U r not only my love But a reason to be in this world (Two shots) TPK 2


Thank u guys To read my shots..
now i m writing The last part of this shots…
hope that u liked it….

the epi start with thapki Walking towards bihaan..
they both r crying..
after a long time Both of them had saw each other….

Thapki Comes near him Bt she is shocked as he ignored her & hugs her Mum

Why he is behaving strange? No he cant be my bihaan Whom i love so much…. Why did he ignored me?
Is anything else Bothering him?
Cant see him like this…

thapki thinks..
Bihaan;”Ma dont cry i had come Now lets go home… Now i promise U will never cry bcoz of me.”
He gives a weird look to thapki & goes..
she is super stunned.
Why did he Ignored me?
He didnt put an eye on me?
Why u have changed bihaan?..

Many things r scrolling down on her mind…

If ur love Began to behave strangely.. how would u Feel
U feel Breathless
There will be A jerk in ur life

A Selfless love A pure love Turn so selfish..

No he cant be selfish
He loves me a lot
I had to talk to him.

Thapki goes to his house..

Bihaan had locked himself in the room
He was crying heavily..
He dont want to share his pain with anyone…
Not from his mum Not from his love..

Bihaan POV
i m too bad I dont have right to live on this world.
I had killed my Ajay with my hands.
I m a criminal.
yes i m a murderer..
I had murdered A true friendship. If i m alive so only for my Mum. I hurt her very much. She Always said that its not safe to drink & drive Bt i never pay attention to her..
Now see how much i hurt her..
I also hurt my thapki who loves me selflessly, Today i ignored her Bcoz i dont want to spoil her life…
Sorry thapki but i cant come on ur life again.

he sobs.

Suddenly Some one knocks the door He is busy in his thinking..

How i had spend these two years i dont want to remember.
Between those Criminals who always Taunts Me.
I hadnt eat anything…i m alive i cant belief myself.

Someone again knocks the door

He goes & open The door.
thapki comes Inside he had a Orange juice in her hand
thapki;”i know u will be sad See i brought ur favr8 Juice for u.Now lets drink it fastly.”
Thapki try to Give her juice.

Bihaan becomes angry & said;”Why u didnt leave me alone? I dont want to see ur face… Go from here. I will didnt eat or drink anything..”
Thapki;”But two years ago u loved it a lot & U always said me to Make juice for u..Than why u r behaving strange? If u will say 100 times to leave i will not go I will be here..”
Bihaan;”Why u cant understand Just leave me alone otherwise…..”
Thapki;’What Ha will u kill me ok kill me but i will not go.”
Bihaan:”Oh wow everyone thinks i m criminal But u also ..So ur heart had speak the truth… i hate u so much..plz leave me for god sake.”
he pushed her & She goes from there.
he locked the room again & began to Cry
suddenly he saw a letter which thapki pass him from the gaps of the door.

he reads it
So u didnt care for me right?
So it doesnt bother u if a girl commit suicide from house terrace…Bye bihaan.

Bihaan is shocked reading it.

he stood up hurriedly & open the door & began to run.
no no i will not let anything happen to you…

He reached the terrace..
he saw everywhere But couldnt find thapki
he cried;”Thapki thapki plz come back!!.”

He is worried

thapki comes from behind & Put hand on his shoulder
He turns
Thapki:”So u care for me right? I know u loves me ….”
Bihaan hugs her.
Bihaan;”i love u a lot… ”

after a long time they break the hug.
Thapki;”why did u behave strange ha ?”
Bihaan;”sorry yar i dont want to spoil ur life Bcoz of me..When i saw u i want to hug u…Bt …”
Thapki;”U never spoil my life u r necessary part of life….”
hamdard plays

Bihaan;”i promise i never Leave u..”
Thapki;’u dont know how i spent these two years without u. I was dead…Now i m with u again i will Be alive.”
Bihaan;”Yes thapki I m too bad I had done wrong thing…I never Forgive myself as i kill my friend..”
thapki again hugs him & consoles him..

Thapki;”i promise i never leave ur hand bihaan..”
she kiss him as she thinks it only a way to heal his Wounds

days passed now again bihaan began to live her life..

Thahaan r very happy…
one day At night thapki is at bihaan homes
they both r playing Game..

Vasu said that u both play i served the food.

Suddenly thapki Dad krishnikant come
Krishnkant;”beta lets go.. & u Mr.criminal u had to leave that place as if u will leave here other youngsters will also Spoiled..so Go from here with ur Mum.”
Vasu begged in front of him bt he didnt listen.
thapki try to console her father But he didnt listen…

krishnikant began to beat bihaan.
Vasu said;”plz leave him i will go from here early morning..

he leaves bihaan.

krishnikant takes thapki from there
thahaan look at each other sadly.

@thapki house
Thapki;”Papa plz listen to me Dont do this… He is innocent Papa plz its just a mistake…”
Krishnkant;”No dear i will not listen to u & why u r taking his side? he is criminal…”
Thapki;”Papa dont say criminal to him…His name is bihaan.”
poonam;”Why beta why u didnt listen to ur dad? He is right…U dont need to do friendship Nor u will u met him..”
Thapki:”No ma papa is wrong.. I never Stop meeting him..”
Poonam;”But why beta …”
thapki;’bcoz i love him Ma u all never understand me..”
krisnkant;”Saw ur daughter She is also spoil…”

Thapki;”u both r bad i will not talk to u…”
she goes angrily outside of the house…

poonam g want to stop her But krishnikant say Let ur go if she want to leave alone…
she will come soon..

After a long time thapki still didnt come at home…
Her parents worried..

Krisnkant goes to bihaan house…

Bihaan opens the door;”What happened uncle..”
krishnkant:”where is my daughter? Tell me where had u hide her..?
he began to beats him
Bihaan;’i dont know anything.. without wasting time in beating me u had to Find thapki..I think she is in danger..”
krishnikant gets a call
“Hello r u krishnikant chaturvedi Ur daughter is arrested..Come police station at once..”

He is worried
he goes bihaan too joins him.

they both reached Police station..

Inspector to Kk;”Ur daughter had drunked & she try to kill a man by her scooty Now she will be arrested..”
KRishnikant;”Plz sir plz leave she is innocent…..”

Thapki comes A Police man takes her out..

Thapki in drunken state:”Saw papa i’D also become criminal Now what will u do? Will u too say me to leave the house..”
Kk;”what had u done my child..?
Krishnkant begged to inspector to leave thapki…

Thapki saw bihaan with a smiles
her eyes r saying that she is always with Him

Bihaan said to A man who is injured & who file the complain

bihaan;”plz plz uncle Do something….I know the trauma of being in jail I dont want that my love suffered from same thing plz take back ur complain..”
krishnkant looks at him.
Bihaan;”I know how A mum feels when her child Had to be in jail..I dont want that thapki parents suffered from same pain.. Plz uncle if ur son or daughter will be there u didnt save him/her…I know drink & drive is offence but I know thapki had drunked bcoz she is sad. she cant bear pain to being depart from me… She loves me a lot & i loves her a lot…. plz uncle forgive her…forgiveness is much good than giving punishment..”

The man cries & hugs him..

Thapki is out of jail

Krishnikant is happy & he is also repenting why he misguide bihaan.
he hugs him & say;”sorry beta Now i promise that i will do ur marriage with thapki…& If anyone will say bad to u i didnt pay attention..Today u opened my eyes..”
he cries & hugs thahaan.

thahaan r very happy & look.at each other

thapki pyar ki plays ..

hope u guys enjoyed this Two shots which is my own story.

I m very happy with my thapki..(my wife)
At last i want to say love never lose.

bye tc guys
if u feels bored than sorry

Credit to: aditya

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  1. Awesome story….is this your story???

    1. yes its my story
      i m very happy to share my story with u all

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  3. Wow…I am totally confused for what to say?its such a marvellous ff.anyway Good Luck for your life and convey my regards for your Thapki…

  4. thanks pooja g
    i m happy that u like it..
    My thapki is fine
    & i will sure convey ur msg to her.

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    finally thahaan got united and keep it up thanks for the lovely two shots 🙂

    1. thanks i m a big fan of ur ff
      & Anu mineey ff also dont know why they both r disappear?

  6. I have seen this story before.. I mean this a episode of Yeh Hai Aashiqui.. I am sry but this story is same with epi. Of YHA

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  9. But this ff is very nice on thahaan

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