u r the one (Episode 16)

recap:akansha entry

at mm
ragini:(whispering):lo ab ye bhi agayi mere zindgi ko haram karne ke liye.these were heard by sanlak.and they chuckled seeing rag’s expression.
elders left.then aki (akansha) sat beside swara and having breakfast.
aki(towards san):hi i’m akansha,all call me akki and u.
san:hello im sanskar, u can call me sanky.
suddenly swa choked and sid gave water to her.san watch this and a naughty plan stuck into his brain and he started to flirt wid her.adarsh-pari raglak understood his plan and laughing inside seeing swara’s angry face.

swa pov
what the hell yaar,y he is being so nice to her,even i dont call him lyk that.and this akki wherever she goes she starts her job i.e flirting.akki pls stop this yaar,i cant tolerate this much,this is last if she is not gonna stop then i will shut her mouth using fevicol.(at that tym swa sees adarsh’s smile at the edge of his lips)y bhai is trying to suppress his laugh and the main thing y is he laughing.wait a sec that means sanskar is trying to make e jealous,oh my god such a fool i’m i should have understood it long tym.(then she saw sid face which is fuming in anger and laughed inside seeing his condition as sid has some feelings for akki,but he is not aware of it)wow,sid looks really cute with these expression.i have been trying hard to make sid realise that he is in love,but all got vain,but now he will definetly realise his love.u r awesome sanskar,without ur knowledge u r helping me now the thing i have to do is to make him more jealous and for this i should ask help from sanskar,but how if i ask him directly then he will not leave a chance to tease me.ok i will ask laksh talk wid sanskar.hmm great idea,swara u r genious.(and smiles broadly)
sanskar and all others look at her smiling face and got confused.

sanskar pov
omg she should be jealous na but instead she is smiling,wat type of girl is she?seeing her love flirting wid another girl,she should get angry na,i think she got to now my trick and she is planing sumthing against me,ab toh bhagwan hi mujhe iss sherni se bacha sakta hai.
swa:im getting late lak can we move.
aki;sammie im getting bored here,can i join u.
swa:sure y not,do onething u come with mr.maheshwari i will go with laksh ok.(lookig at sid’s face)
sanraglak,adarsh pari were shocked.while sid was fuming in anger.
swa;bye devil.
sid;bye angel.
swa left for off with lak.
in the car.
swara;laksh i want a favor from u.

precap:sanlakswa convo and music competition

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