u r my everything -swaragini (Part 5)

AFTER the bell rang the classes were start…during the lecture time sanskar only watching ragini..ragini felt sumthing she turned to look at that side..she found that sanskar already looked at her..she felt uneasy and turned ..after the lecture got over…laksh and ragini were talking themselves..sanskar came towards their bench..laksh didnt notice him bcse he was faced towards ragini..ragini saw him ..
Sanskar came closer to their bench and leaned close to her..ragini about to open her mouth to shout on sanskar but b4 she could open her mouth sanskar passes over his hand and held Swara’s hand..till now laksh didnt notice ..after he held Swara’s hand laksh notice sanskars presence..he looked on confusingly. By seeing this ragini didnt said anything..
Sanskar:Swara come on..
Swara:where sanky?
Sanskar:lecture got over..then y u siting here?come we will go to Canteen
Swara:r u mad?still two more classes r pending
Sanskar:let it be come..(during this whole convo both raglak saw them )without hearing anything he dragged swara with him from there..
Laksh:how dare he touch that girl?
Laksh:i didnt mean like that sweety..
RagIni:then wat do u mean?why u bothering about her
Laksh:no i mean without her permission he drag her thats y i said
Ragini:dont take it on ur little head mY bandar..u no need to be wry…already they know eachother..i mean they have some relationship
Laksh:how do u knw?
Ragini:already i saw them together in ooty..did u remember that mall scene
Laksh:ofcourse sweety..
RagiNI:she is the one who tried to stop that beast from doing anything bad to that girl..
Laksh:how such an angel be with him
Ragini:mind ur toungue..(little anger)
Laksh:(understood her mood)acha baby sry…pls smile…im always urs..
Ragini:laksh i dont like him..
Laksh:dont think abt him sweety…
After sumtime Swasan entered into their classroom..swara came and sit near ragini..sanskar sat near their desk..
Ragini:(to Swara)Shall I ask u onething
Swara:dont be formal ragini…u r my frnd…u can ask anything
Ragini:i saw u already in ooty with that beast..wats the relation between u both
Swara:whom u talking about
Swara:how u know us?i mean how u saw us in ooty
Ragini:(she Didn’t tell the exact scene, she just told tat she saw them in crowd)i saw u with him…i know u r very kind at heart…but that beast…
Swara:no ragini …not like that..he is gud but he is adamant…i dont know how to change him
Ragini:its waste of time…lets enjoy ur life..by the way u didnt answer my question..
Swara:he is my aunts son…do u know our mam sujatha…?she is my aunt and the one and only sanskars mom
Ragini:oh i c…okay…she turned to c laksh but laksh fall asleep on her shoulder by kept his head..sanskar didnt like dis..Swara smiled at thEm
Swara:do u both luv each other
Ragini:hmmm ye….
(b4 ragini could complete the lecturer came)ragini wake laksh …that day passes..
After the class got over..all the students starts to leave one by one..raglak about to go…sanskar kept his hand beteen raglak..they both looked at him..Swara signed him to be quite..but sanskar didnt pay any attrntion..
Sanskar:i want to talk with u ragini
Ragini::but i have no interest
Sanskar:i didnt ask about ur interest …i have ordered u..so u should come with me..
Ragini:hey who r u to order me?
Sanskar:its my class…so everyone in the class should obey me…
Laksh:if u done with ur lecture can we leave
Sanskar:i didnt stop u …u may leave but u cant take her with u..she Will come with me only
Ragini:got anger…r u mad?dont dare to speak like that..ill not come anywhere is that clear..
Sanskar:grinned his teeth and about to held her hand..b4 that laksh held her wrist and said
Laksh:dont dare to touch her even in ur dreams…ill not spare u….comeon sweEty…lets go…by saying this he dragged her from there..after they left ..
Swara:sanskar ..what is this?why u behave like that
Sanskar:pls Baby …dont start ur advice again..u know ill not hear anything…
Swara:i knw …but its my duty to correct u
Sanskar:wat i did wrng
Swara:why r u behaving badly with her..its wrong thing.
Sanskar:according to me…everything is corRect what i did..lets c how long that laksh will save her from me…i swear now..i will get her soon…by hook or crook..with a smirk..
Swara:sanskar she is not that type…she is nice girl…dont play with her emotions..
Sanskar:i decided..no more arguments…lets go..i will drop u..by saying this he left from there..
Swara :(herself)why u behaving like this sanky..i will not let u ruin raginis happiness..i will save her from u at anycost..

@raginis home
@ragIni room
She lie on bed and thought something deeply..
Laksh came there and handover coffee to her..wat happened sweety?
Raginj:bandar..did u saw him
Laksh:wat about him
Ragini:he didnt have any manners..even he didnt know how to respect girls…today i got scared when he neared me..
Laksh:when ur lucky is here noone will come near u…ill protect u as a sheild..if sanskar disturbs u then let me know i ll c him..okay u dont take it as serious…lets drink coffee..we will go out…

@Singhania mansion
Sumi:how was ur day Swara
Swara:yeah maa super…k maa i felt tired..im gng to my room..
Sumi:atleast take coffee
Swara:no need maa..sry..
In her room she think about laksh an unknown smile appear on her face…how cute they are..she repeated his names slowly laksh laksh laksh …she smiled widely and lied on her bed..

@kapoor mansion
Sanskar:maa I need a favour
Suji:wat sanskar
Sanky:in this final year project u have to make ragini as my partner..
Suji:but in final year it should be individual project know
Sanky:i dnt know wat wI’ll u going to dO…but u have to do wat im asking..
Suji:ok i will do…go and take rest..
Sanskar :smirked slowly..no one can save u from me..

Screen freezed on raglak happy face..swara’s shy face..sanskar smirking face

Guys u keep asking me to reveal the pairs… If I disclose to u then u will feel bored to read further episodes.. So plz wait for few parts to know.. U will c raglak, swasan, swalak, ragsan scenes… Pls believe me I’ll not disappoint u… Keep encouraging me plz I want ur support

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