and sit near her
person:ragini wat happened
ragini:s i did it
person:welldone where it is
ragini:actually this is the last time am going to help u
person:are yaar am not ur boss and ur not working for me
ragini:i know it
ragini is giving something
ragini: do u still thing we will win
person:don’t loose hope

the scene shifts


each and every place is decorated nicely . maheswari family is smileing s it is swara and sanskar engagement everyone are dancing
someone lady comes and takes the mike
lady:can i ask u something mr and mrs shekar
swara see’s her and tells mausi ( s it is sumi’s sister kavya)
shekar:kavya just go from here
kavya:wait i want to tell something to dp’s family
dp:let her tell na
kavya:thank u uncle . let me tell hw come a a younger sister will marry when her elder sister is there
all looks confusing but sanlak understands the situation
kavya:s do u know ragini gadodia is the first daugter of shekar
shekar: bas kavya
sumi drags kavya and she pushes her out
dp:wat is this shekar ji i thought u did not hide anyo thing from us who is ragini
shekar:srry ragini was my first daugter but our family hate her because of her character . she is drug addict
sunddenly laksh gets angry
laksh: uncle u r wrong ragini is working in my company only she is not like that
shekar:wat u know about my daughter ragini do u know hw will be her dressing sense
laksh:uncle u can’t judge a book by its cover
dp looks at laksh
ap: its ok u hate her leave it y she is comming in this engsgement i know swara is good and she is our bahu . we don’t need about ragini and all leave it .it is happy time lets enjoy
dadi see’s laksh and smiles
dadi:(in mind) laksh will be perfect for my ladoo . he likes ragini it seem’s because th first time am seeing someone supporting my ladoo.let me do something

the scene shifts

ragini:do u know because of this plan only am getting bad names
person:ragini its just for some days only
ragini:before and all i had the adament but now do u know hw my mother is calling me sarabbee(acoholic)
person:ragini u are acting i know it and one day ur family will also know about u .because wat we are doing its not for us . many will be benifitted if our plan is sucess
he give something to ragini
person:ragini u should look after .(the rest are muted)

the person leaves

ragini:its been a long time
ragini comes to gm

ragini’s room

ragini is sitting and watching tv
she hears some noise help me swara help me

ragini goes and see’s the window it is our sanskar
sanskar:help me first
ragini helps sanskar to come in
sanskar:wat are u do here
ragini:i should ask it ok
sanskar:is this swara’s room
sanksar:srry yaar by mistake i came here
ragini:ok i herd that ur engaged
sanskar:s offcours am ur jiju
ragini:hw come u will be my jiju
sanskar: s if i marry ur sister swara i will ur jiju na
ragini:swara is not my sisters
sanskar:am not coming in ur sisters fight and all let me go to my darlings room
sanskar was about to go butt he loses the grip and he catches ragini hand but no use in that sanskar and ragini falls on the bed . sanskar is on the top of ragini.
someone opens the door and shocked to see it it is our swara


Credit to: anamika

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    1. thank u so much the pairs are swalak and ragsan only

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