For me U R PERFECT (intro)


Hey guys.. This is Varsha.. I am here with a new ff based on ishra and Arshi.. They are the most lovely and adorable pairs I have ever seen.. They just look like made for.each other.. I have read many of the ffs on these characters… So I have just tried my best to bring up with a ff.. Hope u guys all like it…

So let’s move on to the characters..

Raman bhalla – a sweet 12 yr old boy who loves his family a lot.. He loves his sister more than anything..

Payal bhalla – a cute 8 yr old girl.. Sweet sister of Raman.. She too loves her brother more than her life.. She is the most loved person in her family..
Jagdish Bhalla – father of the duo.. Md of the no.1 fashion house of Delhi..
Raghini Bhalla – mother of the duo.. A very supportive wife..

Ishita singh razaida – a cute and lovely 11 yr old girl.. Loves her parents.. Loves her brothers to the core..
Arnav Singh razaida – a naughty 10yr old boy who loves his sister ishu more than the world..
Akash Singh razaida – a sweet 9yr old boy who loves his family a lot… Brother of ishu and arnav..

Raj Singh razaida – father of the trio.. MD of the no.1 fashion house in Delhi..
Shoba Singh razaida – mother of the trio.. A lovely mother…

Kushi kumari Gupta – a sweet cute innocent 9 yr old girl who loves her parents more than her life..
Santosh Gupta – father of kushi.. MD of no.1 fashion house in Delhi..
Gayatri Gupta – mother of kushi.. Caring mother..

The no.1 fashion house in Delhi is RGB fashion house..
R – Razaidas
G – Guptas
B – Bhallas
The trio are inseparable bestie from childhood..

Raghini, Shoba and Gayathri are also best best friends..
They go for shopping together.. Vacation together.. They love to be together..

Bhalla mansion and Gupta mansion are located near..
A new mansion is being constructed near..
That’s Razaida mansion…
Payal and kushi are friends.. But they fight often..
Raman does not talk with kushi even though they live nearby..

Ishita arnav and akash usually does not be as friends with Raman payal and kushi…
Inspite of their parents being as close friends.. Our hero and heroines had not spent time together.. But they love to be with each other..

They get only some time to see others.. They would be so happy in heart.. But they don’t express it.. Bcoz our hero and heroines want to not let go of their pride..

Their parents would make fun of them because of their childish acts..

They want their kids to be like them…

Will destiny let them be so??

Stay tuned..

Guyz .. Say me how is this through ur comments.. Even one word in ur comment means a lot to me.. Negative feedback can also be given.. Ur comments are most welcomed..
Pls give ur comments..

Credit to: Varsha

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  1. Wow superb intro varsha. Post the first episode soon.

    1. Ya sure akshaya… I am glad that u liked it..

  2. Nice intro.. waiting for epi…

    1. Thnq akka.. Will post the first part by tmr..

  3. Nice intro…

    1. Thnq shree

  4. jasmine Rahul

    Wow…lovely CS.They all are children now.
    Which other ff have u written?Sorry,i read a lot of ffs that I’m confused with d names of writers

    1. Thnq a lot jasmine rahul…
      And by the way this is the only ff I have started.. No other…

  5. lovely written wen will u start ur first episode

    1. U will get it by tmr…
      Thnq kumud…

  6. Hey, varsha,, superb…
    Became sooo happy by seeing a new ff by u…
    Wow!! It’s amazing nah! All of my sisters and friends r writing ff
    Arshi di, Akshaya, now u also… I am so happy cause I can get the advantage of only reading all of ur ffs?? seriously nice yaar, lil sis..
    I think after u Ude, Snehal and Jo will also start writing ff…?
    It’s really great for me….

    1. Thnq kushi dhi… Thnq so much… I am so happy that my dhis like my ff.. And I hope that u will also start a ff by some time dhi.. And by the way can I know ur real name dhi?

      1. So sweet of u.. And my real name is Tasnia
        Tasnia Ahmed

      2. By the way what’s ur real name lil sis?

      3. My name is Varsha… Studying 9th..

      4. Hereafter I will call u tasnia dhi… No objections right??

      5. Oh ho kushi I don’t think that I will write a ff ……….because I’m not artistic like Arshi dhi, Aki, and Varsha…….I’ll too be with u and we’ll enjoy their ffs………

      6. And what a sweet name Tasnia ???????????????
        Kushi shall I call u as Tashu? or Tashi?
        Oh do u like kushi?

      7. Okay, whatever u wat to call me u can call… Thank u so much.? ? ? ? ?

  7. Hey Varsha nice beginning yaar…All the best…

    1. Thnq nivedha… I am so happy…

  8. Woww…….Nice start yaar……….Eagerly waiting for your update…………………

    1. Thnq reshma pradeep… I had already uploaded the 1st part… hope u like it…

  9. Varshu………..u at writing a ff wow soooo cute of u…………like the characters……….. With ur choice I think ur ff is also will be mind blowing………. Is ur real name varsha? If it is varsha or any other shall I call u varshu?

    1. Oh no problem dhi.. U can call me by any name u wish… And Thnx a lot for ur wishes…

  10. Varshu………..u ar writing a ff wow soooo cute of u…………like the characters……….. With ur choice I think ur ff is also will be mind blowing………. Is ur real name varsha? If it is varsha or any other shall I call u varshu?

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