IS THAT U RAGINI – 5 (ragini gets job)

hi guys thank u so much for ur comments . naina u have doubt in swara and laksh part let me explain u. actually swara and laksh are friends. swara loved a unknow person through letter .the unlnown person will tell he is her well wisher . but it was our laksh. sanskar loves swara . laksh comes to know it. laksh feels broken . but he goes to swara and tell that the well wisher is sanskar. swara will go and propose sanskar and sanskar will accept her guys srry i did not metion this that sanskar will met with a accident which was done by laksh. and laksh will pay money too doc and make the docter tell that he forgotten some memory of is life.swasan think that sanskar has forgotten about that letter and their love story .

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so lets begin

the episode begins with ragini sitting in the chair.someone comes and tell ragini u can go now
ragini eneter the room he reads the name board
ragini:laksh maheswari
he turns and see’s he is our laksh
laksh see’s ragini and gets suprised
laksh:rags right
ragini is bit confused
ragini:hw do u know me
laksh:i saw u at pub with ur sister and sanskar is my brother
ragini:(in mind) he saw me in pub surly i will not get job here again i have to apply the form for different company
laksh:ragini that u drank too much so did not
ragini:ok sir i got a apointment order from laksh maheswari company
laksh:ya rags i gave it actually along with ur certificade ur designs were there is was awesome so for our company r u ready to do work
ragini similes
ragini:thank u sir
laksh:u shoul first make a logo for our company .
ragini:offcourse sir
laksh:u should make plan of houses and factories r u happy
ragini:s sir am so happy
laksh:u can go now u can call me laksh or lucky
ragini:ok sir i mean lucky
ragini moves
laksh:wait a minute ragini
ragini turns
laksh:u drssing should be like a working girl i mean u can wear western also
ragini:ok from 2mmorow i will come like that
laksh calls jiya a staff and he introduces ragini to her. jiya takes ragini to her cabin
laksh gets a call from sanskar

sanskar:hi laksh
laksh:hi bhai
sanskar:laksh u asked for girl for making plans and drawing right i have a girl who will help u
laksh:bhai i got a girl
sanskar:oh who is it
laksh:u know her
sanskar:hw will i know her
laksh:she is ur saali if u marry swara (i don’t relationship properly wife sister is saali right)
sanskar:Wait a minute is that sarabee(ahocolic) wroking in ur company
sanskar:ok bye
laksh:bhai its be long time we did not have lunch together so plz today we can go out
sanskar :ok laksh
laksh:love u bhai
laksh cutts the call he see’s ragini

after sometime sanskar come’s to laksh office to take him
sanskar is walking . a girl is coming from the opposite . her face is not seen because she is having lots of file and some books in her hand. she loses her grip and she fell down and all the books and files are on her. sanskar comes near her and he saw her . she is our ragini . he is mesmerized seeing her

precap:ragini is in mm

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