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so lets begin

ragini opens a big iron box
ragini : do you want to see my memories
she takes a doll from the box
ragini:this is my friend …
sanskar lifts his eye brows and smile little’
ragini:well i don’t remember her name
ragini keep on shows many things to him
ragini eye is filled with a layer of tears
sanskar:you love your mom right
ragini:yes i miss her so much
they chat for sometime
sanskar:can i ask you something
ragini:you can ask
sanskar:what happened to you
ragini:what happened to me
sanskar:look you are not living a proper life like other girls
ragini:what do u mean (bit irritated)
sanskar:if your mom was alive she will not wish to see you like this
ragini:(keeps her hand on head): leave this now
its starts raining
ragini moves near window
ragini :its raining (her face glow like 100 walts bulb )
ragini hurriedly gets down and start to play in rain
ragini twirled around and raised her hand in the air ……lifts her chin up….the water droplet fall on her face …..she soon removes her band from her hair letting her hair free…she starts to dance in the rain …sanskar was was lost in this….sansakar was completely drenched in the rain water …..sanskar was staring at her
sanskar move towards her ragini stops dancing
ragini:sanskar (she shake her hands in front of him ) sanskar … sanksar
he goes more close to her …there is only 1 inch gap between them (sanskar was not in his controll) ragini moves a little .

he holds her waist and pulls her close to him…he crashed his lips against her …ragini was in hell shock she tries to free herself but sanskar’s grip was so tight .. He kissed her harshly, while she stayed frozen in his grasp. He wanted it to be real, but she couldn’t join in the fantasy. He wrapped both arms around her, hoping that with time, she’d come around and feel the same way. sanskar was sucking her lips passionately where ragini was trying to free herself soon sanskar came to sense nd he had jerk
sanskar kept his both the hands on his head ….he was tensed
sanskar:i … i … am sorry …it was cold so that …that only am really srry i was not in my ..
ragini cuts his words
ragini:its ok i understand
she runs from there ..the rain stops
ragini goes and sits under a tree and sanskar goes inside the tree house

Well i love to get wet in the rain.
When it rains here i love to go up to the roof terrace for some time.When the cool breeze sweeps over my face & the first few drops of rain touches my face….oh ! it gives me a heavenly feeling.The sweet smell of the wet mud brings back old MEMORIES…suddenly sanskar came near me i know all the time he was staring at me he came towards me.. i was bit shocked to see that there was no gap between me and sanskar hardly 1 inch sunddenly he crashed his lips with mine … A shiver runs down my body which gives me
goose bumps. i was shocked to the core ….to be frank i left a bit happy in my heart i don’t know why ..i tried to free myself but his grip was so tight ..he sucking my lips ..soon i thought to respond but he broke the kiss …is this love this cann’t happen i cann’t love someone or anyone…..because ….i will leave you sanskar as soon as possible or affection, care , family,relationship doesnot suit me …i will leave you for sure


sanskar is sitting in the tree house


what happened to you sanskar?? what you did ?? i saw ragini playing in the rain i was completely lost in her…she was drenched in rain water .. all her curves in her body was seen clearly ….i lost my controll… what will see think about …y i could not resists myself …why i felt that i cannot leave her lip ….what type of feeling this is ???stop it sanky its nothing ..what you did was a mistake just an ..leave this now he sleeps there itself

precap:ragini meet with a accident ..sanskar to know a shocking true about ragini

so how it am not that good in writing romance or sad scenes so bear me
thanks for your comments once again

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