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trust is very imp in every relation,once it breaks it becomes really difficult to rebuild it sometimes it becomes next to impossible.this was the case in the lives of swa-san.
at morning,mm
all were doing breakfast,swa came down in blue skirt and red top,asusal(here swara is wearing dresses lyk before mrg)but a bright smile is seen in her lips.
when she came she wished every1 except ragsan.
swa:sid,so wen is the competition?

sid:this weekend.
swa:then we should start to practise today itself.my guitar,oh gosh i forget,i should buy one here.
sid;ok, we have less tym,so we have to leave now.
adarsh;arrey chutki no need to buy,as u have 1 here na.
sid;where it is.
swasan:in my room.(after a sec realised wat they said,while others hided their laugh)
sid:in urs or sans room.(to swa)
swa:well,leave that,i have imp work in office after coming bak we will practise ok.
sid;as ur wish angel.as i know arohi asusual win this competition.
swa;so,partner shall we move if u r done.

lak:wo partner i have sum work so pls carry on wid bhai.wat say bhai,pls give her lift na?
san:y not?(excitement)all others laugh except swa and sid(as he dont understand )
swa:kk laksh.and mr.maheshwari be fast(wid attitude).
after elders leave.
swa:bye sid take care eat lunch and call me if u need anything.till i cum practise r do ur off work.(say in 1breath )while adar,pari,raglak were surprised,san is fuming in anger but sid is smiling as he knew his bff.
sid;u wont change na angel.anyways after cuming to india u look more beutiful,in this dress u r looking lyk a a..

swa:angel ri8?
sid:yes,but more than that(in a flirtive way)
swa:ok stop ur flirting i’m getting late now.
sid;angel u didnt complemented me how mean.
swa:u r looking lyk aa
sid:lyk aa
swa:lyk a gorilla.(ha ha…)meanwhile san also get relieved.
sid:angel,u r gone now.saying this he forwarded towards her but in a nick of tym adarsh cums inbetween)
swa:now see na my bhai is here,if u do r plan to do anything i donno wat he will do(in a comedy manner)

sid:(tensed to see adarsh)oh adar bhai,im also a bhai to u na,so u should be in my side na?(nervous smile)
adarsh:wen will u stop this attitude ha,be4 also i warned u na.as situation is becoming serious swa came inbetween

adarsh:u got scared sid,but dont worry,im in ur team ok.
sid:tq very much,now miss know it all u r gone now.saying this he chased her and rotated her in the air while san is really angry moreover feeling helpless.after symtym,swasan,lft off in 1 car after that their daily routine they go to san cabin,sat by looking each other and started working.after a while swa get some messages in her phone by seeing she smiles,wen san saw her she hided it,by sensing that san became sad,another message came up and this tym san saw it was from sid his sadness changed into anger.he staright went toward swa.
san:swa i want to sak u something(angry)swa saw his angry eyes and felt scared but didnt showed it.
swa:1st of all call me ms.bose,anyways wat u want to ask.
san:who the hell is sid?how dare he flirted wid u,and how dare he touched u?(angrily)
swa:mr.maheshwari,mind ur words,he is my friend and he has full right to do anything.
san:anything means?

swa:anything means anything.and who r u to question me its my personal matter so dont interfere.
san:who am i?seriously swa u know im ur everything ur bff ur strenght and most of all im ur husband.(shouts)
swa:these relations r broken up before 2 yrs,now they dont exists,u r nothing to me,u r a stranger to me and always will be.this was it 4 san,his anger reahed its peak,
san held swa by shoulders tightly
swa;wat r u doing mr.maheshwari,leave me now.
san:am i a stranger?(directly lyking in to swa eyes)
swa:yes u r.

san quickly placed his lips on her and sucked them due to anger she resisted but at atlast gave it up.after 2min they aparted they composed themselves a akward silence persited san broke silence.
san:swa,im sorry for hurting u but i..
before he could finished she walked out of the cabin followed by him.
she went towards lift and got in to it.when the door was going to close in nick of tym,san also entered.
still silence in air.
san:im sorry swa,i didnt want to do that,but i was jealous of that sid,he was so close to u and…
swa:i dont want to talk,pls leave me alone 4 symtym.
san:swa, i know u r angry but pls listen to me.just then they heared a sound blaaa.the lift got struck and it continuosly swinged and landed in ground floor.

due to fear swa hugged san tighthlyand closed her eyes.after some time,
san:swa,its ok we r safe now.(holding her shoulders)swa slowly opened her eyes and saw her position she composed herself.
swa:sorry,i was scared that’s why i hugged u(avoiding eye contact).
san:u need not say sorry,its my pleasure(with a smirk).
swa:but wat happened now and this door is also not opening(while trying to open the door)san also tried to open but no use.
swa:mr.maheshwari give me ur phone,i will call someone and they may help us.
san:but i left my phone in my cabin.call from urs.
swa:i too left my phone in ur cabin.so wat now.
san:we r struck here.

precap:flashback..wat happened 2 yrs before and some swasan nokjhok k

Credit to: naina

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