u r my everything -swaragini (Part 2)(d)

she raised her eyebrows up and down… laksh opened his mouth big o without blinking his eyes.. ragini smiled at him… she kissed his cheeks and dragged him with her…
laksh:I have doubt
Ragini:now wat yar? Annoying look
Laksh:that person had colors on face but u look neat
ragini:that’s y called u buddhu.. after I escape from there I went to washroom and cleaned my face…
Laksh:but u have no colors with u na..
ragini:b4 v reaching here v decided to go temple na?? (Laksh in curious said yea v went there but wat I asked? Wat u told)ragini:Arey idiot let me complete… (he nodded his head)there u buy turmeric powder and sindoor packet to apply on gods statue… do u remember… now laksh understood everything he smiled at her brilliancy… he smiled widely and pulled her cheeks and kissed her forehead….
Ragini:now I won in the bet….so..
Laksh:ok meri maa.. I accepted.. ok let’s go to buy watch..
Ragini:no need… I have no mood now..
Laksh:(with sad face)hey wat u said sweety..u have no mood to buy for me… k leave it… I’ll go.when he about to go ragini pulled him
Ragini:don’t ever try to leave me..if u’ll..I’ll not let u alive…
Laksh:by hearing this he smiled… ok I said for fun… ok come v have to go yar..
Ragini:don’t u want ur watch my bandar… (raised her eyebrows )
Laksh:excitedly wt wen u brought??
Ragini:I know b4 itself I’ll be won so I brought it Already wen u were busy in watching that filmy scene… ok let’s leave that topic… come on give ur hand… let me tie u
Laksh:smiled at her…when she tied watch in his hand…
Ragini:why u r starring me like that..?
Laksh:thanku for everything…
Ragini:smiled at him… shall I ask u one thing?
Laksh:hmmm sweety poocho…
Ragini:u asked me to slap someone but y u kept the rules like that… I mean y u said that the guy shouldnt c my face
Laksh:now u r really buddhu… (ragini make a pout)he smiled at her and said suppose if he saw ur face then definitely he’ll make trouble to u… no one will keep quiet when someone hit them… that’s it simple..I’ll always protect u my sweety
Ragini smiled by hearing this… ok come… v have to go and pack our things… let’s go…
laksh:ok sweety.. I’m eagerly waiting to c my family…
they went to resort… finally they packed their bags… the day passed like that…

Precap:raglakswasan scenes

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  1. Srkkajol

    so here the Jodi is Ragsan and Swalak.. right

    1. Ritathomas

      Keep reading dr

  2. Awesome dear

    1. Ritathomas

      Thank u Dr keep supporting me

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