u r my everything -swaragini (Part 9)

@laksh home
Raglak are watching TV in hall..Ragini Lay down on sofa and kept her head on laksh lap..he carressed her hair while watching TV..krishna came there and sat near laksh..
Krishna:wat hpn to my princess?tdy she Is lukng dull..
Laksh:ohh papa..pls don’t ask this question..I’m really fed up to answer all of U..(Ragini just keep watching TV)
Krishna:hey y u talking serious..just I’m asking the reason..
Laksh:Ur princess was angry on me..(ap came
There from kitchen)
Ap:y laksh?do u fought with her..(Ragini just getup and land on AP’s lap,laksh look at her confusing)
Laksh:maa…how could u ask like that? U know Na I can’t fight with her..
Ap:then wats the real reason laksh?
Krishna:okay fine..he’ll not tell ap..come we will inform to rithick..(hearing this Ragini suddenly stood up and shouted no nooo…u will not go anywhere..I’ll give u ans…pls ask me…dad)
Krishna:tats gud..okay tell me why u luk like dis..
Ragini:bcse of dis Bandar..(both ap Krishna glaring laksh,but he himself doesn’t know Wat he did tat makes her angry)
Krishna:what he did princess
Ragini:she came and sat near Krishna..in clg he didn’t care about me
..he always roaming behind that girl..when that girl present infront of him..he lost himself..he know that I’ll feel jealous but he keep doing that(she make pout)
Hearing this trio burst out into laughter…Ragini get anger and stood up..she turned back..
Krishna:oh how cute my princess…okay don’t get mad on him..now he done a big mistake…do u want to give him a punishment (ap and laksh were clueless)
Immediately Ragini without thinking nodes her head…
Ap:Krishna pls don’t do anything wrong..by seeing Ur face i think u’ll definitely going to Give a flop idea
Krishna:signed her to stop…okay my princess we will give punishment to him..
Ragini:wow dad…super okay tell him what is the punishment..(laksh smiled at her antics)
Krishna:Ragu u don’t talk with him for 2 days…this is the best punishment for him..(both raglak widened their eyes in big shock:ap slapped her head slightly,I know he’ll do sumthng lyk tat)
Laksh:papa it’s not fair…I’m not dng anything wrong..it’s a very big punishment but not only to me but to her also
Krishna:this is Ur punishment for hurting my princess..how it will be punishment for her? .(by saying this he turned towards Ragini) isn’t it ragu?
Ragini:glared at him..dad I’m gng to kill u…I’m asking u to give him punishment but instead of him u gave me..I’ll not talk with u..bye..
Krishna:makes a pout…(ap smiled at him)okay I’ll try to give better punish…(interrupted by Ragini)
Ragini:enough dad..better u shut ur mouth..I’ll plan myself wat to do..But here my Bandar will not be punishing.. But someons(smirking at laksh,laksh too understand )
Ragini:Bandar u sit here I’ll come..(Krishna got doubt)
Krishna:till now she didn’t talk with u…but now….
Laksh: wait papa u’ll come to know..(ap understood about her childrens they gng to do sumthng to Krishna)
Ragini came from behind of Krishna and she spread little amount of pepper in hiS nose n also gave some to LAKSH… …laksh too spread..he sneezed continuously..
Krishna:wat I …hutch….. did..y u hutch….give hutch….punishment hutch…. to me..hutch….hutch….
Raglak:bcse I asked u to give punishment to him but u planned to give punishment to both of us…
LAKSH:u knew name papa v can’t be like tat without talking each other… Better hereafter don’t give any bad idea then you will face worst consequences…
Trio laughed at him badly… Krishna made pout…
Raglak:ok bye papa/dad…they rush towards laksh’s bedroom…

@laksh bedroom
Laksh:sweety (held her both shoulders)pls don’t leave me..bandar is nothing without his sweety..
Ragini:I’ll never leave u Bandar..y All Of sudden u said like this
Laksh:u got hurt by me…u r always my first priority..I didn’t lost myself in Swara..if I hurt u..I’m sry sweety..
Ragini:had tears in her eyes…hugged him tightly…don’t be sry cutie…it’s my fault…when I know abt u..then I should n’t feel jealous…but wat to do.. whenever i c u with her I feel insecure ..sry cutie …(till now she didn’t leave him,she hugged him tightly)laksh had tears in his eyes but his lips filled with smile..he hugged her tightly..
Laksh:don’t stress urself..no one can separate us…(he kissed on her forehead)she smiled at him..both released their hug…
Ragini:I felt sleepy…
Laksh:u have to eat..
Ragini:pls Bandar let me sleep..
Laksh:few Minutes b4 u called me cutie now again Bandar Haan?
Ragini: whenever I feel emotional u r my cutie…remaining time u r always my Bandar…haahaa
Laksh:hit her with pillow…both had pillow fighting…this all was seen by Krishna ap..
Ap:Krishna…I feel very happy…
Krishna:I too…I hope God will keep them always like this…
Ap:if u have no hope on god then keep hope on Ur princess anD lucky definitely they will save their relationship at any cost..
Krishna:smiled at her…ok come we will go…let them enjoy..

@kapoor mansion
Sanskar:(himself)..anyhow I have to separate them but how will I…how to make them separate..anyhow first I have to create misunderstanding between them…then thereafter it will be easy for me and I’ll make her fall in my legs..For tat I have to convince Swara to help me… Bcse she can’t deny my words… She would do anything for me… .Ragini be ready to be mine…and laksh I’ll not leave u…u have to pay for this(seeing his wounded hand)if u want to regret for Ur mistake u have to separate from Ragini..(laughing evilly)

@singhania mansion
Swara(herself):wat relationship they had?? If Ragini LAKSH love eo.. Then he will not accept my feelings.. Wat to do swara??y Sanky wants to help me? He hates LAKSH naa.. Is he planning to do sumthng…?if he thought to disturb raglak by this or wat?no I can’t give him a space to spoil raglak’s friendship…so better 2mrw I’ll not tell my feelings towards laksh …I have to wait for perfect time..i hope tat u both r friends only..laksh I love u so much…i promise laksh I’ll not come between u and Ragini…I respect u both…I like Ragini too..anyhow I’ll save u from sanskar ‘s evil plannings,….

Screen freezed on Swara’s determined face..

Precap: Swara unconscious…laksh left Ragini foR swara..Sanskar tried to brainwash Ragini..


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  1. Srkkajol

    reading precap seems like universe is testing Raglak’s friendship in the name of swasan especially swara…
    Raglak are best friend so y Ragini is getting so much jealous seeing swalak together. intact she should be happy for laksh that he is getting a life partner.
    Ur story line is so nice. in fact I thought it’s raglak story but I guess it’s opposite..

    1. Ritathomas

      Really u r amazing me always by ur comments… Let’s c Wat destiny had stored for them

  2. Super I really like this plot next chapter asap

    1. Ritathomas

      Tmrw I’ll upload

  3. Super I like both ragsan and raglak

  4. Please don’t break Raglak, they are so cute, loved them very much in this epi, cuuuuute they are, story is interesting….

    1. Ritathomas

      I’ll not break their relationship…. Keep reading dr

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