u r the one (Episode 3)


After 2 yrs,
at London,a building is shown a lady wearing suit ordering the workers to get the project deal done.
Yes,the lady is none other than swara,who is now a business women.she is sitting in her office and working at laptop.at tha time her phone rings
phone conversation,
at Mumbai
boy:so where r u now, Sammie?
Swa:in london 4 a meeting.bt y r u asking this question sid?
Sid;do nt tell me that u forgot bhais engagement,yaar this is too much,how can u forget?
Swa:im sorry sid.but u know na i dont want to come to india.pls dont force me.i will congragulate bhai once he come back here.
Sid;im not hearing a another word from u,u should come thats it.
Swa:pls try to understand me sid,i dont want to become weak,u know na how difficulty i handled myself and moved on.
Sid:Sammie,i.dont know abt ur past and all,pls 4 bhai’s sake come here.and who is saying to come to Kolkata,its only mumbai na.i swear sammie u will enjoy here.and yes take leave 4 1-2 months,as u already promised,u have to take care of all the things in bhais marriage.
Swa:arguing withu is waste of time.ok i will there by tommorrow evening,just send me the address and also i have a bussiness meetin g there so there’s no chance of vacation.bye.
Sid;that’s lyk gud girl,miss u yaar.bye.
At night,
Swara in her room talking wid herself,by holding a pic,
its have been 2yrs,i have totally changed myself i entirely transformed from swara to Sammie.yes,iam not that weak swara anymore,i have became stronger.anyways y im remembering all this.well,i have to sleep now,as i have to go to india.now iam not scared of anyone,i can face anybody whether it may be my so called parents or my once upon time husband. saying this she dozes off.
at Mumbai,
at someone’s house marragies preparations r going on.
At a room,
San:it has been 2 yrs swara,i really missed u and i love u yaar.pls come back dear.ur prince is incomplete without his princess.yes,i admit that it was entirely my fault,pls swara forgive me.u know swara,tommorrow uttara’s engagement is going to take place,i wish u had been here.she misses u so badly,
at dinning area,all mm members and shekhar,sumi except sans was present.
Dp:i hope u all r fine,have u checked the arrangements rp?and dont forget we have a imp meeting tommorow and i want sanlak to attend it,as we will be busy in marriage arrangements.its very imp deal for us,so i want sanskar to handle it.and where is sans?
Suj;wo bhaisa,u know na from past 2 yrs he hadnot ate dinner at night,he is resting in his room.its all because of me,if i hadnot started then,my son would have happier now.
Sumi;its not lyk that sujhathaji,we have also not trusted her,inspite of being her mother i didnt trust her.
Shekhar;dont blame urself sumi,we all didnt trust her,i hope wherever is she will be fine.i miss my shone.
Adarsh;even i miss my chutki.atleast i should have believed her.
Raglak:we too miss her.(to divert topic).hey lets make a plan 4 tommorrow afterall its my sis engagement wid famous doctor in London.

precap;swasan meeting

Credit to: naina

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