u r my everything -swaragini (Part 3)

Raglak both gt ready and all of them went to temple..after pooja they were about to return back to their home.
ragini:did u decide about our clg joining
laksh:do u have any wish
ragini:I would like to join in abc clg..wat u sAy?
laksh:sweety what urgent in this?let go home and v’ll decide later
ragini:lucky are u serious?abc clg’ll be open within 7days so v have to get admission
laksh:okay as ur wish..if u would Lyk 2 join there..then v’ll
ragini:(in excitement started jumping)yehhhh…thanku my dear..Kissed on his cheek..
laksh:while smiled at her..he got a ph call..he make excuse and went aside to pick his call bcse he is in temple
ragini:sighed and went towards their family and chitchatting
after finishing the call laksh came to them and informed them that he have to go to meet his frnd..so he asked all of dem to go home..by hearing dis ragini frowned her eyes..laksh asked her waT?
ragini:I’ll also cum with u…
laksh:no ragu..I can’t..I have to meet him..u go with Bhai
all of their family members know about them..so dey didn’t interfere in their matters..laksh ask rithick to take ragini with him..
rithick:as u say laksh…
ragini:baiya I’ll nt cum anywre.I want to go only with him..
rithick:as u say my Angel..
both raglak glared at him..while shivanya suppress her laugh bcse she knows the condition of rithick..
ragini:baiya ask him to take me with him
rithick:laksh take her with u
laksh:Bhai pls make her understand I’m gng to meet a boy..so take her with u home
rithick:ragini let him go…anyway he’ll cum home na..then wat’s the prblm?
ragini:it’s totally waste to talk with u Bhai..
rithick:glared at her but ragini didn’t bothered abt it..
shivanya silently signal their family to go home…so Krishna ap janaki shekar ridhi went home..ragini went near laksh
ragini:pls take me with u bandar (with pout face)
laksh:try to understand ragu..I’m gng to meet a guy
ragini:wen did I said tat u r gng to meet a girl
laksh:nt Lyk tat dear..why dnt u understand me
shivanya and rithick were confused by his talk..
ragini:I can’t undrstnd wat u tryng to say
laksh:oh God!sweety I’m gng to meet a boy…tat means I can’t let anyone’s eye fall on u even if it is my frnd also..by hearing dis Rivanya smiled.but our ragini is ragini she didn’t convinced ..
ragini:u know na ..I can’t let u go alone ..
laksh:sweety (in pleasing tone)
ragini:okay…wait..tell me where will u go now?
laksh:(he sighed out,he decided tat defintely ragini will not gaveup easily )I’m gng to meet my frnd at city library
ragini:raised her eyebrow..wat city library..why he called u there?
laksh:he have to take notes..so he need my help..
ragini:okay..I’ll also come (rivanyalaksh Fed up of dis ,they blew air from heir mouth at a time)dnt wry I’ll not come inside ..I’ll be waiting outside 4u..
laksh:okay come..they bid bye to r ivanya and went from there..
@kapoor mansion,sanskar’s room..
sanskar was Chatting with his frnds in laptop..at that time suji came inside
sanky:yeah mom..come
suji:day b4 strdy YUVI called me..
sanky:why ma?is there any news?he didn’t called me once
suji:he discontinue dis yr
sanky:wat hpn mom?did he said anything
suji:he said he have to go US.he tried ur num to infrm..but ur ph didn’t connected that’s y he infrmed me
sanky:he is my bestie..I’ll miss him ..okay ma ..I need to go out
suji:sanky..pls behave urself..
sanky:mom..pls stop ur lecture..I’ll do watever I Lyk…no-one can change me..
bye mom..
@city library
ragini:laksh how will u help him?
laksh:wat do u mean?
ragini:if u have to take book..u need to show it id na??but u have no I’d
laksh:arey budhu..I’m not gng to take book..just ill help him..
again ragini about to say something laksh folded his hand infront of her and said:I beg u pls don’t eat my brain..if u want to eat anything then go and eat something until I return bye sweety
ragini:huffed..stupid laksh..always teasing me.. (said herself)
Inside the library..laksh meet his frnd and help him to collect books..but his mind was full on ragini …lkash in a hurry said to his frnd:hey dude…my wrk is over..I have to go..pls u collect these
sam:why u r lukng hurried to go somewre
laksh:I came with ragini..she must be feeling lonely outside..solo
sam:understood his feelings and ask him to go laksh rushed frm dere..he run fast ..
Swara collect her notes watever she wants and went towards the counter to enter the details …suddenly someone dashed with her…she fall down..
ragini:how long I’m waiting here..doesn’t he know his sweety waiting fr him since 1 hour
laksh :frm behind..I know that’s y I came .. (with asmile)
ragini:goes and hugs him..I miss u bandar..
laksh:I too…I feel restless inside without seeing u…sry sweety to make u wait fr 1hr
ragini:leave it chalo..
lAksh house
ap was in kitchen doing her wrk while Krishna watching tv..ragini entered their house …she wished Krishna and directly went to laksh’a room
she went inside but she didn’t find laksh so she sat on his bed and play game in laksh’s phone..after 5mins laksh came frm washroom with towel in his waist..he is in only towel..
laksh:hey sweety…wen u came?
ragini:frst change and cum I want to talk to u..
laksh;after changing..okay tell me
ragini:2mrw get ready by 11 v’ll go to abc clg to get admission
laksh:vo ragini I aleady thought to talk with u about this
ragin:about waT
laksh:I would like to join @xyz clg..r u okay with that
ragini:wat [email protected] u said okay now why u deny
laksh:just I told my wish sweety…if u don’t like it..then v’ll go 2mrw to abc(feeling sad)
ragini:by hearing dis..ragini smiled and kissed him..okay be ready @11 v’ll go..thank u bandar for accepting my [email protected] time ap called them fr dinner..ragini called laksh to come with her..
laksh:u go sweety…I’ll come
ragini:no ..u come with me now
laksh:I need to use washroom..
ragini:okay come soon..I’ll be waiting @dining area saying dis she left ..after she left laksh felt bad…
laksh (in mind)I would like to join xyz clg…but I can’t deny ur wish sweety…U R MY EVERYTHING .I can sacrifice anything for u…nothing is important more than u..by saying this he take a photo frame of Ragini and him which is kept on the table near his bed..and kissed the photo and placed back where it kept.. a voice bandarrrrr…smiled himself and shouted coming coming..
after completing their dinner..four of them watching tv while chitchatting..within few hours ragini slept in laksh’s shoulder by seeing this ap ask laksh to make her lay on bed..
laksh:maa she’ll never change.. (with a smile)taking her in his arms and made her lay on his bed and put a blanket over her and he too slept near her..
@ragini’s home
shekar:janaki..where is my Angel?call her to eat..
shivanya:papa she left to laksh’s home..
janaki:she must be slept there..don’t wait fr her..cum and have ur dinner..U have to go office tmrw..
all went to sleep..
next day mng
laksh wake up but he didn’t find ragini …where is she?he saw the time..oh God it’s 11.30 …shit how can i sleep Lyk dis..I have to go and see her..he immediately went to washroom to get ready after 15miNs he came and find ragini holding some paper..
laksh:sry sweety…I don’t knw how I slept lyk tat. bcse of me u can’t get admission
ragini:who said I didn’t got admission..with raised eyebrows..
laksh:confused…that means u got our admission
ragini:s …I went and submit our details and got admission too..to our bad luck d clg’ll be reopen day after tmrw..by hearing dis laksh felt sad but somewhere he was happy fr his ragini..
ragini:here is Ur form..have a look
laksh:by seeing the clg name laksh eyes was moist…he immediately hugged ragini..she smiled and rubbed his back.
laksh:ragini how could u?
ragini:I know tat u Lyk to join in xyz ,tats y i got a admission for us in tat clg
laksh:but u had a dream to study in another clg..
ragini:yeah I had..but my biggest dream is my laksh..I want u to be happy always… U R MY EVERYTHING ..I know wat gives happiness to u…by hearing this laksh hug her again..
ragini too reciprocated his hug…screen freezes on their smiling face

precap:first day of clg..sanskar raging ragini..ragini’s possesiveness

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  1. Ragsan story na ? reveal the pair.

    1. Ritathomas

      After 20 episodes u will came to know.. If I disclose to u then it will not be interesting

  2. superb, raglak are really cute, sorry for not commenting in previous parts, i was a bit busy

    1. Ritathomas

      It’s OK… Thanks for ur comment

  3. Awesome. Waiting 4 ragsan meeting
    Plz update soon

    1. Ritathomas

      Next episode sanskar will meet ragini

  4. Please make it Ragsan

  5. i don’t intend to criticise u but the fact is the relation between ragini and laksh looks too fantasy rather than reality

    1. Ritathomas

      It’s OK don’t hesitate to tell…i know In reality it will not happen… But I want to Show their limitless frndshp possessiveness… Don’t u like IT??

  6. Superb dear

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