u r the one (Episode 6)


At the engagement ceremony,
swara came down asusual looking gorgeous.all men in the ceremony started to stare her.
Sid:Sammie,u r looking fabulous.
Swa:even u r looking handsome,devil.
Sid:it’s so boring yaar,so lets dance.
Swa;wat dance,no way u go and dance,but i wont.
Sid:u will.saying this he held swara’s hand and danced on radha song from soty,while san was fuming in anger seeing their closeness.swasid also pulled others to dance floor.both mm and gm were shocked to see swara behaving normally,as if they were strangers to each other.
after the ceremony ended.

Swa:cutie and others i want to confess something.mm members thought swara would say abt her past but to teir surprise she stated that she will be going to kolkata as she got a imp tender,and she will be going tommorrow itself.intially arun refused but seeing her cute face he agrred.
Arun:so,4 how long u have to stay there?
Swa:nearly 8-10 months.
Arun:how r u going to manage alone?well if u r going there then i will accompany u we will shift to Kolkata,but it takes time,till then u should take care of urself.and yes where r u going to stay?
Swa:relax,bhai 1st of all i’m not a kid,i can take care of myself,next no need to shift i dont want any problems 4 u and coming bak,i will stay in hotel or else i will rent a house,as it’s matter of some months only na.
Arun:my decision is final,wat u think dada ,dadi?
Dadi:beta,ur bhai is right,we cant let u to stay alone that in Kolkata.
Swa;c’mon cutie pls try to understand,i dont want to trouble u all.
Sid;who said that u r troubling,ha.bhai dont worry,i will go along wid her.
Swa:now,this is too much,u r leaving all ur work behind just 4 me, i dont agree this and u r not coming wid me.

Sid;Sammie,listen i have a singing competion in Kolkata,i have registered mine and ur name.so anyways we have to go there,so try to understand it.
Swa:wat u have given my name widout telling me?
Sid;so wat asusual,u will win in this competition as no one can beat the rocks
tar aarohi.
San:aarohi,who is she?
Sid:san the girl infront of u is aarohi,the rocktar.(indicating to swara).
Arun:r u guys done,i’m happy sammie that sid will accampany u,now i dont worry abt u.
Dadi:(to dp)actually dpji if u don’t have problem i‘m thinking to conduct aruttra marriage in Kolkata.
Dp;its really awesome news for us.we will start arrangements tomorrow itself.now,we take leave.
Sujata;actually,arun beta i was thinking that if u don’t have any problem we can take swara wid ourself to our home.she can stay there till her project gets finished.
Dada ,dadi,arun were happy and relived whereas swara was shocked.
Swara:aunty its ok,i will stay at hotel no problem,i dont want to trouble u guys.
ap:wat’s trouble beta,u r also like my daughter,pls dont say like that.
Swa:it’s not like that aunty,anyways sid also there na.
Sid:but Sammie,the competition will start after2 months.so i think it’s a nice idea,till we shift to kolkata u can stay at bhabhi’s place and there is a advantage also u can move well wid bhabhi than bhai.(laughingly) and all laughs except swara.
Lak:swaji,y r thinking that much say yes na,afterall u r merging ur campany wid our campany so if u satay wid us things will become easier for us.

Arun:Sammie,u didnt even told me that u r going to work wid maheshwari’s.so it’s decided till we shift to Kolkata u will stay wid them and i dont want to hear any arguements.understood?
Swa;ok,bhai as ur wish.
after this mm went to hotel
rp;sujata 4 the 1st time in ur life u spoke something sensible.
Sujata:wat did u sayji,do i talk nonsense all the time,see na bhaisa,jiji how he is teasing me?
Sanlak:but seriously mom,i didnt expect this from u,u r awesome.
Sujata:i know,but after returning kolkata we shold do something to change her mind.
Adarsh:exactly,i know how to handle her,within 7 days i will change her mind,she would accept me as her bhai.

Sanlak:it’s not so easy bhai,she has changed completely,u know wat she behaved wid as if i am a stranger.so it takes more time to convince her
Adarsh:so u r challenging me.ok she will forgive me in a week.and it’s a challenge. Saying so he left to his room.
San:i think bhai took it seriously.well i think we should sleep now,afterall tommorrow is going to be awesome.all left to respective rooms.
next day

at airport
all mm members and swara were boarding flight,arun gave his lecture to swara that she should take care of herself,eat food in time,dont work till late night etc.at the time announcement made for kolkata flight.
Swa:so cutie ,sweet heart take care and miss u all.
Sid:then wat abt me Sammie?

Swa:devil,i will not miss u at all as i know u will be calling me then and there.and practise well 4 the competition,and take care as well.bhai,u also take care and bye.
Dadi(to ap):apji,pls take care of my swara,if she did something wrong forgive her thinking her as ur child.

Credit to: naina

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