u r the one (Episode 12)


Episode 11

recap;swasan stuck in a lift.
san:we got stuck and we cant contact anyone.what the hell,
swa:relax,mr.maheshwari we will find surely find a way out from here.(calmely).saying this she is looking all around trying to get a way.
san(winked):i think we will be lyk this until any1 comes and opens the door from outside.
but swa was not in position to understand his words,she is really trying hard.
swa:4 others to help 1st we should help ourselves,we should try,and try till we get that thing,we shouldnot giveup that easily.
san(sarcastic tone):u r telling true na,then wat abt me ha i was trying to apologise to u since 2 months and u were ignoring me but now.
swa(cut off):i have told u clearly that i forgave u on the day we met.isint that enough?
san;if u have forgiven me then come back to me na.
swa:thats impossible,
san;but y?
swa:becoz,i have moved on in my life.
san:no,u r lying.
swa:ok,let me tell u i have got engaged,and im in a relationship with some1 from past 1yr.
san:swa i beg u tell me its all a lie.
swa;u have to accept the reality mr.maheshwari,
san;i know ive hurted u a lot and morever didn’t trust u,but y u did this to me,i know im guilty phirbe how can u?
swa:(angry)wat the hell san do u think im a doll or anythingelse,if u want u love if u wont u hate,if anyone blames me i have to prove myself innoscent,otherwise im guilty,if i proved right then im good if not im bad or characterless ha,im a human sanskar even i have feelings u and ur family always want proof to find me innonscent and im really fed up wid this.
san:but..wait a sec,u r lieing na
before san could ask more question,lift door was opened by guard
swasan left home separately

third person p.o.v
everything is going on perfect swasan marriage was going to held in 3 days,but kavitha got bailed out and she is in boiling in anger and wanted to ruin swara’s lyf.be4 the day of swasan marriage,she kidnapped swalak and made them as if they r together and clicked pics and made them to ly in a hotel room on same room and called everyone of their family,seeing their beloved one in such a statestate ragsan were heartbroken and believed wat they saw,soon swalak got consicious they tried their level best to convince their partners and their family that there is nothing lyk which they saw inbetween them,but all in vain san slapped laksh,while ragini slapped swara.even swara’s mom didnt support her this time.ragsan were broken down.both the families misunderstood swalak and sujatha ruthelessly taunted swara as it was her fault but swara made a determination that she will unfold the truth soon,after sym days swara came to mm and showed the video in which kavitha accepting the all her crime,both family members apologised to swalak,ragsan also apologised them 4 their behaviour swalak accepted their apology,all were happy at that tym then dp asked
dp:after all had happened i dont want to postpone swasan marriage,the next day itself we will do swasan marriage.what say shekharji?
shekharji:y not dpji,after all its my daughter;s happiness.
adarsh:but on 1 condition?
san:wat condition?
adarsh:i think someone is very excited to marry my chutki(san gave a angry glare)ok the condition is i will do all the responsibilities as a bro in swa marriage.
sumi:u dont need to ask beta its ur ri8.
swara:sorry for intrepreting,i want to tell all sumthing,its imp.
san:what happened swara,is everything alright?
swa:dp uncle,i dont want to marry ur son.(this shocks everbody esp san).
san:wat the hell swa,r u in ur sense?(holding her shoulders)
shekhar,sumi:beta wat r u saying?
swa:taking off san;s hand,u hearing right mr.sanskar i dont want to marry u as u dont have trust in me,trust is imp thing in every relation,u losted ur trust in me so there is no relation in between us.

precap:flashback continuation and swasid band

Credit to: naina

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    1. i will try my best dear and thanks 4 reading it.

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