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so lets begin

the episode begins in ragini’s car

ragini:i hate u .y did u marry me
sanskar:i like u
ragini:do u know i will go to pub daily . not only that i can’t cook or keep rooms neat and i don’t know hw behave with others . do u know no one will like except dadima. hey wat happened mr devil
sanskar appiles break
ragini goes front but sansakr catches her head
sanskar goes close to ragini . ragini is moving back . sanskar kisses ragini in her cheeks
ragini is so shock
she did not open her mouth at all
sanskar:thank god she closed her mouth (in mind)
soon the car reaches maheswari mansion .
sanskar see’s ragini . ragini is sleeping peacefully
sanskar shakes ragini
sanskar:Ragini ragini
ragini:hey don’t touch me ok . i know wat am doing . and u i said that i want talk to swara but u draged me here. it is not fair ok
sanskar:i think u still remember the promise(guys the promise which i said in first episode )

sanskar:get down
sanskar and ragini are standing in the door all are doing arrathi but ragini refuse’s
ragini:actually am so tired so i need rest let go and sleep
saying this ragini went to sanskar’s room
ap:leave wat to do wth girl. no need any ritualls and all
sujatha is angry
it is night 8 o clock all are waiting for dp . he did not come at all he is in his room . so all did not eat
ragini comes wear a 3/4 plant and a top

ragini directly goes to the dinning table and sits all are watchin her
ragini:wat happened to everyone y r looking like this . u did not seen a girl eating before
sanskar comes and catches ragini hand
sanskar:in our family we will sit and eat together only
ragini smiles
ragini:come come i have no mention come sit with me we can eat come na
sanskar:actully ragini
ragini:wat sanskar do u know i will never skip my food for any reason ok. i love to eat just leave my hand if u r not interested in eating
sanskae:actually badai papa did not come to dinnig table so am we are waiting
ragini:for that
sanskar:u should also wait for sometime
ragini:no sanskar i will never give up my food for no one ok
ragini takes the plate and starts eating
sanskar drags her
all are watching
ragini:wat the hell u r doing .
ragini shouts dadima
sanskar leaves her hand
hearing this sound dp comes
dp see’s ragini
everyone are scared
ragini stands and wishes him
ragini:uncle plz tell ur son .actually i will never skip my food for anyone .am so hungry too he is telling i should eat when others eat and ur not there so all are waiting but uncle i can’t wait plz uncle can i eat
dp see’s ragini innocent eyes and laughs
ragini:(In mind) wat the hell he is doing am so hungry he laughing like as if he saw a clown in the joker
ragini see’s the dinning table
ragini:(in mind) i don’t think so i can eat today
dp :go and eat ragini there is no need to ask permission from me
sujatha:hurray even am hungry bhaiasap tell me all so join ragini
dp:i said ok to ragini
dp :u all should wait for me
dp goes
ragini gits and starts eating

all are seeing ragini

ragini fnishes and goes
ragini is sitting in the chair and watching tv in sanskar room
sanskar comes
ragini:stay there
ragini:from today it is my room.
sanskar:my god wat are u doing
ragini:u can come
ragini shows a paper
sanskae reads it
sanskar smiles
ragini:sign in it’
sanskar smiles and sign’s in it
ragini:now u can come
sanskar:ragini u sleep on the bed and i will sleep on couch
ragini:ok devil good night

nextday morning

ragini hears some sound and comes down like that itself . here hair is messy
ap brings arathi and prasad and she is giving to everyone
ragini:can i know anything spcieal today because early morning 8 o clock u r doing pooja
ap:no beta daily in our house we will do that . from tomorow onwards u should also jion us . by the way wat is this dress go and take bath
ragini:wat early morning u will do that . can ask u something y r u disturbing the god . atleast let be happy na.
ragini goes from there

after sometime ragini comes down wearing a frock till knee
ap gets angry seeing this dress
ap:ragini wat is this is this a dress
ragini:do u know when i was in my house my mom used to ask this questioned and u r also doing the same . i also have the same answer go and check a nice docter u have some problem on ur eyes
sanskar:shut up ragini mind ur tongue
ragini goes near sanskarand tells
ragini:u should have mind ur tongue in the mandap
ragini moves but sanskar catches her hand
ragini:leave me
again ragini shouts dadima
dp comes
dp:wat happened ragini. is sanskar disturbing u
ragini: s uncle he is
sanskar signals not to tell
ragini:nothing uncle
dp goes to the office with rp
sanskar:y are u shouting daidma dadima always
ragini:dadima said whenever u want help u shout dadima someone will come and help u
sujatha:apji i don’t think that dpji wil scold ragini for this dress and all see yesturday he did not allow me to eat first today also he is supporting ragini
ap”i don’t know wat all things are going to happen now
ragini:sanskar will u drop me in the office
sanskar:wat u want to go to laksh company
sanskar:no need
ragini:i will devil i don’t want ur permission to go
sanskar:i will u better job in our company
ragini:do u am really loyal to the company because he was one who c=gave me job . i did not get job at all
ragini was about to shout daidma
sanskar tells ok seeing her

ragsan are in car
ragini:mr devil do u really love swara are not
ragini:because if u love swara u will not marry me at all
sanskar:its not like that it is our fate .if it is written in our head then this will only happen
ragini:this is not fate devil
sanskar:stop calling me devill
ragini:s u r right if the devill knows that am calling u devill surly it will commit suicide
sanskar:very funny
sudenlly sanskar put brake because a old lady is crossing the road
ragini feels yesturday’s incident .(sanskar kissing ragini)
ragini keeps quite for five minutes
sanskar can’t see it
sanskar:wat happened ragini
ragini:wo wo
sanskae:what wo
ragini:(in mind) hw can i tell him
sansakr comes to laksh office
ragini:bye devil

ragini quickly opens the door and goes to the office

@ laksh cabin

ragini:may i come in
laksh:no get lost
ragini:wat happened laksh
laksh:nothing it is my mistake to tell u about my story u know that sarabbee
ragini: u can only be swara’s well wisher but am ur well wisher(ragini says with a inocent face)
laksh keeps is hand on his head
laksh:don’t keep ur head like that . then i can’t scold u
ragini:i know laksh u can’t scold ur sarabbee
laksh smiles
ragini too smiles
laksh:is sanskar happy
ragini:definitly don’t worry about sanskar .

Credit to: anamika

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  8. Ragsan rocks…I don’t think really
    Liked Swara because he is happy with ragini and I like the bonding between dp and ragini please try to show more of their scene. Raginis parents don’t really like her so dp should like her as if she is his daughter.

  9. this was a funny one. what is going on with sanskar and ragini really. somehow i don’t think she is one to disrespect. this is also still part of her act. so what is the plan there? and what was the promise. looking forward to next part. please post soon.

    1. ragini has been meeting someone who is advising her on some plan…is that dp??

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