u r the one (Episode 1)


Hi guys iam naina.
So the story starts after swara going to jail.
At the court,all the members of gm and mm r there praying miracle should happen,and swara be saved.as they don’t have proof

for swara innocence.as soon as court begin,
Swara;sir,if u don’t have problem,i myself handle my case as im a lawyer(to judge).and here are some legal documents.saying that she indicated someone.
all the members were shocked but one person went and gave documents.all were shocked to see the person,yes it was elder son o f maheshwari’s aadarsh.
Swara with her arguement won the case and kavitha was arrested for murdering maasi.after the court was over,all were happy for swara .by then kavitha was fuming in anger.and said u have to bear the consequence swara and abt to hit her.a strong hand stopped her from doing so.it was aadarsh

Aadarsh:dont dare to touch her or else i will kill u.she is my sister my bachoo.so even in ur dreams dont try to do this.all were taken aback except swara,who knows her bhai’s anger.san,rag,pari,lak and utt were like whats going on, even others were confused.
Swara:bhai,relax.im fine.let her go.
all reached mm.

all r having questions in their mind,like howcum swara is a lawyer and why aadarsh is bonding with swara.someone broke the silence,yes it was our hero sanky.
Sanky;swara,bhai wats all this.i dont understand,do u know swara before ragini’s alliance came for laksh?and swara r u a layer?
Aadarsh:listen sans,yes i know her before laksh.i know her since childhood,she is my best freind more than a sister to me.and yes she is a lawyer not only that she is a business tycoon like u.and a famous playback singer as well as rockstar.
sanky;wat the hell,swara u never told me about this?

rag:yes,i know about the business tycoon,but lawyer and rockstar,swara im reallyon u didnt even told me abt this.
lak:han,ragini i know abt her musical carrer but not the law and business one.swara how could u do this to ur best friend?
rag:wat laksh,u know abt her musical career and u didnt even bothered to tell me.
laksh:sorry rags,but i have made promise to swara that i wont reveal it.
sanskar:guys y were u fighting haa,swara we want the ans.
saying so all them looked towards swara,who is now scared as well as shocked.she looks on to aadarsh angrily.
swara:wats the need to tell him bhai.its all because of u,so now give them answera

precap:adarsh telling familyhow h e met swara and abt their bond

Credit to: naina

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  1. Which company n wat position?? N if its famous how did sanskar didnt know plus if she is a famous singer then how does other didnt know?? Does she changed her name..

  2. Nice yr and totally different and amazing too

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  6. Its amazing…..nice shock

  7. wow!! what a start… plz update soon

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