u r the one (Episode 9)


sorry guys 4 late update

recap;swara reaching mm& bond wid swapriya

in living room
swa:so jaan,i have something 4 u.
priya;wat is that dost?
swara took chocalates and gave to priya,and priya widout wasting time started to eat it.pari who was in kitchen came and saw this,and said
pari;priya,eating choca again,sans i have said many times that dont give her choc daily,u know she is getting naughty day by day becoz of u.
priya;but mom,chahu has not done anything dosth has given me these chocalates(pointing to swara)
swa:woo actually(bit uncomfortable)
pari:it’s ok swara,but dont give too much choc to her,teekh hain na.
swa:ofcourse bhabi.hearing bhabhi word from her mouth every1 were shocked,and then happy.
ap:swa u go and freshen up, then we will have dinner together.
swa:wo,aunty actually i dont have the habbit of taking dinner.while she said this all r staring swara and sans continuosly,here swara is confused abt their behaviour.
lak:swara,u r lieing right,if u dont eat dinner i will call ur bhai.
swa:laksh,pls yaar stop blackmailing me,it’s true i dont eat dinner at night,even bhai knows this,if u want u can call sid and ask him.
lak;ok,but y
swa:it’s lyk that only,and no more questions,hey u always go for morning walk right?
lak:yes,still i have the same routine,but y r u asking this?
swa:if u dont have problem can i join u?
lak:ofcourse patner,its my pleasure.rag was noticing all this feeling jealous not on laksh but on swara,the way she is avoiding her and talking to everyone.even the same wid san.
it has been 1 month,swara started to move friendly wid every1 except sanrag.but she talked professionly wid san,as she is sharing and working in his cabin,but for rag not even a single word.in this period,the bond between priya and swara had flourished very well.
one day,at mm

all r having their lunch,while some pair of hands blindfolded swara’s eyes,while every1 were shocked.
swra:who is this?
man;(in a diff voice)recognise me if u can.
swa:patner is it u.

after much struggling swara said sid,yes it was sid.
swa:sid(happy,excited)u here,atleast u should have informed me,i would have picked u.
sid:i just want to surprise u,coming back who is ur partner? is he really handsome than me?
swa:looks like some1 is jealous.
swa:ok,i’m refering laksh as my partner u know when u were not here,lak used to fill up ur place.
sid:but now im here na,so pls become my samie.
swa:i was just kidding yaar,nobody can take ur place in my life,not even me.so dont be emotional.
every1 watching their bond was shocked,surprised while san,sujatha were jealous as swa is so close to that sid,
sujata;hey chora,u came all of sudden,is every thing allright?
sid:ha aunty,actually i have music competiton na,it starts from this weekend .so i came here.
swa:wat,hey u said that u also registered my name na,oh my god i should start my practise now,1st of all i should get my guitar and all other stuff.
sid:y r u panicking?anyways u r going to win this asusual.then y r u worried angel.
sid;(shocked)relax guys,i call sammie as angel,and she calls me devil.its part of our friendship.waise angel,where is ur adarsh bhai?have u patched up wid him or not?

everyone shocked and thinking how does he know abt adarsh and swara.even adarsh was surprised.
sid(looking at adarsh):ok i will explain,do u remember me adarsh?we have met before bhai’s engegement before 4yrs.
adarsh:but where i didnt remember?
sid:u were the one who slapped me infront of whole college,remembered something.
adars:haan,u r that guy na.
sanlak:but y did u slapped him bhai?
adarsh:because he proposed chutki(swara) in front of whole college,in front of me,i was really angry that time so i teached him a nice lesson.
sid:yes a very nice lesson,from that day onwards every1 was scared of him,boys didnt even dared to flirt wid angel,he used to be wid her always lyk a body guard.
sanlak:wat u proposed her?
sid:yes,y r taking it seriously,just look at her man she is beautiful,smart,intelligent and is a topper of the college,y wouldnt any guy fall 4 her.
adars:yes,i agree this.
swa:now enough of talking just go and freshen up,we will have lunch together.
sid:u r not answering my question.
saw:i said na,pls leave the topic here itself.
ap:beta,if u dont mind can u share ur room wid san,actually beta lots of furnishing work is pending in other guest room,so
sid:it’s ok aunty.anyways i’m here 4 just 1 week,then i and sammie both will shift to our mansion along wid bhai,as they will come for wedding.
ap:oh,san beta take him to ur room,and sid treat this house luk ur home,if u want anything dont hesitate to ask me.
swa:aunty,dont worry,im here na i will make him comfortable here.
sid:yes aunty,my angel can do anything.
san was fuming in jealousy seeing the bond of swasid while on the otherside addarsh was making plans so that swara would forgive him

precap:adarsh accident,swara forgiving aadarsh.swasan stuck in office lift.

Credit to: naina

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