u r the one (Episode 13)


swa:so goodbye mr.sanskar maheshwari.
san:swara,im sorry u cant leave me lyk this,swara wat happened to ur promises u said na that u will be with me forever.then now.
swa:dont talk abt promises sanskar when u urself have broken it,u also promised me that u will be there wen i need u,but u weren’t.
now sans came to know how much he hurted swara in this 1 week,not trusted her he regreted his mistake.tears r flowing down in his eyes.
all were shocked seeing her decision for 10 minutes they stand numb but here swara gone to her(san) room.
sumi:(placing a hand on his shoulders)beta dont cry like this,i think she needs sometime,give her some time beta,i assure u everything will be alright i will speak to her
san:will she forgive me ma?
now shekhar answered,

shekhar:beta she will definetly forgive u and marry u,afterall she loves u so much.tum dekhana after sometime she herself will ask u sorry for talking rudely,u know ur shona na,she is lyk this only.
sumi:shekhar isri8 beta,i think u should go and convince her,u know girls always expect boys to convince them pamper them(funnily).this bought smile in every1 face.
san:yes ma,u r correct,i should go and convince her rather than sitting and crying like this.
adarlak:that’s like my bro.(smiling)
dp:so till san convinces swara we can focus on marriage arrangements.
shekhar;as u wish.

swara came to living room,wid her stuffs.seeing this san felt upset,while others were sad.but they dontknow how to stop her.
sumi;beta u came,shekhar take this bags.we will take leave now(to dp).
dp:ya sure.
swa:wait a sec,mrs.gadodia y r u taking away my bags.sumi&others shocked.
sumi:wat mrs im ur maa beta.
swa:u were,but not now i had broken up all ties wid u wen u doubted me at that night itself.
sumi;beta we r sorry,dont punish me lyk this.
shekhar:beta pls we know that we did mistake by not trusting u but for that dont do this to us.
swa:this is not the 1st tym u r not trusting me mr.gododia,be4 also u did the same wen ur sweet daughter alleged me that i kidnapped her u didnt trust,if u want i can make a list.
rag:swa pls dont do this to maa papa,they cant take it.
swa:so here u came, its a kind request pls dont talk to me or else i will forget that i am human.
swa:its the same to u mr.adarsh.
dp&ap:swara beta pls listen to us.

swa:uncle,aunty i dont have any complaints against u or ur family or gododia family,i dont want to hurt u,pls let me go and live my life peacefully.goodbye(to all)
sumi(cry):beta where r u going?
swa:its none of ur business mrs.gododia.
sumi:par beta.
meanwhile laksh interpreted
swa:laksh pls dont start it again.(irritated)
lak:swa im saying that if u consider me as ur friend then let me help u in this.
swa:oki want a help from u.(everyone were watching carefully their conversation)i want a lift.
san:where r u going swara?swra i love u pls dont go away from me.
swa:my decision is final,im leaving lak if u want to help then give me lift r else i will go by my self.
lak:ok,i will.
swalak went towards car sat and drove off.while all were standing num.
after 2hrs lak came, all were still sad.when they saw laksh,
ragsan:where is swara?

lak(wid a sad face):she has gone.
san:gone means,where did u drop her?
lak:at railway station
san:its all because of me.
rag:no sans its all becoz me.
sumi and suj:no its all becoz of us,we didnt trust her.
san:lucky do u know where is she going?
flashbak stopped(not ended guys)
in mm
swara came followed by sanskar.she directly goes to kitchen and get water bottle drank it fully.just then sid and all others arrive at living hall.
swara came and san r staring at her and she is avoiding eye contact wid him.thes things r noticed by all except sid.
sid:angel y dont we start practice now itself.
swa:as u wish,but do u know comp rules.
sid:there r 2 levels.1st level is duet and 3nd is solo.

swa:ok,now wat songs u have selected
sid:no i havent selected anythig,wat is ur fav song,we will sing that song,
swa:no,im going to sing that song in my 2nd level.
sid:ok baba,btw what is that song.
swa:manchala manchala from movie htp.(hearing it sans face glows.)
rags(whispers):it looks lyk u have a strong connection wid this song my dear jiju(to san,and he blushes)oh some1 is blushing.
sid:for 1st level we should select a song na
swa:dont worry i selected wat abt ishqwala love from soty.
sid:perfect.here take this guitar and play the song.(handing the guitar)
swa:here,no we can practise in my room y should we disturb others.
rag:no problem swa,u can practise here.

she was abt to start just then sid phone rings and he goes out to attend the call,
priya(adrpari child): dost u know to play guitar do u teach me?
swa:ofcourse jaan.
priya:u know dost ragini chachi plays sitar amazingly,(a idea strikes)dost u and chachi play sitar and guitar continusly na it will be awesome.ragsan become happy
swa(with a jerk);no no priya.
sid who was listening this
sid:angel y no,u have to priya let start the competition.
priya,ragsan all were excited except swara
swa:no means no.
sid:cant u do it for ur best buddy.(pouts)

swa:arguing wid u is waste of tym.
sid:good girl,so to make it more intresting let’s have a jugalbandi r u ready ragini bhabi?
rag;of course sid.looks like ur friend is afaraid of loosing.
swa:swara bose never lose.
sid:thats the spirit.y dont we have bet.

recap:swarag jugalbandi,a new entry and swar remembering moments of swarag and cutting her finger

Credit to: naina

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