u r the one (Episode 15)


after speaking wid swara adarsh goes to san room.
adarsh:see i was right.
san:yes im a stupid to believe that she forgot me and moved on.
lak:yes,u r indeed a stupid.(san gave angry look)but now wat r u going to da,i dont think she will forgive u that easily,
san:leave these things upto me,i know how to convince my princess,by hook or crook,i will get her.(determination tone)and yes thanks a lot bhai,if u would not been there i would never known this.
adarsh:u r most welcome.
lak:but adi bhai u broked ur promise given to swara na.

adarsh:no, as i didnt said anything so practically i didnt broke my promise clear.
lak:its too late,lets leave now.
adarsh:im too feeling sleepy,bye guys.
sying this everyone went to their rooms and doze off,while san is planning something to convince swara.
next morning

at breakfast table,all r having breakfast swasid r talking casually,whereas our hero was busy in staring swara.
swara could find a change in his behaviour but she ignored it.suddenly a girl who is wearing a short navy blue colour dress till her knees came back of swa and blindfolded her.
girl(with a diff voice):now sammie guess who am i?
within a fraction of secs
swa:my dear sissy akansha.
akansha:u always guess me correct .
swa:ofcourse,how a person could not feel his sister touch ha.
sid:if ur sis talkings r over,can i meet my friend.
swa:oh friend ha.(naughtily)
sid:shut up angel,aki how r u?
everyone is shocked,seeing their faces sid

sid:dont get shocked guys,she is akansha,angels p.a,bff more than that sister.
ragini came to dining area due to the noises and shocked to see aki.and vice versa.
aki:ragini.(shocked)sammie u didnt told that ragini is also here.and then she hugged ragini.everyone except swa,rag were surprised to see this.after breaking the hug.
sid:aki do u know ragini bhabi?
aki:yes yaar me,sammie and ragini were best friends at child hood,we will play,sing and dance together,even ppl often call us three roses.after finishing 12th i gone to london for higher studies,then i had not been in contact wid them,before 1 yr i saw swa and rest u know.
swa:aki u could have told me that u r coming,i would have picked u up.
aki:y this formalities yaar,im ur sisy na,there’s no need,and guess wat i have got a good news for all of u.

aki:arun bhai and uttara’s marriage date has been fixed,ad they r going to come to kolkata within a week,everything is ready.bhai have buyed mansion near to this house.
hearing this all r happy,and uttara starts to blush.
swa:wow,that is a good news.ab mitta toh khana na hi na.saying this she took out a choclate from her pocket and gave to all including sanrag
precap:music competiton between samsid.

Credit to: naina

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