u r the one (Episode 2)


hi guys
at mm
sans:y r u behind him? i asked u swara.
swara: i and bhai met eachother when i was in 7th std,he was senior to me,he was in 12th.actually one day i was ragged by his friends,and i beaten them hardly.u know he wanted revenge 4 this.so to get it,he made me friend.and then,
adarsh:and i slowly started to like her we became best friends,one day a friend of mine tried to harm her,i beaten him.then only i understood that swara is really imp 4 me.without wasting time,i confessed her that,i was behind her to take revenge.u know wat she said.

swara:i said its ok.becoz i know he is truly saying these things.and he had a special place in my heart,whenever i missed my father,he will console me.from that day i used to call him bhai.he played various role in my life,he was my bro,my teacher,my guide,my philospher and everything.
rag:but,i have never seen u around her.and wat abt that music carreer and all other things.
adarsh:rags,i have seen u,bachoo used to tell me abt u.and coming to point,when she was in her 9th std,she got a chance to sing in a film.she intially denied stating that aunty wont allow her to do so,but i encouraged her and dida also knew abt it.i made sure that her real identity doesnt get revealed.from then onwards she started her musical career.
san:then wat abt that law thing i didnt get it.

adarsh;u wont belive me after the 12thstd,i asked her to join in business mangament course,but she denied me and told me that she want to study law,i was literally shocked,i knew sumi aunty wont accept it and neither dida.she pleaded me 4 this more than 4months to make dida accept,when i said no she stopped talking to me.so i had no way,then i convinced dida some how and joined her in correspondance so that aunty never get to know abt it.
sumi;so maa also knew this,she didnt even told me.and i have a doubt without my signature how did u joined her in correspondance?
sanlakrag:exactly,we were going to ask this.

swara:actually,maa im sorry.i had forgered ur signature in my application and in all stuff related to law course.
sumi;how could u do this to me shona?
swara:sorry mom.i had to do this,i know u will not allow me to study law,so i did this.
dp:beta,anyways forget it all,u did it for a good cause na,it didnt hurt anyone.and sumiji pls forgive her.
lak:hey,i have a doubt bhai said u were also a business tycoon,how cum this possible?
swara:yes laksh,im a business women even i am assosicated wid mm and karma campanies.
dp&rp;how cum this possible?we have never seen u before the alliance came for laksh.
adarsh:dad,u know abt the sr campany right,it has been associated wid mm&co.and she is the owner of that campany.
sanlak:but bhai,the owner of the campany is sahi right?

adarsh:yes,swara is sahi.i only hidden her name so that she can concentrate in her other activities.i know wat will be the next question,how did she studied business management?swara;actually after joining law,bhai totally ignored me,he became so busy that he didnt had time to talk wid me.so to keep in touch i asked him to join me in bussiness mngmt course.and i tell u all,u must have seen his expression.
adarsh:actually,i was happy on cloud nine,when she said that she want to do buss.mngmt(short form)then i joined her in a reputated college,but i dont want her to do signature forgery,hence i myself putdown my name as her guardian.then after the completion of her course,she started a small campany called sr and slowly she became top businessmen in
india.i was happy for sucess.
san,sumi:1 more question,how did the capital money came from?
swara:thats simple we had taken a bank loan and i had some money,after i was a singer.
uttara;bhabhi,how did u managed to do all this courses at one time.

swara:its nothing uttara,bhai used to help me a lot,he would do most of my assignments and teach me all the topics related to business.with dat i studied so well that i was topper that year.god knows how much struggle,i and bhai had to face to stop printing my image in news paper.
sanlak:u know onething swara,ur so called assignments were done by us not by ur bhai.we dont know it was u,he said he is doing this for his friend.
swara:bhai,is this true?
adarsh;hann,swara u know na i used to hate writing assigments and no worries for this task they had their pay.
swara:bhai,wat r u talking abt?

sanlak:nothing,its already late i think we have to sleep now.
dp&others(except sanlakragswa,uttadarpari):yes we have to do marriage arrangements right.
swasan blushes.

precap:after 2 yrs.
swara(in her room):i am strong,im not that old swara who is blinded by love.
san(in his room):sorry swara,pls come back to.i cant live without u,i luv u.

Credit to: naina

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    But i have a doubt….In this ff…start with after swara going to jail for rashi mashi death…howz possible sanskar & lucky help adharsh for swara bcoz sanskar was away from family…right???

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