U r not only my love But a reason to be in this world (Two shots) TPK


Hey guys i m a Big fan of thahaan Manyasa
they r too adorable,Lovely that A stranger can also began to love them At first sight …
I m also like this…

I m writing Two shots
its totally different Story from Real track.

Here thapki is bihaan Gf and loves him a lot, She is a sweet & beautiful girl.
its only a Small Thing is a problem in her & that is her stammering.
her parents always support her.
bihaan loves her a lot….

bihaan A Young, handsome fun loving guy who loves his Ma his father had died when he was small..
He is a middle class boy…..

He had a best friend Ajay whom he loved a lot …

Soon he Met thapki & began to love her..
they both become friends & after some months bihaan proposed her..
She accept his proposal.. & they e enjoying there life peacefully……

Intro ends

Epi start with

Thapki recalls her moments with bihaan & smiles..

Life had fully changed in these two years…
She Was very happy with bihaan Bt after that accident
everything had changed…

her life is full of happiness No need of anything
Her Happiness,her reason to be on this earth is with her…
her mom dad.. her lovely sister..
God has given her everything..Bt play a game with her..
Bihaan is in Jail.
He is arrested because He hit his friend with his bike….
the case filled on him
He drunked & than hit his friend…

No one support him…
everyone thinks that he is a criminal…

bt there is a one person who knows him
Who believes that bihaan pandey cant be criminal….

He is a Spoil guy bt not a criminal….

thapki want to say that he believes him….
she tried her best to save him..

bt police didnt listen to her & Arrest him..

Today bihaan is coming out of jail..
thapki is very happy.

The day which she is waiting for had come
Her beloved, her love is Returning back to her

She run towards the central jail

Thapki Pov
today i m very happy
how i had Spent the two years without him no one knows.
Each second without him is like A Year
I havent meet him as my parents didnt want that i met a criminal Bt i know he is not a criminal.
he is my Love B 4 bihaan pandey
Why its taking time to reached central jail?
i had to run fast
I had to be quick..
by seeing his face i can Be relief.
i was like a Dead body without him.
my heart start beating From today.
Now I regain consciousness
i dont know whether in These two years i Have eaten anything or not.
Nor i remember what were happening in my house?

No need of tears Today only to be happy.

Thapki reached jail..
she saw bihaan coming out of jail.
Bihaan saws her.
they both cries
Tears rolled down there cheeks.

Oh saajna plays in Bg

thapki walks towards him

epi ends

hope u liked it

plz do comments guys
if u liked it
First time writing

my own love story..

Credit to: aditya

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  1. Nice concept!!

  2. nice episode. it’s first ff in which thahaan is already a couple. no need to be worry that when they’ll be get together. keep going.

  3. a new awesome story
    Nice keep going
    waiting for next epi

  4. Awesome yaar…last part is more beautiful.

  5. thanks to all to liking it

    i will try to update next part ASaP


    ghajab episode…. <3

  7. Different and awesome. …… waiting for next part. …

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