u r the one (Episode 5)


Swara and sis gone out to attend the im p meeting.they reached the venue and swara asked sid to wait outside since she had to go in.
swara entered the conference room,and waited for the others.after a few minutes she saw a two middle aged men entered in to the room,they introduced themselves as mr.verma and mr malhotra,the dealer campany which had given contract to swara’s campany.
Mr.verma:so miss.bose,its nyc to meet u.
Swara:yes,i’m glad to meet u,if u dont mind can we start the meeting?
Mr.verma:actually,ms.we were waiting for the other campany whom u gonna merge wid to complete this project,if u dont have any problem,can we wait for sometime.
Swara:sure sir.

just then 2 handsome men arrived,when they came in they shocked to see swara,and swara is equally shocked to see them.then mr.verma introduced them as sanskar and laksh maheshwari to swara.
Mr.verma:mr.maheshwari,meet ms.bose,md of ss&co in London,in a short span of time she became successful and raised ss campany.
Swara:so,can we start the presentation?
Verma:ofcourse,but berore that i want to clear that we will start in this project in Kolkata,do u have any problem?
San:no mr.verma,instead we would be grateful as we r from that place.
Swar:even i dont have any problem,but i want the project to get over within 8-10 months.
San:that will depend upon u miss.(winkingly)
Swa:sure,then we will start our project tommorow itself.
San:ok then,be in maheshwari office tomorrow,meet u soon.and bye mr.verma.saying this he left.

outside the office,
lak;y u behaved like that wid swara?
San:u dont know abt her yaar,she is just showing me that my presence doesnt have effect on her.but i know the reality,she loves me and i have to make her relise her love,i know i did mistake and now, i will correct it.
Lak;i’m wid u bhai.now let’s go we have to atten the engagement na.
at evening,
uttara and arun gets engaged to each other

recap:swasid dance.

i know its to short but i will try to upload regularly.yes 4 sid’s char u can assume samrat from mjht o

Credit to: naina

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  1. Awesome… Swara bold character is nyc….waiting for precap

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