u r the one (Episode 7)

at flight swara sat next to laksh,while all others were at the back.
swa:laksh,y r u so silent,did anyone told u to not to speak to me?(smilingly)
lak:no,i thought u wont talk to me after all i did so much to u.
swa:listen yaar let’s forget abt past and let’s be friends wat say patner?while saying this she gave her hand.
lak:oh u still remember that.ok patner so friends no no besties right.
swa:ya,one more thing call me sammie.
lak:no way i will call u patner only.
swa:ok as u wish.

they reached mm,swara took her luggage and came inside,for few minutes she was emotional to see the house where she lived 2 yrs ago,a tear fell out from her eyes,she dont want anyone to see that so she quickly covered it by putting sunglasses,but this was not unnoticed by sanskar.
suj;swara,u can stay in that guest room,pls be free,ask anything u want.
swar:thanks aunty,i will freshen up and come.
lak:listen patner,be quick as we should go to office.
swa:ok patner,give me 15 min,i will come down,then we can start.
listening swalak conversation,all the members were shocked especially san and adarsh.after swara left.
adarsan:can u explain wat’s going on?
rag:laksh hw come swara is speaking to u,that too friendly?all r having same questions in their minds.

lak:actually in plane,i and swara sat together and we became friends again,not friends but besties,all is same like before.
rag:i wish,she also forgives me.
sanaadar:me too.
lak:looks like all r jealous wid me,(teasingly)but dont worry i will help u guys.
adarsh:no thanks,i know how to handle her.
sanrag:same here.
lak:as u guys wish.
after sometime,at the dining table,swara and others came 4 lunch.
ap;so u all r going to office.
dp;yes ap,lots of work has to be done,now we r going to handle crores of project and that would be handled by sanlak.
lak:not only i and bhai,even swara..
lak:ok even sammie is going to handle it.

swa;from today onwards we will start it and i will make sure that it gets sucess.
lak;ok,i think we should leave now.u r coming wid me na patner.
swar;of course,let’s move.see u aunty bye uncle.saying this she left wid laksh.
seeing this rags get jealous on lak,as her sis who loves her a lot,now ignoring her.same feeling arises in san’s heart too,but inside somewhere he is happy that she atleast speaks to lak,and he will slowly make her his.
at mm office.
dp;so swara,as we dont know that u r going to work here we dont have cabin for u.so u can share cabin wid san or lak and they will tell u abt the details of the project.saying this he went off.swara looked sanlak faces both of them were smiling naughtily.
swar:so patner i will share ur cabin.
lak:ok swara.(seeing sans angry face)actually swara i’m working on more projects so it wont be comfortable 4 u,so u can shar bhai’s cabin.
swa:no i’m comfortable with it pls patner pls.(cutely)laksh is abt to say yes but san interferred.
san:looks like someone is afraid of me.

swa:no way.ok i will share ur cabin.
san:its ur wish princess.
by hearing princess word from his mouth,her herat beat skipped.
swara:my name is sammie,formally u can address me as miss.bose.did u get that?
san:actually mrs.maheshwari suits u more than this.
swa:i’m here not to talk rubbish,so we can discuss abt project.

precap:a small girl talking to swara and playing wid her.any guesses who is that girl?

Credit to: naina


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