hi guys thanks for ur comment i saw 12 comments am updating it today itsefl i daon’t when it will come . so dp and ragini i think u like them.i got this idea from my fiance father i mean my father in law he is also like this only . when i saw i was shocked but he is too funny so i thought to do dp’s character like that

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so lets begin

the epsiode begins with ragini
ragini:uncle let go and buy some things for u
dp:ragini u call my dude or buddy
dp:s i have seen in many movies friends will call dude and all . even i like that ragini
ragini:ok dude . i will back in few minutes
ragini goes to spoh and comes with lot of bags in her hand
ap:wat this ragini
ragini:i brought everything for my dude
ragini:bye maa am going to my dude
ragini:dude am back
ragini gives the bag to dp and ask him to wear it
ragini is waiting in the hall
ragini see’s dp
ragini:wow dude u r awesome
dp is wearing jeans shorts and tom and jery t shirt
dp:ragini hw is it
ragini:awesome dude

ap and sujatha comes out and see’s dp and shocked to see it

ap:wat is this
ragini:it is dress new style
sujatha:bhaiasap u look like 20 years old
dp:i know it sujatha
ragini plays gamgam style song
dp is dancing like a free bird ragini also joins him
dp hold ap’s hands and dance but ap refuse’s
ap:wat the hell
ragini:chill maa its gamgam stle dance
sujatha also dance’s
just then rp and sanskar comes and gets shocked
rp:wat is happening here can someboby tell me
no one is replying all are dancing
ap is sitting like statue
rp goes and holds sujatha’s hands and ask wat happened but she continues dancing
sanskar off the tv
ragini:wat happened devil play the song na let us enjoy u also jion us
sanskar:ragini wat u did to badai papa . this house has some tradition and cluture u know that
dp:stop it sanky don’t scold my friend ragini
sanskar:wat friend but papa u only said na
dp:that is durga prasad and this durga prasad is different ok
ragini:dude leave it i will play the song and ragini dp dances
sanskar just drags ragini to her room
ragini :leave me fool
sanskar is not leaving her hand
dp comes and pours water on sanskar face with the water gun
sanskar take his hand and gets shocked see dp with water gun
ragini gives hifi to dp and ragini also takes water gun and starts to put water on sanskar faces
dp then goes to ap and put water meanwhile . ragini is running behing sanskar to put water on his face ragsan reaches the terrace
ragini:u can’t escaped from me devil
ragini smiles
sanskar:now u can’t escaped from me sansker runs and closes the grill gate
ragini:hey put all bad intensions in dustbin and come lets go to the hall
sanskar: ragini wait na he close to ragini move back and last she hits the wall .ragini’s hair comes in her face . sanskar slowly pins the hair behind her ears . sanskar slowly goes to her lip . ragini gets scared and closes her eyes . sanskar goes near her ears and tells thank u ragini
ragini get free
ragini:for sayng thank u . u came to terrace. do u know i never felt that this house will be nice . when i was in my house all the time i will fight only . today my dude wish is also fulfilled and my wish also
sanskar:wat is ur wish
ragini:i need a father who should be friendly with me and supports me and also should believe in me . all these things i saw in dp
sanskar:wat is this ur telling my badai papa’s name
ragini:he is ur father but for me he is my dude got
ragsan go down

dp is till dancing . even sujatha and rap is also dancing . but ap is still looking like a statue
ragini goes to dance but suddenly she stops and goes near sanskar and asks
ragini:devil come na lets dance yaar it will nice
sanskar:no yaar u go and dance
ragini goes and dances
at that time someone comes . it is uttara
but nobody cares here all are dancing
uttara goes to sanskar
uttara:sanky sanky
she shakes him but sanky is lost in ragini thoughts . he is looking at her
uttara shouts:sanskar are u deaf
sanksar:when u cam uttara
uttara:i came before itself by the way wat is happening here
dp comes and puts water on uttara’s face
uttara see’s dp and she acts like fainting
uttara:papa u can’t give like this shock to me
ragini:dude who is this dude
do:this uttara sanskar’s sister and uttara it is ragini my friend and sanskar’s wife

dp and ragini goes from there . sanskar takes uttara to her room
sanskar:i will tell u evrthing listen to me
sanskar tells everything about his marriage and today when he came from his house he is like this and everything
uttara get happy hearing dp is changed . come bhai lets go out and enjoy with them
uttara and sanskar comes there and see’s
ragini, dp, sujatha, rp playing business game

srry if u guys think am giving importance to dp am srry . next episode ragsan only no dp. for swalak fans i will show u latter they come to mm soon


Credit to: anamika

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