“U r my wife nd my life” twinj ff #episode 10

Hii girls dont be should its not ADEEBA it’s me her friend she told me to continue this ff just because u all anyways i want to say many things
1st: adeeba cannot come again in TU so she given her account to me because i dont have a email ID.
2nd: i can understand u all r angry with her but please i request dont show her that u know from yesterday she isn’t concentrating on her studies priya,purvi,aamna,sohi,and many more can u please support her in this decision because u many of u are not talking with her in insta.
3rd: purvi dont be shocked which i told u that tei writers have too much of attitude not all but many i have seen this when the writer is tied of not getting comments than she says “if i won’t get comment i will leave TU” than many peoples comment. U know when one writer get 23 comments and the other get 17 comments how much ut hurts i dont want to say that names they support their friends but not a new writer which needs support if i m wrong please tell me in comment section.

Anyways so from today i will post on behalf of adeeba.

Link for the previous episode
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I hope u all remember the previous episodes.

Epi 10

A black Mercedes stops near a sarna industry a man wearing black suit with black watch is seen coming out from the Mercedes. He is revealed to be kunj. He gone inside and all the employees wish him “GOOD MORNING” all the employees is seen in fear as if kunj is not their boss but a villlian.
Some men comes inside kunj’s cabin. They too were fear of kunj.
Than a man speaks.
Man; sir sorry but we can’t find twinkle. Now kunj’s anger was at peak she was about to do some action than his friend cum brother Herman comes.
Herman; bhai what r u doing?
Kunj; Herman today 3yrs completed but still these people can’t find my twinkle.
Herman; excuse me u all go I will talk to. Kunj. And they left
Herman; bhai till when u will behave like this twinkle is no more alive
Kunj; have u gone mad.my twinkle is alive I have full believe.
Herman; okay as ur wish.but remember twinkle left u she won’t come again.suddenly Herman’s phone rang.

Later after talking to the person Herman comes to kunj and speaks
Herman; bhai there is a important meeting day after tmrw a famous business girl jasmine taneja from new York is coming. And its a very important meeting
Kunj; hmm.
Kunj was not interested his thoughts was only of his twinkle Herman understood it but didn’t react.

In new York

Jasmine comes to her house and hugs leela and speaks
Jasmine; maa pack the bag we r going to India.
Leela; but y
Jasmine; because of my meeting and we will surprise surbhi too.
Both were happy..

Precap- herman- oyii angrez ki aulad.

Guys I know it’s not up to ur expectations but it’s my first piece of writing do support me. Nxt update tmrw.
Keep smiling
Love u.

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  1. Sohi

    Well I think ur her friend abcd (can I know ur name)
    Yes I know studies are important but her sudden quit from TU made furious on adeeba
    But it hurted then I’m really sorry for that
    And I know about which commenters ur talking
    But I think they are silent readers and don’t want to open to everyone
    And about episode it was nice
    Say all the best to adeeba
    Do continue

    1. Actually sohi that if that commentaters started commenting than again this TU family will become one.
      Hope u agree with me

  2. you are a really nice writer
    can you tell abeeda all the best on my behalf. Sorry if our comments had hurt a lot.
    most importantly welcome to tei
    hope you post regularly
    loads of love

  3. Mia12

    Hey 1st a warm welcome dear in our Twinj world,,???????… Ur My janeman Adeebas friend so now onwords ur also my friend just like Adeeba and I’ll not see u in different way kyuki ajse tum bhi hamari friend ho ok,,???…And i’m not angry with Adu coz I knw she is r8 study are also important and I’ll support her always in her every step,,☺☺☺ coz 4 me my janeman is more important then anything,,☺☺☺ Do best and give also best in ur study’s,,???? Plssssssss Adu 4 us who Love’s you sooooooo much,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ don take stress and concentrate in ur study’s ok,,☺☺.. Allah and Allah’s blessing,??? is always with u and my support also,,????? All the best 4 my side,,????… And I also knw ki 1 day she’ll come again in her Fav place to her fav people,,???… And I’ll miss my janeman soooooooooo much,,?????? and also Thanda pani mat peena jeyada ok,,?? warna Presha se puchke Teri kahabar lungi mai samjhi,,??
    Love you my Janeman to the INFINITY,,?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?…
    And dear ur 1st writing also was Fabulous,,????? Love it sooooo much,,❤❤❤❤❤❤ And don wry slowly slowly u will do also well keep writing like this ok and post next soon,,??
    Load’s of Love to you,,❤?❤?❤
    I’m Adeeba’s janeman and now ur’s new firend also Priya,,???

  4. Ramya

    Hi welcome to tu
    N episode was amazing
    N ha all r angry wid aduuu bcoz we all r going to miiss our fabulous writer which is hard to digest
    N I agree study is more important den anything
    But still we will miss u all ur writings alot aduuuuuuuuu
    Already missing u
    Love u

  5. Presha

    Hey u r wlcm here…
    In twinj world…
    Yah we were angry but know i m ok i know studies important hai..so its ok..
    Well epi was awesome….
    I just loved it ..
    Too good..
    Love u..
    Post soon..

  6. I am agree with you and your thinking Nice one and welcome to tei family btw i am lovey its not my real name but u can call me lovey i love the epi waiting from long time for this ff eagrly waiting for next epi plz post asap

  7. And don’t become upset by less number of comments

  8. Aamna_2690

    First of all a WARM WELCOME to our CRAZY FAMILY of TWINJ???As u used my name while saying ur POV during the FF?So u may know me☺So yeah I am Only Aamna☺☺
    Sabse pehle I am not Angry on my Adeebu ??I am not talking nor commenting cause of my BOARD’S n Adeebu knew it well?I told her before only?Yeah I was quite upset with Adeeba’s decision of leaving TU?That to suddenly but not ANGRY☺N didn’t commented cause of Time Shortage ☺I am Sorry for that??
    Secondly I will always support my Adeebu in her every decision☺☺Cause I love her n I know Studies More important??Infact I have quited TU for the Month of May ?Maybe till 20 May ☺☺Cause of my board’s ??
    Third I haven’t logged in My Insta I’d since almost a week?That’s why didn’t talked to her??N I totally agree with u that Less comment’s really hurts??But that doesn’t mean na ki we stop writing??N the other thing is I don’t agree to u on that point where u said that everyone here supports other writer’s n not new writer’s as they are there Friend’s… I disagree at this point cause Adeebu know that I joined this site after her n even started writing after her?But still they comment?N about them being my or anyone’s Friend… I toh don’t even know many of them properly ??Hope my word’s didn’t hurt u nor Adeeba ??N I am Sorry if it hurts but what I felt like I said☺☺
    I will always support u Adeebu cause I have considered u my chotu sister?ChaloAdeebu if u will read this comment na I am sharing one thing with u Infact my best moment?U know My Sister is two years younger than me but she don’t call me Api?????But u r just 4 Month’s younger than me n u call me Api??N this is one of my best memories of life… We both are of same age ri8 know though I know I will be 17 at the end of September??Still I am 16 yaar??U made me happy by calling me Api… love u adeebu??
    Well about continuing the FF on her behalf?I am Happy that u will complete it??I am So Excited about it??
    Episode was awsum ??
    Felt bad for Kunj??
    Ya Allah what he has turned into??
    Hope TWINJ Unites soon??
    Waiting for the next episode ☺☺
    PRECAP is Exciting????
    At last if I won’t be commenting don’t think that I am not supporting u?My Silent Support is always with u both☺☺I won’t be commenting cause of my BOARD’S ??Hope u won’t mind☺☺
    Ok Enough of my Bakbak ??Hope I didn’t Irritated u nor Hurt ☺☺I will miss u adeebu??Will soon talk to u on Insta☺☺love u adeebu???
    Loads of love Adeebu n Miss Anonymous???
    Love u both❤❤
    Keep Smiling ??

  9. Fatimaa.

    Firstly welcome here…
    Well the epi was awsome…
    It dint felt dat u r writing fr 1st tym….
    Tell adeeba dat i miss my lill sista☺☺…

    Well i m happy dat u r continuing dis ff…it was one of my favourite ones…
    Post soon…
    Love uh????

  10. SidMin23

    Amazing post and do said all the best to adeeba and your fantastic writer and yes of course welcome to twinj world ?. Poor kunj he still wait for twinkle hope soon twinj meet and start new journey together can’t wait what will be twinj reaction. Want to say that your amazing writer keep writing and lot of love and warm welcome to u in twinj world ?

  11. nice epi

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome

  13. Nice episode

  14. Fabulous episode
    Welcome to TU

  15. Awesome episode

  16. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Hello Adu’s friend, (can I know ur name plz?)
    Beautiful! I mean ke u write beautifully! it never seemed that it was ur first attempt! A big applause to you Girl! Everyone needs a friend like you! okay so abt Adeeba I will talk to her! So all the best for ur future writings!
    Post soon
    See you,?

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

  17. Baby

    hey dear ♥
    wats ur name ☺
    well frnds obvio we r jaisee addy was my frnd u r also haina….☺
    srsly luvd d episode….♥♥
    lods of love…☺

  18. Episode was nice nd tq sooooooooo much for posting ff on behalf of Adeeba

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