u r the one (Episode 10)


recap:sid coming to mm

at night
every1 gathered at dining table except swasid.
swa came along wid sid.
ap;arrey,beta come have ur dinner.
sid:woo,aunty i and angel will have dinner outside.so
san:but swara said she is not used to take dinner then,
sid:yes san,i will eat and she will stare.(laugh)
swa:sid,its late we should leave now.bys aunty,dp uncle,lak,priya.
sid:haan chalo,bye every1

while they were going to leave,some men carrying adarsh came home and told swa that he had an accident.
swa was numb for a min,tears were continusly flowing from her eyes and she was eyeing adarsh bhai emotionally,just then entire family arrived and shocked to see adarsh condition and pari was crying out loud.
pari:adarsh,pls wake up na,(cryingly)
swa:lak,call doc immediately(still crying).
adarsh slowly opened his eyes and saw swara infront of him and all others behind him.
adarsh:chutki,i am really sorry 4 not trusting u,pls forgive me.
swa:bhai,pls stay quite 4 some time.i forgave u bhai on that day itself,i know its circumstances were like that.
adarsh:really chutki
swa;haan bhai,just get well soon we will have lots of masti.u know na bhai i cant stay angry on u 4 long time.(small smile)
adarsh: i’m sorry.
swa:its ok bhai,dont apologise again.
ada:im not saying for that but for which i’m going to say.
swa:haan,for what?
adarsh:i’m sorry becoz (he woke up from the sofa,and walked normally)i didnt had any accident,it was a plan so that u forgive me.

all were amused to see adarsh’s acting,especially pari and swa.
swa:u have not done ri8,u will have to pay 4 this bhai.
pari:i never expected this from u adarshji,i was so scared,if u made this plan atleast u should have informed me na?
adarsh:sorry pari and sorry every1 but i’m helpless,i just wnt my chutki bak that’s y i did this.once again sorry.
swar:sorry hah,u will regret this saying this she took a pillow and beated adarsh,he didnt said anything as he knew she wont pay heed any of his words.whole family and sid were laughing like hell.while pari was asking swa to beat more,and adarsh looked at her angrily.after some tym swa stopped.
adarsh;atlast became tired ha
swa:i wont speak to u,u know how much scared was i?
adarsh:im sorry chutki
swa:do the hell wid ur sorry,i wont speak to u.
adarsh;ok then i will give these choclates to priya or to someone(taking a 11-12 dairymilk silk).hearing choc name,
swa:wat choc,u have brought it 4 me na,then u should give it to me.
adarsh:but u r not talking na thats y.

swa grabed all the choc from his hand and started to have it in her style forgetting about the world surrounding all
were smiling seeing this side of swara while san was lost in her beauty.after having 1 choc,she stood up and relised wat was she doing.
swa:sorry,woo i cant help it. when choc is front of me.
ada&sid:we know chutki/angel.
swa laughed aloud and remainig choc in her purse.
sid:oh hello,yaar u r not sharing wid me too bad angel.
swa:sid u r not a kid ri8,and i will share these choc wid my jaan.sid received a imp call so he came aside to talk.
adarsh:swara i want to ask 1thing,did sid know abt u and our family,
swa:no bhai,he only knows that i separated from my family due to some reason,he knows u as u were around me at my college days,he dont even know sumi aunty and others.
adarsh:sumi aunty,she is ur mom chutki and this family is urs.
swa:i have already told u bhai,i have moved on thats it.i dont want to discuss this.
wid that she goes out wid sid for the dinner.
san;bhai i;m happy for u.atlast she talked to u.
adarsh:i know how u r feeling now,but trust me san she still loves u,thats y she is unable to forget everything.
san:no,u see na how sid and swa r talking to eachother i think they r in….
adarsh:hey pagal,it’s not.she still loves u,do u want to see it.then 2moorow u will come to know this.
san;but wat ru going to do.
whole family:we all r wid u san and we will help u in this.
lak:anything for u bhai.

precap:swasan moments and they get struck in lift.

Credit to: naina

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