u r the one (Episode 14)


Episode 13

sid:(looking towards swarag)scared of losing.
swa:not at all.im ready.
rag:me too.
sid:hmm.the bet will be whoever wins they can ask for anything from loser.
jugalbandi begins,
ragini with her sitar starts to play classical tune.all were happy to hear that.then it was swara’s turn she asual banged her music which is rock and roll,after that both sisters were playing their instruments in this whole swara was smiling lyk anything and playing guitar wid closed eyes,all were observing swara’s smile after so many months.ragini started to sing
“jeevan me suro se jage,
rishte suro se aage”then swara joined her
bhajne na pyaar ki tum
ragini continued “jeevan me pyaar bhara suro se saji hai swara”,then swara sang,
“rag se rachi hai ragini”swa was abt to sing swaragini word but she remembered all the past things with dat she cut of her hand and it began to bleed.seeing this sansid went towards her but in a nick of time sid approached her than san.

sid:angel r u ok,cant u plat properly see how u have cutted ur hand,idiot.(scolded her very well)
laksh hurridely went and brought first aid kit and sid done the bandage.
swa:thank u.
sid:again,stop thanking me yaar im ur bestie its my duty.
swa smiles
sid sees her smiling,then said
sid:u look gud wen u smile,and when u laugh u r cute..and
swa:stop flirting devil,else when u get married i will surely tell ur wife abt ur gfs,then she will beat u lyk anything.
sid:if that so i will marry u.
all others shocked while san was fuming in jealous and thinking abt the lift incident.

swa:stop joking yaar.
sid:ok.everyone got relived as they understood it was a joke.
sid after bandaging went out to attend a imp call.
rag:im sorry swara.
swa:it’s ok.i lose u win.now u can ask me anything,but dont ask me which i cant give u.
ragini understood wat she meant and replied”i dont want anything from my sister as swaragini are 1”
swa:see i told u several times(sighs)leave it.in future if u ask anything i will get it to u clear.
rag nodded.swa went to her room.
lak:san u r looking upset wats the matter?
lak:tell me na,i will try to help u.
san told everything wat swara said to him in the lift.listening this aadarsh and laksh burst out laughing while rag and others were confused.

rag:y r u laughing lak,here san is sad and u r …chi
lak:rag listen (stopped laughing)do u think whatever bhai said is true,
san;but swara herself told this.
adarsh:duffer,lyk seriously wats wrong in u san,cant u see she is lying to u.
adarsh:no ifs no buts i know my chutki very well i can say that surely that she is lying.
rags:but we have to confirm it.
san:but how.
lak:we can ask sid,as swara is close to him.
san:no ways i dont lyk this sid,but adarsh bhai can help us.
lak:looks like someone is burning in jealousy.san gave death glares to lak,
adarsh:ok i will talk to swa abt this tommorrow.
san:no tommorrow now itself go and speak.
adarsh seeing his restlessness said ok and abt to go.
san:wait a minute bhai,have this phone.when u go towards her room call lucky and keep the phone at speaker so that we will listen to ur convo.

adarsh:but wats the need afterall i will tell u watever happen.
san:but i want to hear things from her mouth itself.
adarsh:ok as u wish.
san:lucky,rag come to my room from there we will listen wat swara says.
adarsh went to swara’s room and sanlakrag to san room.adarsh called lucky and puttd in speaker.
swara:hai bhai,u at this tym do u need something?
adar:no,i just wanted to talk,its have been so long that we talked to eachother properly na.
swa:bhai come to the point,wat u want to ask.
swa:bhai dont hesitate ask me whatever u want.
adarsh:swara do u love someone..
swar:so he told u,and he wants to confirm that whether im engaged r not hai na.
here sanlakrag are listening to their convo and surprised listening to swa words.
adarsh:i want ans chutki
swa:ok i will ans but promise me that u will not tell to anyone not even pari bhabi ok
adarsh after thinking said yes.
swa:yes i love someone.
san got sad its like someone stabded him
adarsh:who(in tension)
swa:ur bhai sanskar.
san face got lighted up so were the raglak

san:this girl na surely given me a heartattack(pout face).laksh chuckles while rag asks him to be quite.
swa;haan,i cant love anybody else.
adarsh:then y did u tell those things to san,u know he was so sad and..
swa:i know bhai,i want him to be sad so that after sometime he can move on in his life.
adarsh:but y chutki if u love him,then u can say it to him,u know he will be happy listening to this,and we elders will get u both married wat say.
san listening to adarsh words was on cloud nine and blushing.raglak too were happy for him.
swa:but i dont want to,i can never ever able to forgive him for wat he did,he didnt trusted me,his princess u know bhai whenever i see him all his harsh words were echoing in my ears,like u have betrayed me swara,u had..i cant even complete it(tears are flowing in her eyes)
sans too feels her pain.
swa:u know bhai for a girl her self respect is more than anything,if i forgive san then it will hurt my self respect,i cant do it and even i cant see sanskar lyk this.i love him very much,i can do anything for his happiness if it would costs my life also i dont care,but still i cant forgive him.i just want him to be happy and i dont want him to wait for me for his lifetime so that only i told him lie that i moved on and got engeged.so that he too move on in his life.

adarsh:i think u should give a chance to him .
swa:no bhai,its my final decision in this,so no discussions from now on in this matter.
adarsh:chutki tell me onething will u ever move on,i mean marry someone in ur life.
swa:to be frank i dont think so,i think i will not be able to give his place to anyone.(still sobbing)ok now lets leave this topic here itself and promise me that u will not say these things to anyone.
adarsh:ok promise.saying this he went out.

ecap:adarsh-swar convo and new entry

Credit to: naina

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