u r the one (Episode 8)


at office,swara and san worked 4 their dram project,whenever sans going to speak abt their she intreferrs and speaks abt project.
ay 5pm,
swara;i think we shld leave now,so let’s start off 2morrow morning.do u have laksh’s n.o?
san;yes,but any work wid him.
swa;he told me that he would drop me to home.

san:no problem,i will drop u.after thinking 10-15 min she agreed and they sat in his car.but instead of droving to mm,san drove to an isolated place and stopped the car.
swa and san got out of the car,and remained silent 4 few secs.
swa;mr.maheshwari,can u explain me y u brought me here?
san;swa i want to discuss some things and i want clear it.swara i’m sorry,pl forgive me and pls cum back to me.i know i have done a mistake,and i want to rectify it.saying this he kneeled down and tears were continuosly flowing from his eyes.after few minutes,swara said that she had already forgiven him,hearing this san got happy but it vanished off soon.
san:i knew swara,u will definetely forgive me,now i will make everything ri8.tommorow itself we will marry,i promis i will give u the happiness u deserve.and hugged her.
swara:let me complete 1st,i said i had forgived u but now i dont love u,the swara whom u love was dead before 2 yrs,i’m sammie now,got it.
san:dont say like that swara,if u want give me punishment,scold me beat me,but dont do this to me.
swa;watever i’ve said is true,i have moved on in my life,i wish u will also move on.saying this she wentoff leaving sans alone.
at mm

when swara entered mm she saw a girl of 5yrs playing wis some toys,as she saw her face she was feeling she had some connection wid her.
girl;who r u di?wat r u doing in my home?
then laksh and others arrived in hall.
lak;priya,she is our guest.her name is swara,she will stay wid us 4 symtime.and swara she’s is priya adarsh bhai’s daughter.
swa:oh,so priya friends?
priya:pakka di,but u should play wid me ok.
swa:ofcourse yes.and pls dont call me di,call me aunty ok.just then sanky arrived and saw the convo.
priya:look at u di u r so young how can i call u aunty.saying this she kept a pout face while others laugh.

swara:ok then call me dost.
priya:ok then u should also call me princess ok.
swa:no i will call u jaan,as u r my jaan.saying this she kissed her cheeks.while all of them got shock,especially sans.
priya:u know dost my chachu also call me lyk this only.
swa:oh,then i should say we r bestie 4ever wat patner we have so many similarities na.(talking to lucky).
priya:not lucky chahu,but sans chahu call me jaan.swara got shocked.
swara:it’s ok jaan,now i will go up and frehen.
saying this she left

precap:swapriya bonding

Credit to: naina

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  1. Awesome yaar swara….waiting for next episode yaar

  2. Nice dear

  3. i think that priya is swasan child.a truth was hidden.anyway i am waiting ur next episode

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