hi guys thank u so much for ur comment . anonymous i think u still have doubt in swara part so don’t worry laksh will reveal it in a few episodes .

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so lets begin

the episode start sanskar helping ragini to get up

sanskar:rags r u ok
ragini:am fine
ragini was about to tell srry but laksh comes and drags sanskar. after sometime sanskar goes from there
jiya(a staff):ragini sir is calling
ragini:haan ok i will go
ragini goes to laksh cabin
ragini:sir may i come in
laksh:s ragini
laksh:ragini actually am going to meeting tomorrow so can u plz make that building drawing and bring it to my house
ragini thinks for a while
laksh:ragini am bit busy so that am going out now go can i bring u
ragini:ok sir

laksh goes
ragini also goes to her house

gadodia house

ragini:dadima (she is almost shouting in happiness)
dadima:i think my ladoo is happy mow
ragini:s dadima u know …
dadima:i know ragini u got a job . do u u have more talent ragini
ragini:dadima actually today i have to go to my boss house and give this plans to him
dadima:ragini u did not show ur drawings to me
ragini:srry dadima i forgot to show to u due to happiness
ragini shows to her
ragini:ok dadima am so hungry
ragini sits in the dining table and she was about to eat
sumi comes
sumi:my god wat is this from the morning all the jokes are happening see raginigets a job in big company my god
dadima:s sumi today many jokes happened because today u gave coffee to m son because daily he is giving u
ragini ate and she goes

scene shifts
ragini is standing near a gate she is reading the name board of the house it is written maheswari mansion
ragini smile and just adjust her hair and dress. she is wearing a short skrit till knee and t shirt .she left her hair free.she is having a big bag in her hand
ragini opens the door
ap and sujatha see’s ragini and comes towards her
ap:who are u beta

ragini:am ragini am coming from
before ragini could speck sujatha cutts the words
sujatha:we don’t want anything
ragini:actually anuty
sujatha:see this is a bih mansion we don’t want anything we have all products in our house itself . she soap a , shampoo everything is there
ragini:actually anuty i did not come
sujatha:hey listen u r sale girl na we don’t want anything
ragini laughs loudly
laksh hears ragini’s voice and come’s their
laksh:haan ragini i was waiting for u
sujatha:laksh hw did u know this sales girl
laksh:chachi she is not sales girl she is ragini she is working in my company
ap looks ragini dress
ap:(in mind ) wat dress is this
sujatha:srry ragini actually i saw ur bag so inly
ragini:its ok
laksh takes ragini to his room
laksh:ragini why u brought so big bag are going to saty here
ragini:no no i did many plans

ragini has brought 35 building besigns
laksh is shocked to see it
laksh:ragini did u did it today my god
ragini:no sir only 5 buildings design i did today the rest were i did it before
ragini:yaa sir i did not get job at all i used to be in my house or in happy house so i used do it in the morning evenig i will go to pub
laksh smile hearing word pub
ragini relaised wat she said and bits her tongue


Credit to: anamika


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