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so lets begin

ragini hears it and comes out
sanskar saw ragini . he shocked plus suprised too
sanskar:rags u r here i can’t believe my eyes
ragini:shut up
rosey:rags u know him
ragini:s aunty i know him
rosey:ragini then u should only help me plz . maheswari company want this place so there are telling us to vacate. ragini this is my father last wish and my father’s memory so mr sanskar plz go
rosey went inside saying this
sanskar:by the way rags it is orphanage it is not pub u came to a worng place
ragini moves from there sanskar holds her hand
ragini:hello mr can u leave my hands
sanskars:am sanskar ok

sanskar:can i drop u
ragini:i have my own car
ragini goes near the car but she is shocked to see her car wheel is punctured
sanskar:i think u need my help

ragini is going in sanskar’s car
sanskar:where shall i drop u
ragini:near that temple
sanskar suddenly puts brake
ragini head hits
ragini:ooch my head is paining . ther is no necessary to put brake then y u did it
sanskar touching ragini head and he is massaging it
sanskar:srry yaar u said temple so that i was shocked
ragini:y ur shocked a girl should not go to temple
sanskar drives the car
sanskar:(in mind) what is this i can’t belive anything yesturday she was dacning and drinking like anything and today she is going to orphanage and playing there .and now she wants to go to temple
ragini: hey what are u thinking the temple came.
ragini get down
ragini see’s sanskar coming near her
ragini:y r u coming
sanskar: a boy should not go to temple aah(he imitated in ragini voice)
ragini smiles at him

sanskar:so lets be…..
before he specks ragini cutts the word
ragini;come we can go
ragsan are in the temple
ragini is praying something. sanskar is continues staring ragini
ragini goes and sit in floor. sanskar comes near her
sanskar:wat did u pray
ragini:its none of ur business
sanskar:ok then wat about the promise
ragini:oh u still remember it i thought u have forgotten about it
sanskar:am ur friend so surly i will remenber about it
sanskar:y not (he shakes hand with ragini)
ragini smiles
ragini:u said am ur friend then do me a favuor
sanskar : favour wat favour
ragini;plz don’t take that land plz

sankar: that depends if my father said no i will not do it
ragini: do u know hw much i love that place so much . it is my all memory’s
sanskar: i can just try ok

swara calls sanskar
sanskar:hi baby
swara:hi sanskar
sanskar:do know i have got a new friend
swara:bf or gf
sanskar:at present she is just friend
swara:who is she
sanskar:u know her very well i will bring her to ur house
swara:i called u for something and ur telling something. actually papa accepted for our marriage come to house fast
ragsan go to gh

sumi and shekhar is shocked to see ragini with sanskar

shekher:sanskar u is this
sanskar:wat is this question papa

shekher: wat do u mean
sanskar:she is ur 1st daughter
shekher is so angry hearing the word daughter
shekher:who said that
shekher leaves in anger
swara:sanskar are u mad y u brought ragini with u
sanskar:she is ur sister i gave lift to ragini that it
swara:sanskar i want to kill u . in my house everyone hates ragini except dadima
ragini is watching them
sanskar:yesturday u came to the pub to take her home
sumi:wat is this swar daily ur bringing this sarabbee (alcoholic )
sumi also leaves
swara:wat r u doing sanskar my mom dad including me hate ragini . daily i will go to the pub for dadima’s sake .do u know i hate her character
ragini:if u both give some way i will move

she moves some steps and stops
ragini:and u swara i don’t care u like me are not am not begging u to come there and take me to home safely . understand ok
ragini leaves
swara:see sanskar hw rude she is
sanskar:she is not that bad swara

swara:ok sanskar it is ok for u if wear these kind of clothes , dance in pubs and drink alcohol
sanskar:swara ur seeing only her bad side not her good side
swara:wat good side she is having. ahe will never listen to elders . she will never obey them
sanskar:swara ur worng i saw ragini another side . she is really soft and i will surly say that she is having some bitter past
swara:bitter past don’t crack jokes
sanskar:i think ragini is better than swara(in mind)
swara:i was so happy when papa said u can marry sanskar all are waste because of u. ok leave that u go now i will go to papa
swasan hug each other and swara goes outside

sanskar take his car and goes

the scene shifts

someone is crying . in his hand there is photo it is swara

precap: swasan marrige and a big fight (it may be)

Credit to: anamika

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