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so lets begin

ragini is entering mm agter having lunch with rohan. ragini is directly going to her room where sanskar is there
sanskar is busy in his laptop.ragini comes and keeps her handbag and goes to dressing table and she removing her bangles

sanskar: where you went
ragini turns
ragini: i i
ragini phone rings
ragini: one minute
ragini attends
ragini: hello rohan
rohan:ragini i want to tell you important thing
rohan is telling something that is mutted
ragini face is so dull
she cutts the call

sanskar:ok where you went ragini
ragini is just standing still
sanskar:ragini(he shouts)
ragini:sanskar i went to meet my friend and i ate lunch with him
sanskar gets angry
sanskar:i called you for lunch you are . you are going with your friend
ragini: (in mind) i know sanskar you where sitting in the opposite table so you know where i went
fb is shown
while ragini and rohan was about to leave ragini saw sanskar
sanskar:are you out of your mind . why are you standing still
ragini: because am not interested in coming with you ok

saying this ragini goes
sanskar : something is wrong with her . mr sanskar you have some detective work


ragini is going out in her car sanskar is following her
ragini goes to a isolated place but the place is too beautifull . she parks her car and goes and sits in a table. sanskar is still following her he also goes to the same place . he a bit far from ragini . he is having a binacullar
ragini is shown . ragini is keeping her hand in her forehead and thinking something. she is keep on checking her phone
sanskar is shown .he is seeing through his binacullar
sanskar:what the hell is she doing in this place . is she waiting for someone or is she terrorist (sanskar is shown confused suddenly his face changes he is shocked )
sanskar:is ragini a a a (he is stammering) ghooost (he hits is head ) sanskar what happened to you stop these nonsense…..ok fine let me go and talk to her

sanskar goes near her…. he was about to touch her shoulder …he saw a wild spider …sanskar starts to shout to shout spider … spider .. ragini .spider
ragini turns and shocked to see sanksar hear
ragini:sanskar you
sanskar goes behind ragini … he catches her hand from back
sanskar: ragini take the spider take the spider
ragini takes a leaf near the bench and she take the spider and dispose it
ragini:(laughs) so you are afraid of spider
sanskar : because of you i came here . offcourse am nooot afraid of spider
ragini:do you want me to bring the spider back
sanskar: eeee(shows his teeth
ragini:ok what are you doing here
sanskar:actu actually
ragini:actually what
sanskar:while going to office i saw your car so i just thought telling a hi to you
ragini:hi how ridiculus

precap : ragsan only

thank you guys tackecare
srry for grammatical errors

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