u r the one (Episode 17)



swara:laksh i want a favour from u.
lak:haan bolo partner.
she hesitates to talk,and this is understood by lak.
lak:what’s the matter swara,y r u tensed,pls be free and tell me wat help can i do.
swa:woo laksh,i want u to talk to sanskar and convince him that he acts close to aki.
lak:wat,but y?
swa:actually laksh, sid has feelings for akki and i want him to realise his love so
lak:so u r making him jealous right.
lak:y dont u urself go to bhai and ask his help.
swa:becoz i dont want so pls help me,convince ur bhai.and dont take my name .

lak:as u wish madam(laugh).
they reach office and went to san cabin,after sumtym sanskar and akansha also reach there.
sanskar:let’s start the work swara,we need to prepare presentation for this tender.
(swa notices akansha gettng bore,and want to send her out so that laksh can speak to sanskar)
swa:oh my god,i have forgot to bring my file,now wat im going to do?(panicking voice)
aki:relax sammie,u sit here i will go to mm and get that file.
swa:thank u akki,u r such a sweet heart.
aki leaves to mm.
swa:(whispering)laksh talk to sanskar abt that matter.

swa:haan now itself.
sanskar seeing them thought sumthing is fishy.
swa:laksh,i will be back in 5 min(loudly)
saying this she went out and stood near a window outside and signalling laksh to start his convo.
lak:bhai i want to talk to u,it’s imp.
sans:haan bolo lucky.
sanskar saw laksh trembling and noticed swara signalling him to speak,now he understood swara is behind this and wantedly sent akki out and she herself went out.
sans:laksh u dont need to speak anything if anyone want to speak or ask anything they themself should come,oh i forgot they have the habit of running away from things na,they r coward who cannot face the reality.

sanskar’s talk annoyed swara very much and she is fuming wid anger.
swa entered into the cabin wid a bang.
swa:how dare u sanskar to call me a coward,i didnt run away from anything it was u who(stopped suddenly realising wat is she about to speak)sorry mr.maheshwari i really didnt meant that.(in a calm voice).
sanskar smiled broadly and even laksh is smiling,sanskar signalled laksh to leave them alone for sometime and laksh left the cabin.
sanskar:now tell me princess wat u need?
swara:ms.bose,call me by that.i want a favor from u,actually sid is in love wid aki but he is not realising it.to make him realise i want ur help.
sanskar was on cloud 9 after listening to this as he thought sid to be a villain for his love story.
sanskar:ohh,wat help i should do.

swa:just a small thing,flirt wid akki as u did in the morning that’s more than enough.and by seeing this sid would become jealous and in anger confess his feelings.
san:wow superb plan,but wat abt akki?

swa:she also likes him.and im sure they will become a perfect couple.
san:hmm,u know swara we ourself are a perfect couple,still one thing is remaining we should get married.
swa:in ur dreams.and dont talk rubbish lyk this again in front of me.
san:that’s impossible.ha one more thing if i do this thing wat will i get in return?
swa;anything as u say.

swa:haan anything.
san:if i say u come back in to my life then.
swa:u wont say as u wont force me to do things that i dont want.(realised wat she said and bitted her lip)
san:u know me very well na.
saying this he moved forward towards her and pinned her to wall.their faces were inches apart and their hearts were beating fast.he leaned towards her to kiss just then laksh entered.
laks:oops sorry wrong timing.
here swasan composed themselves.
swa:partner,i will not come to office tommorrow,as i have music competition me and sid taking part in it.
lak:wow it’s great,i will also come to see ur performance.
san:i also.

swa:anyways u should come to start our plan.

Credit to: naina

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