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so lets begin

the episode begins with a girl is coming in bridal costume
a big mandap is shown . the girl face is shownit is our swara. then the groom is shown it is our sanskar . then a girl is shown crying but she is wiping it. she trying so hard to control it she our ragini.
pandit starts saying manthras and the bride and groom is standing to take seven pheres . they did it and sanskar is happily putting the magalsutra in swara neck and he fills swara mang with vermillion
some voice comes
voice:swara wake up na
swara see’s herself but she in bed she touches her head there is nothing and smiles
sumi:wake up na
swara:ok u came at a right time maa
sumi:that is sumi
swara goes near the mirror
swara:sanskar i did not belive that first that i was in love witha unknow person . u showed me care affection without showing face u just said ur my well wisher. i didnot love u i loved ur affection through letter . i loved they way u spoked to me u did not tell me but wrote letter. laksh my childhood friend he came and told me that ur my well wisher

the scene swifts
a guy is shown having a pic in his hand it is swara’s pic. his face is shown he is laksh
laksh:hw can i tell u swara that i was the well wisher who sent messages to u. but when my brother said that he is in love with u .i said him to propose u .then i came to u and said that my brother is that well wisher. i felt so depressed but for my brother hapiness i did it . srry swara i know still now u like my letters and affection through letters . am srry swara

the scene changes

ragini is sitting on the terrece
dadi come’s near her
ragini hugs her
ragini:dadima i hate my life dadima . from my childhood my father and mother hates me
dadima:ragini beta its not like that(if dadi call ragini . ragini will not oppose it)
ragini breaks the hug
dadi:do u know one day my son i mean ur father will say ragini is my daughter
ragini:dadima what ur telling will never and ever happen . i
dadi:ragini beta i think there will be a big problem in our house i feel like that
ragini laughs’
dadi:y r u laughing ragini
ragini:dadima actually when i die all the problems will be fine this is my father’s opinion wat are u telling
dadi:don’t u dare to tell it again ragini. am living for u only not even for ur grandpa
ragini : dadima don’t get angry its not good for ur heath . dadima i want 1000 rupees dadima
dadima:hw much big amount ragini. hw will i give it to u (she say in imitating manner)
dadima:have it na y r u asking like this
ragini:thank u dadima
ragini leaves

dadima:to herself(oh my god wat is happening she just asking for thousand ruppes

ragini goes down . sumi enters
sumi:ragini stop all ur nonsense
ragini:wat nonsense
sumi:is this a dress
ragini:i think u have problen in ur eyes go and check
sheker comes
sheker:ragini do think ther is no one to ask u
ragini:do u think there some one to answer u
sheker:ragini(he shouts)
sumi:y u want 100 rupees i heared everything . u took 100 rupees from dadi
ragini:oh the story is going like that . mr and mrs sheker plz stop ur spy duty. wat rights u have on me . u said ur elder daughter died
sheker:bas ragini
sumi:ragini u are our daughter so we have rights on u
ragini:u did not remember it before that am ur daughter
sheker:daily some hell is happening in this house is all because of u
ragini:today there was a power cut in our street it was because of me na. today there rice was not cooked properly due to power cutt it is because of me. today u missed ur a paper it is because of me everything which happens in this house is because of me . i took 1000 rupees from dadi is this big issuse
sheker:u are wasting it
ragini:two weeks back swara took 50,000 from u u did not say a word because she is ur daughter she took it to give party
sheker:she is also work in gadodia company without salary what r u doing
ragini shows a paper to him
sheker reads it
sheker:let me see they will surly reject u for this job
ragini:thank u swara father

ragini leaves from there

precap:ragsan . what ragsan ????

the pair are ragsan and swalak

Credit to: anamika

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